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    Really interested in joinin


    I am really interested in joining your kinship!
    What I have to do in order to be admitted?

    I hope to hear from you soon!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by punkboy1985 View Post

    I am really interested in joining your kinship!
    What I have to do in order to be admitted?

    Short answer:
    When logged into the game, in the chat box, type "/joinchannel club-eclair"

    Agree to our two fixed rules.
    (1) Respect the level cap (currently 27)*
    (2) respect the fact that this is a roleplaying group and adventures are done in-character in a "walk-and-talk" style.

    * players often try to get close to the next level and make a mistake that actually puts them at the next level. So, with the level cap at 27, some aim at 27.9999 and end up at 28. We are not going to boot people for such a mistake, so we actually accept players at Level cap + 1. But, ask that players try to respect the level cap.

    Longer answer:

    Technically, it is not a kinship. I call it a club. If you have a favorite kinship, you can stay there. It is a group of people who have similar interests who have set up a user channel that allies us to find and talk to each other.

    I am heavily involved in the Bounders of the Shire kinship, and my characters are Bounders. This certainly is not required or even encouraged for others - particularly on-hobbits. I think it would be quite cool to have another roleplaying kinship "meet up with" Club Eclair and have three or four members join who still are as heavily involved in their kinship as mine are with the Bounders.

    Some people use additional rules besides those mentioned above. For example, I use most of the rules found in Brucha's Total Immersion style. I have a personal no-teleportation rule (which prohibits the use of swift mounts, milestones, and hunter ports and requires that I enter instances at the gate). But these are personal rules not to be required of others. Other players teleport about like a genie with hay fever.

    A person who calls the muster (who asks for others to join him or her) can set additional rules applicable to that event.

    But we are not forcing a lot of rules on everybody.
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group on Landroval currently capped at Level 45 working on Book XIV (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow).

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    ((Postcard to mom))

    Scribbled on backside:

    Dear Mom, dear dad,

    we will leave the Northern Downs in the next couple of days. We spent a long time here and worked very hard to help the people with whatever problems they had. They really like us now and hold us in highest regard. Yes, one has even said we are heroes, can you imagine! I don’t want to boast, but I think you and dad, maybe you would be a little proud if you could see me now.

    We will next move west, but unfortunately not all the way back to the Blue Mountains. We will go to a land called Evendim. I think it will be interesting and beautiful. There is a big lake in the middle and a large Royal City by name of Annuminas, which the men founded a long time ago.

    Ah, have I told you that I have learned a new craft? You know I never was good with stones and this has greatly miffed me. A dwarf and no talent for chisel and rocks… All my attempts looked horrible and I would never do our great forbears justice. But I may have found something for myself maybe. I am learning to become an armorsmith! So, wherever I go now, I collect some iron or silver or copper and then go to a forge and melt it and hammer it. So far, I haven’t created something worthwhile, but who knows, maybe one day I will make something that I (or others) may even wear!

    A couple of my friends will go home for some time, visiting their families, but those live much closer. By hearing this, I got a bit homesick and it’s true, I think about you often and I miss you. Ah, how is Stumpy, my claw? Is he still as hungy and energetic as ever?

    Love you, and I hope you both are doing fine,
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    ((Club Eclair)) Alphred Troute - Returning to the Shire


    I am on my way home.

    Last night we went on a final mission here . . . rescuing one of them Othrikar dwarfs from the Dourdwarfs living in the ruins outside of town. I went with Heminhaw and Brabbo and a new person I just met while summoning folk for the mission. I can’t recall his name. It’s . . . well, I would hate to guess. His first name is Marine. That is to say, that’s how he introduced himself – as Marine Cau . . . um . . . gad, I can’t remember.

    Another dwarf name of Gharnet tagged along as well. He didn’t say much . . . or do much. He just took a lot of notes and followed us about. Even during battle – he’d just stand aside and mumble and scribble.

    But we didn’t need his help.

    I don’t think the Dourdwarfs have been able to collect on a single ransom since we got here. I know I personally helped in freeing three of the dwarfnapped, and I know of other missions I didn’t go on. One would figure that the Dourdwarfs will learn that this is not going to work out to their advantage and give up on the practice.

    Now that we are back, it seems that there was naught left to do about these parts. Oh, we could have made another patrol through Dol Dinen or Nan Wathren. We could always find things to be done. But that’s not why we’re here away from the Shire. The rangers can handle any trouble that comes up.

    Though there’s one exception.

    We scarcely touched the Orcan stronghold of Fornost. We stayed at a treasure hunter camp for a while and helped patrol the grounds around Fornost – but the city itself is occupied by the most fearsome of Orcs. We’re going to have to return there, I fear. And we will face some serious battles. That's just the simple truth of it. I keep thinking that maybe I should not tell you these things so you will not worry, but the truth of the matter is we're fighting. And, sometimes, the enemy fights back.

    The problem is that we couldn’t find a way to access the deep interior of the fortress. We did send patrols into the area about the front gate and swamp-filled courtyard beyond. But we couldn't get past it. We're not done there, I fear. But we can leave it for a little bit.

    My plans are to head to Bree, and I may even stay there an extra day to go through some Siege trainings. Those siege weapons we found among the Orcs of Nan Wathren and Dol Dinen made me think that siege trainings may be necessary. The Breefolk have set up an old quarry to look like some eastern fortress written about called . . . gad, I am so poor with names. Anyways, some Eastern fort.

    Helm’s Deep! That’s what it’s called.

    Anyway, it’s a place where we can practice defending against a hoard of attackers, using catypults and such.

    I will stop by for at least a day of lessons to become familiar with such a battle before coming home. Just in case we find ourselves battling such things.

    I also need to stop by at Oatbarton. There are Rangers here who are saying they should have gotten some word about the faire at Northcotton Farms this time of year, and naught has been heard yet.

    And there’s reason to worry. The last time we were there we found this stone oozing corruptions into the middle of one of the pipeweed fields. There was a stone here, which we found right next to one of the farmers’ houses in the area doing the same thing. Things became even more mysterious when we discovered not too long ago that the stone had moved . . . off of the farm we had found it in and across the river to a different farm.

