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    Erikin, Diary Entry 113 ((Goodbyes))

    Dear diary,

    We returned to Rivendell and told Elrond about the death of Narmeleth. He griefed about her, but also said that by sacrifycing her life for the downfall of Mordirith/Eärnur, she has redeemed herself and earned her place in the "Undying West". These words, spoken in his calm manner, finally made me overcome my feeling of guilt that we were unable to protect her. Even though sad, maybe this was the best outcome we could have hoped for, the best outcome for everyone. Mordirith is defeated and will never return, and Narmeleth will see her father again. I hope.

    He also told us that Laerdan left a gift for each of us in his room before he left for Eregion. We walked over to his chambers and were given a package and a letter by the elf that had cleaned his chamber. In it, he thanked us for everything we had done for him and asked us for forgiveness. He was blinded by the loss of his wife and his daughter and blamed himself that he let her go. That he didn't fight harder to prevent her from falling to the dark side. The letter ended with the words: "Perhaps this may help you understand why I have done all I have". I think we all did, even before reading his letter. It was what we thought all along... I unwrapped my parcel and found a painting of Narmeleth inside, created when she was a young and fair elven girl. Blond hair, bright blue eyes and a colorful dress. It was beautiful! And I again felt tears swelling up, knowing that she is lost forever, and what she had to endure. I will send it to mom.

    We also spoke with Glorfindel about the Balrog. He said it was good that he was destroyed, he should not have been spared in the first place. And as we spoke with him on a shady meadow in Rivendell, next to a waterfall, Glathlirel and an old loremaster from Elrond's library walked up to us. Glorfindel was happy to see her, and I think he had thought all this time that Glathlirel had perished in the battle long ago. And she told him her story and how we helped her defeat the Balrog. I didn't understand much of what they said, only that the tale should not be made known, at least not yet, for the Dark Lord would be angry and gain knowledge of things that should remain lost. Maybe he would get the idea that there might be other Balrogs he could look for.

    Glathlirel offered to continue the fight against the enemy, but for some reason Glorfindel told her not to. "The time of the Elves is ending, the duty of great deeds has fallen to others", he said. I hope he was not talking about us. So the High Elf walked away, saying she will then go to Mithlond (wherever that is) to find peace. I think it would have been nice if she'd join our group, but, well I don't have to know and understand everything, right?

    Besides, it is pointless to think about such things. For Elrond had nothing more for us to do. "No more chores?", Hedge asked him, in disbelief. That means there are "no more villains that threaten the Shire", or Elrond found others to take care of them. Hedge seemed happy about it, he can finally go home and start his pony farm. I also think we have done enough, more than enough, and it is good that we are free now to do what we want.

    We all went to the Fire Hall and sat down. The moment I had dreaded for so long had finally arrived. It was time to say goodbye to my friends, the best friends I've ever had. We talked about some of the adventures we had, the places we've seen, the good times and the hardships we've been through. And we all stuck together, through thick and thin. The giants in the Misty Mountains, and Goblin-town. The big trolls in Angmar, our Fém and how we broke through the line of death. The King's palace in Annuminas and the beautiful lake, the Blue Lady and how we fetched the Silithar for Aragorn. The ice bay and the night skies in Forochel. The tombs near Bree and the undead dragon. Standing on top of Weathertop, coming down into Rivendell for the first time and the moonbow in Eregion. Yes, it had been a wonderful time. And all these moments, now lost in time. Like tears, in rain.

    And we talked about what we will all do next. Hedge will start his pony farm in the Shire. And he invited us to visit him from time to time. We can sit in his garden, eat pie, smoke pipeweed and talk about the adventures we've had. Medloth I think will be an ambassador for the bear-people in Breeland. Sagla will go home to her family in Bree, but I can hardly picture her leading a peaceful life. Maybe she will join the guards there, work for Chief Watcher Grimbriar. Aearthor will go back to Gondor. Hroik, Thorcundo and Bohunc, the three others dwarves, said they would also go and join the Iron Garrisson in Khazad-dûm, as will I. Even Jaytull, a hobbit, expressed his interest in seeing the great halls of Moria. Since Hedge has always been interested in making meticulous maps, I had an idea and talked about how nobody had set foot inside Moria for many years and how the place is a complete mystery. A mappers greatest challenge. I hoped to spark an interest in him and that he may change his mind and will join us on our next adventure. And he seemed sort of intrigued. "No maps of Moria?", he asked. "That's a pity". But then the subject was dropped.

