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    Object Interactions and Looting...

    I'm a little confused and getting very frustrated. Five years ago, when I first started playing LOTRO, I would loot a creature that I just killed and the game would automatically unlock from the corpse I just looted. Also, when I would interact with an object, such as a ore mound that I was mining, when the interaction was completed, the game would unlock from the ore mound.

    How come the game no longer automatically unlocks when I am done interacting with something? Is this a new flaw that no one has bothered to bug report yet or is this a new attempt at helping us to die in the next fight? Most of us do not need help dying in Moria and later additions to the base LOTRO game.

    I have bug reported this several times and it has neither been corrected nor commented upon.

    I am sorry, LOTRO Staff, but it is my opinion that those of us who are VIP (paying for this game) should get a human-generated response when we submit a bug. Yes, I know there are a lot of bugs in a program this big, I program myself. Mainly assembler, but I am familiar with C, C++ and VC#.

    Either way, this is one of a few severe bugs that I have noticed since returning to LOTRO, and with all due respect, this bug NEEDS to be fixed.

    BTW, for those of you who wish to say that ALL the players of this game have faulty equipment, I just recently (two weeks ago) bought a new computer and am using the new keyboard and mouse that came with it. The escape key and tab key both work in every aspect EXCEPT LOTRO. I am also sure that at least 3/4 of the player base keep their equipment nice and clean and when it really does malfunction, they replace it ASAP.

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    Check under UI settings in the options panel (ctrl O), there is a button you can select to always loot all.
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    You may be hitting the "X" key. It does a camera lock now since a few updates ago. I think you can disable it in your UI. Otherwise just hit "X" again to unlock your camera and play as normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by menelorn View Post
    You may be hitting the "X" key. It does a camera lock now since a few updates ago. I think you can disable it in your UI. Otherwise just hit "X" again to unlock your camera and play as normal.
    I thought this too. but once an ore deposit is mined it would eventually disappear so I wonder how the toon is still 'locked'. must be a UI bug.
    @OP sorry if I couldn't help but I do hope CS gives you a more comprehensive response, GL

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    I must have been a little unclear. I meant locked, as in the target locking system is still locking onto the object. The little yellow circle stays around whatever I have finished interacting with.

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    Just bumping this. Perhaps if I can keep it at the top of the list I will eventually get a response from Turbine.

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    I've been noticing this as well. World-objects that can be interacted with such as resource nodes, or quest-related scenery like the junk around the tables in Winter-Home for example, remain targeted after they've been harvested or picked up. Which is to say, they take up the space where your target's portrait would appear on your UI which means if a monster attacks you, your UI is not updated to auto-target the enemy but rather hold on to the no-longer-existing interactive object. This means the player needs to press the Tab key to acquire the enemy and begin their attack.

    It seems minor in text, but it can be quite annoying when you juggle looting/harvesting/fighting in a hostile zone.



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