    I do worry about what we may find in Oatbarton.

    It needs looking into and I intend to do the looking. It is not too far out of my way.

    If it would please you, you could bundle up the girls and get a wagon and meet me at Oatbarton. That would be grand! Or, maybe at least Brockenborings. Perhaps it would be best if you stay away from Oatbarton until we have had a chance to see what is happening there. Brockenborings is a short walk away, and I’ve heard of no ill news out of Brockenborings since we battled the goblins of the Greenway. There’s even a decent tavern there – the Star and Plough, I believe. And a Bounder station where I can stay.

    That’d be a grand idea. Please consider it, father. Whatever you decide, leave a message for me at the Bounder station in Brockenborings and I will be sure to pick it up.

    I am so excited to get back to the Shire I can hardly sleep. I have half a mind to just grab my bags and head out right now, even though it is dark and far until dawn. At least I would be doing more than I am accomplishing here. In fact, that's just what I will do. I will seal up this letter and put it in the post and head down the road to Bree right off.

    Your son,
    Alphred Troute
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group on Landroval currently capped at Level 45 working on Book XIV (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow).

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    ((Club Eclair)) Alphred Troute - Wanderings in the North Farthing


    I understand.

    I remember growing up. You said there was no reason to even leave Little Delving. We were prohibited as children even from stepping outside the town wall. I used to think myself so daring as a child to go past the wall - even though I went no further than a few paces.

    I would stand on the road and look off in the direction of Michel Delving - struggling to see just a glimpse of a building. I would think of the things that came down that road - clothes and pots and pans to buy - and wonder at the people who made them and how they must live. I remembered Ales and Tales - all those people! I know you and the others complained about strangers trampling the flowers and such, but I looked at them and imagined the places they must have come from.

    And you raised me on the stories of Mad Bilbo Baggies. I know you meant them as warnings of the horrors of leaving town - where trolls and giant spiders and dragons might snatch me up. We were not supposed to go out there. We were to stay in town where it was safe. That was your lesson - though I saw adventure.

    But it was only imaginings.

    It surprised me to learn that you had taken the girls to Michal Delving recently. That is what made me think you could manage a trip to Brockenborings.

    But, yes, it is mighty far. And I cannot deny stories of large spiders and goblin in the Bindbole Woods, though the Bounders keep them off the roads, usually.

    I have traveled so much as of late that I forget what it must be like for a regular hobbit.

    Indeed, Heminhaw talked me into a little adventure recently. His plan was to take the north road as far as it would go. At first I thought it madness. Then I got to thinking that it would be good to know what is in that direction. Were there large armies of Orcs and trolls ready to move down into the Shire? Was there a growing field of pestilence and corruption like at the Barrow Downs and Garth Agarwen, only bigger?

    We were happy to discover no Orcan armies or blights. There is a bit of a problem with brigands, and a few goblins. A few accosted us on the roadways, probably thinking that a pair of hobbit was easy pickings. We convinced them otherwise. Otherwise the lands were green - though rocky - and filled with wildlife.

    Things got worse as we climbed the mountains. We climbed up into snow. There, it seemed that nature itself turned against us. A type of deer - huge, with big antlers that could serve as scoop shovels - drove us back out of the mountains and we found ourselves back at Dwaling.

    Don't worry. I will make time to come home for a bit. I only want to make certain all is well in the North Farthing. You can expect me in a few days.

    Then I want to return to King's Crossing. I saw a map that put King's Crossing right on the edge of the Bounds - the Shire extending to the banks of the Brandywine. If so, and even if not, the bridge is the gateway to the Shire. I want to talk with the Rangers there and make certain they see importance in keeping villainy out of the Shire.

    But I cannot pass an opportunity to come home, and King's Crossing is only further away. So I intend to come home first. When you see this letter, expect me to follow no more than two days behind.

    Alphred Trout.
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    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group on Landroval currently capped at Level 45 working on Book XIV (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow).

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    (I love the idea of this and would love to join in.)

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    Sajun, et al. For those interested, it's easy to join up. Just type /joinchannel club-eclair in the chat bar and say hullo, and listen in for folks wanting to adventure together. Or asking for company.

    Eclairians actually tend to have folks about who can help at lower-levels as well. I have a level 8 Shire hobbit for introductory quests and the Old Forest, and a Level 20 warden to help in the Barrow Downs, Great Barrow, and Forsaken Inn, and Trestlebridge.

    The current level cap is 27. On June 2 it will be raised to 28 and we will be adventuring around King's Crossing in Evendim. On June 16 it will be raised to 30 and we will be working out of Tinudir in Evendim. We will enjoy Level 30 for a while.

    Our area of focus will be everything on the east side of Evendim - with some trips to the North Downs to help folk who are catching up.

    Also, we will be heading off to Fornost City. We will try to get as many Eclairians as want to through all 4 levels of Fornost (water, earth, fire, shadow - Tier 1 and Tier 2). For these quests, we will probably gather at the Tinudir skirmish camp and take a "Ranger's Wagon" to Fornost (that is to say, join the instance directly rather than walking the whole distance).

    I am also thinking of inventing some unofficial home-made quests. One would be to deliver supplies and messages to the Ranger camp in Anuminus with Level 30 characters. Another would be to escort Level 8-10 Shire folk from Oatbarton to Tinudir - and, later, to help them get back to the Shire to help advance some the salamander and limrafn slayer deeds without grinding.

    Then, Level 32 and Garth Agarwen to battle the Red Maid and Ivar Bloodhand.

    To: Meadowlarke Sweetweed
    Chief, Bounders of the Shire - Addernotch Station


    It would have been my honour to report on our progress against the villainy that threatens the Shire ifI had any progress to report.

    The only villains we confronted were weeds and biting flies - a few rats and shrews, and some wayward sheeps and chickens.

    We took a break from battles and patrols to help out at Northcotton Farms, picking up and cleaning and getting things ready for guests.