    Then it was time to say goodbye. I had told myself I will not cry, not in front of the others. Hedge said that he'll miss us. With a lump in my throat, I walked over to him, gave him a hug and and wished him all the best for his pony farm. I bowed before our warriors Sagla and Aearthor and told them it had been an honor fighting at their side. I wished Medloth all the best for her endeavors and told the dwarves that I am looking forward to explore the great halls of Khazad-dûm with them. Then I gave Liatri a gentle hug, careful not to crush her. I wanted to compliment her, but all I could stammer was that she's the bravest of us all. A hobbit girl traveling the world, always walking at the back, making sure nobody gets lost. And she has more than once proven herself in battle. Heck, I even think it was her who felled the Balrog in the Rift with a well-placed trap! And Wilbus, funny Wilbus! He never told anyone what he will do, but I am sure he will look for trouble somewhere and will find it!

    I promised Hedge to send him paintings and to keep in touch. Then I left the fire hall, hid behind a pillar and started to cry.

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    ((Club Eclair)) Hedgerow Shrewburrow - To Erikin

    Hullo, Erikin

    How’s Moria? Is it as glorious as all of the stories? I imagine this massive city under the mountains with gold-paved streets and whole gardens of glimmering crystals and lights. There’s got to be lights, right? Dwarfs don’t live in the dark. I can’t believe I never asked that before. There were lights apleanty in Thorin's Hall, I remember that.

    I’m at Bree.

    I haven’t made it to the Shire yet. I got my ponies up at Hengstacer’s pony farm north of town. I’ve been telling the folks here stories of our great adventures. They don’t believe most of it. They call me “Hedge the Mad” – but they agree that my stories are entertaining enough. Too entertaining to be real. I show them my maps, but anybody can draw a map even out of their imagination. I don’t even tell them much of what really happened on account of I fear if they know the whole truth they would be even less likely to believe me.

    Every once in a while a ranger comes through. He sits and listens. He knows, but we won't neither confirm or deny what I report.

    The Rangers at Annuminas sent me a nice new outfit to wear on my adventures in appreciation for the work we did for them. You should see it. I feel like I got rolled up inside of a big thick carpet. I can scarcely move! But, I guess, it does offer protection. Not that I have a chance to wear it. There’s naught more dangerous here than a stray rat or two and some ruffians living at the other corner of town. You may be surprised to hear how much they just don’t concern me. Not that I would wear my carpet as I walk around Bree anyways.

    I’ve taken to wearing my Bounder uniform actually. Even though I’m not in the Shire, I’m still a Bounder. And it’s light enough to wear about Bree and yet offers some protection just in case some ruffian decides to get rough. Of course, it’s my little stick that attracts the most attention. You know . . . the one the dwarfs gave me so that we could fight the Watcher what was blocking the way into Moria. I never did get a chance to use it for that purpose. I’m grateful the dwarfs let me keep it. I’ve become quite comfortable with it and at least it seems to provide me with powers and strengths beyond what I would have by nature.

    I wonder iffen this is what a ring of power feels like. Not that I ever want to know.

    I keep waiting for signs of corruption. I haven’t found any yet. But, would I even notice them iffen they were to arrive? Perhaps they would seduce me into thinking that these acts of villainy are actually right and proper. I’ve seen that happen. Indeed, it is quite common among villains so far as I can tell that none of them can recognize their own villainy. They think they are the most virtuous person in all the world and the problem is with everybody else who condemns them. They just can’t see that capturing a hobbit and cooking him up in a stew pot really warrants others get all worked up about.

    Well, there’s some fireworks planned for Midsummer’s Eve. There’s naught likely to be any planned for the Shire, as it was Gandalf who would bring them and he will not likely be visiting the Shire this summer. I do like my fireworks, so I will likely stay long enough for that show and the celebrations that surround it.

    Then it will be off to the Shire for me, and to home.

    Meanwhile, I do hope that you are enjoying your new home. Say hullo to Thorcundo and Roy for me . . . and anybody else who may have accompanied you down there. Mayhaps some day I will come down and see what your new home looks like.

    Hedgerow Shrewburrow

    The Monday group has 6 weeks before the start of Club Éclair II and 5 battles to win – giants, spiders, drakes, once-dead dragon, and balrog. So, there’s work to do. And there’s a need to get enough folks through the giants, spiders, and drakes to have a chance against the once-dead dragon.

    Then, August 18, the start of Club Éclair II: Into Moria.