    Then we gathered at the stocked pond for fishing and picnicking.

    Lots of folk helped out. Willamena was there, and Roy. Podie showed up after a bit. Erikin helped out. There was another dwarf what helped us that I had not seen before who introduced himself - Nalin or some such? I forgot to write down his name. I am thinking we may see more of him.

    We didn't all travel about as a group. I can imaging the twelve of us all fellowshipped like on a Dol Dinen patrol confronting a particularly vicious dandelion. No, we split up and did different chores. Roy would be gathering sheep while I was churning butter.

    Then, at dark, we gathered at the stocked pond. It's a real nice pond filled with salmons and troutes.

    Aearthor taught me to swim. Well, maybe to float a bit. His feet went all the way to the bottom of the lake. He'd hold me up until I said to let go. I found if I held my head back out of the water and waggled my hands and feet I moved a bit, and made my own way to shore.

    Then we went up to the picnic tables where Halno had set out some pies and enjoyed some pie and pipe weed.

    Aearthor told us about how he served on a ship battling Pie Rats in the oceans off of Gondor. His ship encountered three Pie Rat ships and they fled for their lifes. Then a storm came up and blowed them onto some rocks. He and his friend Adan grabbed onto a crate and made it to shore. So did his friend Marine apparently - but they must have landed far apart and didn't know each other survived until just days ago.

    And Erikin sang us a sad song about Moria. About dwarfs battling for their home and being overrun by orcs and goblins. He warned us aforehand that it was sad.

    But there's still that trouble up at Dwaling to attend to. I went on a patrol with Daffodilia and Liatri. Most of the hobbits at Dwaling had moved out and man-folk moved in, and they were proving most unneighborly. And we saw goblins and giant spiders from the roadway.

    We will see to driving the goblins out, but the men-folk are another matter. Seems they have valid contracts. But they are brutes and bullies. Certainly, if any think they can brutalize and bully Liatri or Perilina or Halno or Podie or Heminhaw or any of the rest of us we will make them think twice.

    So, it's back to battling villainy again. I will report on our progress when I can.

    Bounder Recruit Hedgerow Shrewburrow.

    P.S. Expect me at Addernotch Station to take the Bounder Test of Bravery and claim my title as full Bounder. I may well be giving my next report in person!
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group on Landroval currently capped at Level 45 working on Book XIV (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow).

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    (I am interested in joining this. My first character was fast-tracked with a friend and I missed a lot of the content. I have been slowly leveling a mini. Can't remember what level I am though - but will be looking for you all when I am in level range of you all.)

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    Land of Hamlet

    We have started a Club Eclair franchise on Laurelin

    Hello! Just to spread the word that we've started a Club Eclair franchise on Laurelin. We're calling it "Club Slowtro" - Everybody's welcome to join!

    "The turtle is my trinket". Founder of Club Slowtro.
    Tolkien fan and LOTRO completionist, taking my time to see all the places. Clabauterman on Steam.

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    I'm interested in joining your little group again with my Ranger, Calonimir. I helped out once or twice quite some time ago, but I think it's time I dusted him off and gave him an airing.

    Also, I'd like to request assistance from the Eclairians for an RP run of Garth Agarwaen. Brucha and I have have been trying to get people together for the longest time, but it's been more than unusually difficult to do so. If your travels send you toward Ost Guruth, look up either Frecwain or Brihtwald.

    The Éored of the West-Mark ~ Lore-accurate Rohirric Kinship on Landroval

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    ((Club Eclair)) Hedgerow Shrewburrow - Mischief at Dwaling

    Club Eclair is now level 28 working out of King's Crossing in southern Evendim.

    The War for Fornost City is about to begin.

    Avellyn, Calonimir, all are welcome. feel free to /joinchannel club-eclair at any time. Depending on your preference, there's no rule against Éclair members joining characters at lower levels so ask for company as you catch up. And I, for one, have lower-level characters that canjoin you if you ask.

    Clabauterman: Good luck. Club Eclair has been alot of hard work. but I have had the pleasure of roleplaying and running instances on-level with some mighty fine people.

    Cala_Romero: It will be some time before Eclair raises the level cap to 32 and goes to Garth Agarwen - though I certainly have intentions to stop there and make the battle against Ivar and the Red Maid a part of the Eclair story. I may be able to muster some help before that if you wish. Contact me in-game and we will work out details.

    On a broader note, Eclair members are free to help others as they please, respecting the level cap. Nor is there any objection to somebody just joining up temporarily. For example, if a character level 28 and below (30 and below starting June 16) wants to join up simply for the Fornost quests, there is no reason we can't (for example) meet up with a Captain or research scholar specifically interested in Fornost.

    To: Meadowlarke Sweetweed, Chief
    Bounders of the Shire, Addernotch Station
    4 Brookbank, Addernotch, South Farthing, Shire


    It is with great honor that I report on our progress against the villainy that threatens the Shire.

    It's Sharkey's doing, sir! - that trouble up in Dwaling. Sharkey and that no-account Lotho of the Sackville Baggenses. The same Sharkey who brought the brigands to Narrowcleft, and was blocking trade south of Bree, and who brought orcs to Weathertop in the Lone Lands.

    After the picnic at Northcotton Farms, we moved on to Dwaling and found all sorts of mischief afoot. First, there was the matter of a goblin camp nearby. We dispatched them well enough what with Halno, Aearthor, Adan, and Erikin there to deal with the menace, and Heminhaw lending use of his bowhobbit skills, and Brabbo. I helped some.

    Erikin discovered that they were making a goo of spidery parts for throwing on people and setting alight. They tried to use it on us, but we typically forced them to drop the pots before they got near.

    But the real trouble came from town itself.

    Men moved into the town. These men were bent on being rude and unneighborly with the intent to convince other hobbitfolk to leave. A hobbit from the West Farthing would buy up the properties and turn them over to the men.

    From what I could tell, everything had been done legal and proper . . . until we were asked to look at Pearlina Gamgee's property. Ms. Gamgee had not yet sold her property - she was looking for a new home in the West Farthing before she sold her old place. But when we got there we found a full half-dozen men-folk lounging about as if the property was already theirs . . . and worse! The door had been broken open, we could see that plain off. And the yard had been stripped of grass, and the vegetable garden had been completely ruined!

    Halno showed his anger making sure they heard that this was private property and they had no rights to be here. They got surly about it and challenged us to try to do something about it - what with more than half of us being hobbits and them having us outnumbered - and one of them hobbits being me who, I am certain, they could tell was not suited for violence. But when they started the troubles, they learned that there are some hobbits best not fooled around with. Halno and the others had them scampering off the property smartly enough.

    This time we had legitimate grounds for complaint. The property wasn't sold, so this was grounds for vandalism and trespassing. Of course, we had to handle this legal and proper - there was no call for us to descend to barbarism.

    It was right then and there that I remembered that I had been clerk for the Mayor for six years before setting off and joining the Bounders. I still had a mail bag full of official papers I had kept with me all this time . . . don't ask me why, perhaps as a reminder of the Shire. It's not a reminder most Shire folk would keep, to be certain. But most Shire folk were not a clerk at the Mayor's office. And I did bring them with me for good intent - to help Shire folk get their problems sorted out properly.

    I think I might be a lawyer when I get out of the Bounders.

    Anyways, I dug out my bag and, with the help of the Shire folk that remained, we got all the details we needed for the forms. We went back to Ms. Gamgee's smial to take a formal inventory and document the damages when, to our shock, we found the man-folk were there again! This time Halno showed no patience with them - he kicked them off the property without so much as a hullo and how-do-you-do. We took our survey of damages and we went straight to Town Hole to file the complaint.

    Alas, the man-folk who greated us told us to go away!

    That's not proper either. We have a right to file our grievances at Town Hole and they had a duty to act on them to our satisfaction. Instead, this Clerk took a boot to Erikin, who didn't respond at all well to being booted. His weapons came out and started flying about and the Clerk had no option but to retreat fully into town hole and lock the door.

    You can't lock the door to Town Hole betwixt breakfast and dinner - that's the rule. Erikin was ready to bash the door down to get at that clerk, but that didn't seem proper either. We took our dilemma to the good Shire folk who remained and, the fates be thanked, they produced a key so we could go right in. So that's what we did. We marched straight into Town Hole with the intent to see to it that our paperworks got filed proper and that actions were taken.

    They had assembled all the town's ruffians in Town Hole to stop us from presenting our papers. But Erikin and Aearthor and Halno and Adan were having none of that. They put themselves shoulder to shoulder and pushed forward allowing nothing to stop them, with Brabbo and Heminhaw behind them offering support over their shoulders. It turned into a regular melee and, I am ashamed to say, there were some casualties. Not on our side - but when the man-folk came at us with swords and clubs, we answered with the same. These folks hadn't just gotten back from spending time battling the orcs of Nan Wathren and Dol Dinen, and weren't near skilled enough to put up a proper defense.

    We were shocked to find that the person who took up the post of Mayor - a tall and broad brute of a man with an ugly face like them we met in the Southern Breefields - men what have been bread with orcs as I understand - was in the melee. He was seeking to urge his own folks on with threats of what would happen if they ruined Sharkey's plans. But we turned the battle against them and he and the others fled the town.

    Normally, my story would end there, but another chapter opened up quite unexpectedly.

    The next morning, I set off on foot for Addernotch to take the Bounder Test of Bravery and become a full Bounder. I don't think all Bounders do this - just those that serve at Addernotch Station. Halno came with me - it was a long walk from Dwaling to Addernotch and I was glad for the company.

    Well, when we passed through Brockenborings, we stopped by at the Plough and Stars for a drink and a meal - of course. And right there in the tavern itself was Lotho Sackville-Baggins. Naturally, he would be here and so close to the scene of his crimes. Well, there was naught we could do at the present without proper testimonies and most of our witnesses having fled Dwaling. We decided against confronting him directly and marched down and reported directly to Bounder Primstone - the very one we rescued from the goblins so long ago. We told him to keep an eye on Lotho for us, that he was up to mischief and was associating with one of the top names in our list of villainy.

    That he promised to do for us, and off we were again to Addernotch for the buttoning ceremony. Halno was due to get a button, too, you see. I learned his folk run a cabinetry shop in Overhill. I would have liked to meet them as we passed through town and he pointed over to the house - a nice place, to be certain - but we had no time if we were to make the buttoning. As it is we were a couple of minutes late (though stopping at the Ivy Bush for a pint might have had a little to do with that). He said he would visit on the way back when he had his button to show off.

    I was planning to give this report to you in person at the buttoning ceremony, but I was told you were called away by the Mayor. Daffodilia did an excellent job running the buttoning ceremony and I will admit that I was more than a little fretful when it came my time with the warg. And that ale served us after the ceremony? That's the real test of bravery. I drempt myself on ice floating in a frigid lake. The water near killed me as I swam to shore, but I got onto the banks - then I started to be chased by some fierce men. Then there was this herd of Auroch that chased after me until one of them knocked me down and then they were all about me stomping and trampling! I woke up in Addernotch Station, of course, but I had never before been so frightened as all of that!

    Anyways, the folk at Dwaling asked me to check with the men-folk at King's Crossing - which I intended to do anyway to make sure all was well beyond the Bounds of the North Farthing. I will report my findings, of course.

    Bounder (no longer Bounder Recruit) Hedgerow Shrewburrow.

    Note: As a clerk for the mayor, Hedgerow did purchase a mail bag from the Mathom Society when he was able and has kept it on him in his inventory - holding official forms and paperworks.
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    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group on Landroval currently capped at Level 45 working on Book XIV (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow).

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    ((Club Eclair)) Hedgerow Shrewburrow - Robbed!