    Even though the calendar said it was late summer, an unseasonable cold spell brought snow to Gondomon. The air sparkled with the glitter of small flakes of snow tossed around in the wind tumbling in the sunlight. The snow did not come from the sky. Instead, a cold wind had picked the snowflakes up in the mountains to the north and west, to drop them gently onto the Dwarven fortification.

    In the courtyard below, members of the Khazad-dum relief expedition were preparing their ponies and packs for the long march east. Earlier in the year, a small expedition miraculously broke into the mines. They have reported no sign of Balin yet. Instead, they reported dangers in the form of orcs and goblins and untold evils. There is great doubt that the expedition will succeed, that the dwarfs may be forced out again. But there were some who were determined to make sure this did not happen. They offered to go to Moria to help their kinfolk retake the city.

    Dwalin is against the mission, saying that Moria has cost the dwarves of the blue mountain far too much – including, possibly, his brother. However, this is not the first time a group of dwarves – small in number but large in spirit and determination - set out on a dangerous expedition to reclaim a dwarven home in the face of great odds.
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group working our way through Volume II - we will be spending 2019 working our way through the Moria Instances (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow). https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria

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    The Monday group has now defeated the once-dead dragon.

    Trivia Point: At the end of the Shadows of Angmar, it seems both Hedgerow and Alphred have completed 2024 quests.

    Saturday, August 11: I (Hedgerow/Alphred) will not be present. One option for those who show up is to work on the deeds in the Library and School. NOTE: Set the level to Level 51 if you want equipment that will be the most useful in Club Éclair Volume II.

    Monday, August 13: I'd like to slay the once-dead dragon again just to prove that it was not a fluke - and as a last chance for anybody who may have missed the adventure. (Thorfaniel and Twostep were not there.)

    Then . . . that's it. Heading off to Gondomon to join the Dwarven expedition to Moria.

    Saturday, August 18: Club Éclair Volume II.
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group working our way through Volume II - we will be spending 2019 working our way through the Moria Instances (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow). https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria

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    If you are reading this thread for current Moria info or progress, there is a new thread dedicated to that journey:

    Club Eclair II: Into Moria

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    To all who want to look back a bit on our past adventures, there is an album with many pictures over at Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/152318...55192892/page6

    From the beginnings in the Shire and the Barrow-downs, the walks into Rivendell, Angmar and Forochel, the battles in the Rift, all the way to the Bridge of Khazad-dûm. Many years of great memories

    A special thanks to Tiempko who has perfectly organized all this and those like-minded players who have made this such an enjoyable experience.

    Unfortunately, I have reached the maximum of 1,000 pictures there, so will look for another host to continue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Craiden View Post
    Unfortunately, I have reached the maximum of 1,000 pictures there, so will look for another host to continue.
    If you use a photo editor, you can also resize images or use "save as" (or save for web as some call it) options to compress the files to save space, in ways that are indistinguishable for web sites as compared to if you were to real life print them. Even MS Paint allows for this in their "Save as" function.

    I mention this because some hosts go by file size overall, not the number of images. So you can stretch the free space available using either/both method/s.

    When Photobucket changed their 3rd party policy with no notice and thus blocked all my images of The Landy Lately on all the sites it was on, I set up a WP site which currently allows for up to 3G of media space on their free plan. Even now I'm still only at 1.1% of the 3G allowed. [Note: I do pay for a domain name for that site. Most of my other sites are only the free plan with no paid domain attached--the storage is the same for both methods.]

    If you only use the wp site for image storage, you simply upload them to your media folder. Then when you want the address to post them elsewhere, you click on the image in your media folder and then the "edit" button. From there, there is a "copy" button for the URL where the image is stored you can then paste in places like here.

    If you wanted to set up one image gallery page or post for all of them, you can easily do that too. All of the free layout templates (including the default) have that feature available when you upload. Some templates are even made specifically for sharing images. When you want to build a gallery, whether you make a page or a post, when you click the + at the top of that page/post screen, after you select your images, you will see the options available for galleries. Some templates differ in their offerings "look", but all I've worked with have a variety of ways to set up galleries. You can also edit those galleries later each time you add images to your media storage to include the new ones as well. I have two methods I use on the LL site, and the variant with one of the premade galleries you can drop images into can be seen on posts like this one. (For a completely different example of an inline gallery that also works on either a page or blog post, you can see that on another of my sites here. The other site also has a side widget "slide show", another offering that layout style has available.)
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