    When I returned from fishing a few days ago and sold off what I caught and a few odds and ends I had picked up in my adventures that were in my inventory, it seems I sold off my shield and dagger as well. When you equip a fishing pole your weapon and shield go into your inventory. And if they are not locked, they can be sold. Of course, I did not notice this until I logged in today - too late to reverse the process. This was the result:


    It s my honour to report our progress against the villains who threaten the Shire.

    Including brigands who stole my dagger and shield!

    While I was fishing!

    The Brandywine River up at King's Crossing is excellent fishing water and so, one evening, I grabbed up my fishing pole and found a way down to its banks and stepped into the clear, cold waters up to my knees and took to spending the evening fishing.

    Which reminds me . . . Can you send that perch recipe you use? It tasted wonderful.

    Anyways, I took off my shield and set down my dagger - which is as near to a sword really and is awful heavy and keeps getting in my way. I am just not accustomed to carrying weapons.

    I am thinking that, while I was focusing on one of them big salmons or troutes I snagged, one of the brigands that roam about here sneaked up and took my stuff.

    I didn't even think about it as I picked up my catch and returned to camp. I offered some of the fish I caught to the Rangers then turned in for the night.

    The next day I got a message that Roy had spent the night at Dwaling and would be coming up to King's Crossing. I decided to meet him on the road and went to get my dagger and shield and it wasn't until then that I realized they were gone!

    If I had seen them laying on the bank when I left fishing last night, I would certainly have picked them up. But with them being missing, I didn't even think about them. It is not as if I lived my life carrying a shield about. It was gone from my mind until I started thinking about heading out on the dangerous road to meet Roy.

    I looked everywhere, and when they were not to be found the answer was obvious.


    When I told Roy and Heminhaw and Brabbo what happened, they agreed to go with me to the brigand camp and demand my stuff back. The Rangers spoke of a brigand camp in the ruins of Barad Tharsir off to the east.

    It is worth mentioning, sir, that Barad Tharsir is just upstream and across the river from Dwaling. No doubt they had some connection to them ruffians causing mischief in Dwaling. So our quest wasn't just to seek out my stuff, but was taking on a threat to the Shire just as we were charged to do.

    We went in and demanded the right to search for stolen goods. Of course, the brigands would have none of it, but we were not to be deterred.

    I was surprised at how poorly equipped these brigands were. In all of our searchings I found a quality pair of man-sized boots - just what a hobbit needed - a too-big jacket, and a heavy dagger. That dagger was just too heavy at the hilt and too light in the blade - and a few broken or worn odds and ends.

    Our quest failed.

    While we were walking back to King's Crossing - me without a weapon or shield - Brabbo and Heminhaw decided to go out into the river and search some of the wreckages at the bottom of the Brandywine - ships that had floundered and such - for long lost treasures. Roy and I stood on the shore and watched them - bobbing out in the water like a pair of ducks, diving down below the water to search the boat wreckages for things the Rangers might treasure.

    Aearthor had taught me how to float and to move a little - and I was proficient at sinking without anybody's teachings - but if I had gone out there I'd have floated my way right down into the ocean until some sea monster ate me.

    I watched them as long as my nerves could stand, then shouted at them to get to shore before they drowned themselves.

    Brabbo stayed with the Rangers at King's Crossing, but Heminhaw and Roy were kind enough to walk me to Tiny Deer (a ranger camp on an island in Lake Evendim) where I could buy a new dagger and shield at the skirmish training camp there. I had a few coins earned in the skirmish trainings I had been on, and the pair of items only cost me 23 marks. They weren't of the same quality I had earned at Esteldin, to be certain. Them brigands made away with a pair of fine treasures.

    Well, I'm here at Tiny Deer. I have claimed a spot in one of the tents at the skirmish training camp to make my home for as long as we are here. We haven't heard of any big orc armies or such, and no sign of the villains we had been chasing other than at Dwaling. Nothing of Skogrim or the Blackrobes. But we will keep looking just to be certain.

    I will report as anything is found.

    Bounder Hedgerow Shrewburrow
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    Erikin, Diary Entry XVIII ((Return to Bree and Oatbarton, Trouble at Dwaling))

    I went back to Bree for a few days while the others visited home. I practiced my crafing and went to the Barber to get a new beardcut. It is much shorter now, feels a bit strange but the long beard was not very handy when being out in the wilds for longer times. There was a festival going on, celebrating spring. I met a man on the market-square who was in love with “the beautious flower among the weeds” or so. But Mr. Crabapple was too shy to tell her, so he asked me if I could collect some flowers for him. While I did that, a little shrew popped out of one of the flower-beds, looked curiously at me and started following me around. It seems to be a peaceful, friendly little fella who might feel lonely and is only looking for a friend. I wonder how long he will stick around. Even followed me all the way into Bree and doesn’t seem to be afraid of larger groups of people.

    Because, in Bree, there are always larger groups of people. I greatly enjoyed all the bands that I saw again, playing their beautiful music. There was one very noteworthy performance by “Da Bugans”. I think this is the gang Finggers belongs to, one of our new members. His leader Skoch was there too. He and his band somehow magically and surprisingly appeared on top of the stable in West Bree and held a great concert. Complete with fireworks and other pyrotechnics. Finggers had told me that he was working for Da Bugans to “bring them coin”. He gets his orders from hidden locations and never met the gangleader Skoch in person. Wasn’t even sure if he was a Hobbit. Well, he looked like one to me, although he wore a strange mask with a pipe.

    Then I rode my pony up to Oatbarton, where we were supposed to meet again. I met my friends at the Northcotton Farm and we helped them farmers some more. I was milking cows and churning butter, sampled different sorts of pipe-weed, lit the lamps, collected flowers, and exterminated some locusts in the fields and yes… also some shrews… And that may have scared my new friend away. He is gone and I am a bit sad. I miss him and wonder if he is alright. Well, maybe he found new family with the shrews here at the northern edge of the Shire.

    After the work was done, we had a nice party up by the pond. Tubli was there, a very nice fellow dwarf, also from the Blue Mountains. Don’t think I seen him before, maybe he is from Gondamon. Or a female. Halno was there and Finggers and Hroik. And Willameena, who, to all our joy, caught up with us again. Was home and visited family I think. Aearthor taught Hedge to swim a bit. He was hesitant and a bit shy to undress at first (he went to the bushes) and it didn’t go too well, but at least he made his first strokes in the water, safeguarded by our Captain. Shouting “HAALP” once, or was that just my imagination?

    The lamps glowed warmly in the dark and there were pies at the tables and the flowers were set up. Hedge said he was a clerk to the Mayor of Michel Delving before having this wild adventure. And Aearthor told us he is from Dol Amroth in Gondor, by the coast. He said the city was besieged by corsairs and he sailed up the coast to look for help, being chased by three enemy ships for many a day. Then a storm came up which drove them onto the rocks. He held on to some wooden crates and was washed up on the shore of Enedwaith. Seems like him and his cook-servant Adan were the only survivors. They made their way up the Brandywine and met Strider in Bree. So, that’s how he got involved. If we ever get to Dol Amroth, I want to sail on a ship with him and fight them corsairs, yes!

    A few days later I went on a wolf-hunt with Hedge, Liatri and Halno. There was a beautiful old orchard with a lot of appletrees and where deer were roaming. Past that, a forest with a wolf den. The pack-leader was a particularly large white wolf, whom we baited with some meet placed on a rock in front of his cave. For the wolf, Hal Gamgee gave me the butterknife of his cousin Sam.

    Under a full moon we then went up the road to the next, and northernmost, Hobbit village of Dwaling. In the distance I could see the Brandywine river flowing and the fires of a nearby goblin camp. Turned out those goblins were hunting spiders to use their poison and ichor to craft some special weapons. But they were no real match for us, not even their small squads that were scurrying around. We had been to Dol Dinen after all and fought much stronger enemies.

    When we approached Dwaling we were not greeted nicely. Some tall men had taken over the city and tried to chase us away. Something was defintely not right here. A bit further up we found some hobbits who had set up a makeshift camp. We learned they were bullied out of their hometown by these ruffians. Well, it was a bit more complicated than that, many of those that left Dwaling had sold off their houses and properties to another hobbit. We later found out that Lotho had bought almost all the town, and Halno then wanted to have some “tea” with him which, I assume, will mean Lotho might get into trouble.

    Now, this Lotho (I think I had seen him in the pub at Brokenborings a few weeks ago) had sold the houses to these men, so everything seemed to be legal and proper. Being the former clerk to the major at Michel Delving, Hedge knew more about these things than I did. But not everybody sold out, and we found that those ruffians had totally vandalized the town. They smashed in doors and trampled formerly neatly kept gardens and so forth. Also from hobbits that had not sold their houses yet. And they had attacked us, decent peaceful folk! So, since those brutes clearly violated their contracts we had a good reason go back and hand over a “formal letter-of-complaint” that Robert Dwale had written.

    The new major of Dwaling wouldn’t accept the letter. A minor brawl erupted (mostly with the by now really annoyed hobbits in our group) and he stormed inside the town hole and locked the door. We were not in a mood to let them keep us from filing that legal complaint, even more so as a town hole should be open to anyone between breakfast and dinner, as Hedge said. We got a spare key and what we found inside was a total mess. There were open fireplaces, heaps of half-rotten flesh, toppled furniture and a lot of rats. Groups of ruffinas ganged up on us and at the very end we witnessed how the man we had assumed was in charge of the town was merely a henchman and killed by a brutal half-orc.

    He said something that he will not allow us to “foil Sharkey’s plans”. Hmm Sharkey, doen’t really ring a bell, I may have heard that name somewhere in Bree-lands before. I also don’t know what plans he had, but we surely foiled them for now. It got a bit violent and after the fight Aearthor wondered if this is a normal way how Hobbits handle legal matters. Anyway, the complaint was resolved and hopefully the displaced hobbits can now return to their homes.

    I helped the glassblowers in that camp to collect some needed material for their craft (to dye the glass) and they even let me have a try at it. Didn't turn out too well. I guess I found another craft I am not good in. And now I am preparing to head up north. I got a mission to see if the Rangers in an outpost, up by a bridge crossing the river, are alright. There is also supposed to be a giant “man of stone”. Early tomorrow morning I’ll pack up and we will move in that direction.
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    ((Postcard to mom))

    Scribbled on backside:

    Dear Mom, dear dad,

    I have found a new companion, a little shrew! He is not half as aggressive as Stumpy. In fact, he is not aggressive at all. And never begs for food. He just follows me around. One day I was picking some flowers (no, not for a girl I like…) and he popped out and looked at me. And started following me. At night he disappears, maybe searching for food or sleeping in the bushes somewhere. But the next day he is back. I don’t know why, maybe I was the first thing he saw after he was born and he thinks I am his mother? Or he is just looking for a friend. He doesn’t let me touch him, always backs away a bit. But he is cute and I like him. Haven’t found a good name for him, do you have any ideas?

    Well, as you can see, we made our way to a nice beach by a broad river. There is even a shipwreck in the water! The warm sand between my toes feels really good. And the wildlife here is also interesting. There are red salamanders, but you should not get too close, they can breathe a little fire. There are big green worms, centipedes I think, and large beetles that make holes in the sand. And strange glowing lights that hover on the sands at night. I don’t know what they really are, or if they even are living things. Some kind of spirits I heard, really strange. And then there are animals that look like big beehives walking on four long, spindly legs. They are overgrown with moss and even some larger plants grow on their backs.

    Before coming here, we helped out on a farm. I was milking cows! And carrying chicken and making butter and pies and pipeweed. No, mom, no worries, I don’t smoke! After everything was done, me and my friends had a nice party at a small pond.

    Ah, as you can see in my drawing, I also had my beard cut. I couldn’t really groom it on all my travels and the long beard got too dirty and clotted. This is much easier, I hope you like it and still recognize me, haha!

    We will go even further north, to the capital of a King. I will write you again soon how that is.

    With warmest greetings,
    Your son Erikin
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    ((Club Eclair)) Alphred Troute - Living in a Palace

    In my own style of total immersion, I start each day where I went to sleep the night before. For example, I wake up in a hobbit-sized bed in the Pony, or a room in the basement of the Forsaken Inn, or the healer's room at Ost Guruth. I dress, have a bite to eat, and start my adventure. And I arrive at such a place at the end of my adventures, where I can rest more or less comfortably.

    Because of the nature of the work, night-time patrols and raids are not uncommon. It doesn't matter much the time of day. We don't want brigands and orcs thinking that the night is theirs to do with as they please.

    But I always have a base that I am working out of.


    Here I am, back at the bounds, or just beyond, at a Ranger camp on an island called Tinnudir - what many of my Shire friends call "Tiny Deer".

    It is always hard to leave the Shire - and I was happy to see that you and the girls are well.

    I mean what I say when I suggest building a safety room that you and the girls can hide in if trouble comes to the Shire. I know you don't believe me - but you should perhaps visit Dwaling sometime. And that is not near the worst of what might come.

    Anyways, while I was there I took care of matters myself. You will be visited by some agents of Meadowlarke Sweetweed who will begin construction. I have paid the money. They will be discreet - your neighbors will not even know that it is being built. What's the use of having a secret hiding place if everybody in town knows about it? They'll likely add a real room to the house as cover - so people will see work going on. But you will end with more than just one room.

    It's all paid for, father. I have made all the arrangements.

    The Rangers here, in seeking our help against the brigands and tomb robbers, have given us a palace to stay in. Our room comes with real beds - not enough for all of us, but we sleep in shifts. These are man-sized beds that a hobbit can get lost in - or two hobbits to a bed.

    There's a planning table with maps and notes.

    And there is a dining area, and a month's supply of ale.

    Best of all, it has its own pool. This pool is connected to the lake somehow. I dropped a hook behind some rocks and pulled out a nice trout for lunch. Which means that the water is cold - but quite clean and refreshing.

    I woke up this morning, and there wasn't anybody about, so I stripped on down to my small clothes and jumped in. The one side of the pond has a statue of some former king. I climbed up on the pedestal, and did a double backflip off of the edge and into the water, like I would do at the falls behind the house.


    Well, that certainly woke me up!

    Then, I went out to where the Rangers are camped - leaving my weapons and shield behind next to the bed. And even my gloves, hat, and shoulder guards. I just wore the basic Bounder gear - the clothes that Hoppa Joel gave me in Michel Delving that his gaffer used to wear. It's a bit tattered, but still holding together. You saw them. But that just aims to show how relaxing things are here. I feel quite safe.

    I checked to see if I had gotten any post, cooked my trout on one of their fires.

    Of course, I have the extra protections and weapons whenever I cross the bridge off of the island.

    Speaking of the lake, this lake is at least as big as the whole of the Shire - and clean and clear and blue. You can scarcely see the hills on the west side.

    To the South, there are the ruins of the ancient capital of Annuminus. Them, you can see. They are a sight! Buildings as tall as mountains with spires in the clouds.

    Erikin wants to go there, though the Rangers tell us that it is dangerous.

    In addition to helping against the Brigands, these Rangers are contributing to battles at Fornost City. They said that they will provide wagons for us to go to the ruins and battle the orcs there. These rooms come with a high price - not in terms of money but in terms of the work to be done - but no higher than what we have paid elsewhere for a lot less.

    I am settling in. I will start patrolling in a day or so.

    A post to Tinnudir will find me here, I am certain. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Alphred Troute
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    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
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    Erikin, Diary Entry 19 ((Settling in at Tinnudir))

    Past Dwaling I came to the Brandywine River, flowing out of Lake Evendim on the north, and a broad, sandy beach. Interesting wildlife there, too. And a sunken ship in the middle of the river.

    From far away I could already see that “man of stone”, a gigantic statue, probably a former king, holding a broken sword in his right hand. A very impressive sight, I am sure dwarfs helped building it. At the base of the statue was a bridge crossing the river and a Ranger Camp. That’s where I met Hedge, Willameena, Liatri, Hroik and Aearthor again, who had been waiting there for me.

    Of course, them Rangers had some objectives for us. There was a catapult that needed some material for repair, a lighthouse by the river’s bend that we should investigate and, across the river on the far shore, the ruins of an old harbor, where all the merchant ships that traveled up the Brandywine stopped and unloaded their goods. Seems those ruins are now overrun by tomb-raiders and the Rangers sent us out to scout the ruins and investigate what exactly they are interested in. We headed out there for a midnight raid and found several locked doors, to the armory or a dining-hall for example, but it didn’t look like the robbers had made much progress yet.

    I went back again a few days later with Hedge and Brabbo. We carefully picked our way among the ruins, trying to find the leaders. Now, how do you know a guy is the leader? Bit different clothing, protected by bodyguards, in the back of the camp? Well, we found them in the end and on them their orders, mentioning a hidden room where all kinds of things undocumented on the passing ships were kept. Maybe some kind of storeroom for confiscated goods, could be anything from weapons to jewelry to pipe-weed. Tomb-robbers themselves were not much of a threat and we walked back to the Kings’s Crossing unharmed in a yellowish, but very beautiful, sunrise.

    Beneath the statue we were approached by a dwarf named Gharnet, asking if we were the “Heroes of Esteldin”. I wasn’t sure if it was really us he was looking for, but it seems word of our deeds in the Northern Downs had reached the Rangers of Tinnudir and they sent him out to escort us to their base camp in this area. “Arrangements have been made for you to stay”, he said. So we followed him up the hill and that is where I caught my first glimpse of the large body of water that is Lake Evendim. And what a sight it was! Below us, the sun glittered in the blue, rippling waters. There were a few small islands and in the distance, on the far shore, a massive rock with an enormous building, its spires reaching far into the sky. Oh, how beautiful! I stood mesmerized... This must be the King’s Palace and I just cannot wait to get over there and see it up close.

    Seeing Lake Evendim for the first time

    Our guide, Gharnet, however said this was not going to be possible so soon. An army from Angmar moved into the ruins of the old capital, looking for an item of great, and evil, power. And the royal castle itself is the stronghold of some of the fiercest and deadliest foes this side of the Misty Mountains. Hm, too bad… I had hoped Annuminas was still a living, breathing place full of nice folk (like Bree!) ruled by a benevolent king…

    He lead us down the slope on the other side and across a short bridge to a sandy and partly forested island called Tinnudir (or Tiny Deer as the hobbits called it). This is the Rangers’ main base here. There was a stable, a training camp, a crafting area with merchants, a mail service, a boat pier to travel across the lake and even an outside bank. Now, I thought it couldn’t get any better, but I was soon proved wrong. At the northern end of the island stood another commanding building and Gharnet led us right there, up the stairs, through the doors and into the refreshingly cool inside chambers.

    There was a red carpet laid out (not for us I think), the rooms and hallways were lit by candles, in the large middle room was a chilly, crystal-clear pool fed by the lakes’ waters, beds on one side, kegs of ale and dinner tables on the other and in the middle, overlooking the pool, some nicely carved chairs and a table with maps of the area spread out on it which we could use to plan our excursions. This was where we were going to stay! Sure beats the tent in Esteldin and he definitely hadn’t promised too much when he said “arrangements” were made. I didn’t know what to say. I asked him if it was really alright if we stay here, and then he replied that we are not guests. We are only allowed to stay if we are willing to help the Rangers with whatever tasks they have for us. Well, I’m in! And my friends too! Time to settle in and earn and pay back them Rangers’ trust!
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    Um, just a thought, but "Club Eclair" doesn't sound terribly Tolkienian to me, given his particular philological fetishes. (Brings to mind the Landroval kinship "We Have Cookies"; I always wanted to suggest snarkily that they consider changing their name to "We Have Bickies.") And, yeah, "bicky" existed (as a relatively new word, apparently, but still - would have to be a better choice than "cookies" on a Roleplay-encouraged server) in Tolkien's day.

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    ((Club Eclair)) Hedgerow Shrewburrow - 30 Trainings

    The level cap for Club Éclair is now 30, and we are working out of Tinnudir in Evendim, though we're doing a lot of travelling and visiting to the Lone Lands and North Downs these days.

    To: Meadowlarke Sweetweed
    Chief, Bounders of the Shire (Addernotch Station)


    It is my honour to report on our success against the villainy that threatens the Shire.

    As I see it, we are facing two hives of scum and villainy just beyond the Bounds what might threaten the Shire.

    There’s a set of Angrymen . . . um . . . Angmarmen? Northland peoples from Angmar what used to work for the Witch King of Angmar in ages past – the one who ruined Fornost where that company of hobbit archers died long ago. Well, their forces are infesting the ruins of Annuminus which is right here on the banks of Lake Evendim . . . between us and the Shire no less!

    The Rangers say that the villains settled in Annuminus are beyond our abilities.

    We’ve battled these Angmar peoples before. They’re protecting Garth Agarwen where Ivar Bloodhand and the Red Maid are holed up. And they were guarding the mountain passes northeast of that secret Ranger camp in the North Downs. I’ll grant, they’re good in a fight and we had to be careful around them – but they could be beaten. Erikin in particular is insisting that we can handle them.

    Well, the Rangers have relented and are giving us a test. They’re giving us some food stuffs and supplies and our job is to deliver it to some stronghold the Rangers have created within the city itself. We’ve had to assure them that if we find the Angmar people difficult that we are not to be so prideful we get ourselves killed – there’s no dishonor in knowing the truth of the situation and taking the most sensible option, which would be to retreat.

    While the Rangers think we are too poorly trained to deal with the threats in Annuminus, they are training us up to battle against the second of these hives of scum and villainy in Fornost itself. We have already gone to battle there a few times, and were able to make our way through their outermost defenses. The only reason we retreated is because we could not find a way into the upper reaches of the ruins.

    As soon as we finished our 30th training – for those of us who have done so – the Rangers told us how to access the part of the fortress where the Earth Wight has made its lair. Apparently, they were keeping that information from us until they judged us ready for the challenge.

    Well, with the access to the lair of the Earth Wight known to us, some of us tried to muster a squad to battle him. However, there were not enough of us to make an attack.

    A few folk got together for a skirmish training instead. I didn’t go with them. It was getting late and I would have had to miss dinner. Mind you, I know the virtue of training and would normally think that would be a good idea.

    I should have gone. I know that. I’m sorry. I’ll do better in the future. I was just overpowered by the thought of a warm meal, a bath, and a good night’s sleep. As it is, them who went didn’t return to Tiny Deer until even past breakfast!

    Besides, once news went out that I had passed my 30 trainings it seems everybody in Middle Earth wants to talk to me. I got a post asking me to visit with Mr. Gamgee in Oatbarton. Now, I fully expect that when I get there he’ll have nothing new to report – what with the efforts we have already put in there. However, I need to go there to find out for myself. At least it is not too far – and the road between here and Oatbarton needs patrolling against goblins, spiders, and various forms of wildlife that might threaten travelers.

    Plus, I have been asked to render aid to the people of Trestlebridge in the North Downs.

    Do you know how FAR that is?

    Now, I am grateful to their leader Nellie – particularly for letting me sleep in her soft bed with real linen sheets and warm woolen blankets – some of the best sleeping I had when we were working in the North Downs. Besides, I am a Bounder charged with fighting the villainy that threatens the Shire. I must go to their aid if they ask for it. Besides, I do have business with the treasure hunters at Fornost and the dwarfs of Othrikar . . . and may try to organize another patrol through Nan Wathren when I am there.

    I might be gone a while. But I will write, no matter where I go.

    Bounder Hedgerow Shrewburrow

    Giode76: "Eclair" is not supposed to be Tolkeinesque. It's supposed to be hobbitesque. Imagine a hobbit named "Clair" invented some cream-filled pastry that she sometimes gave away. Those she gave them to would tell their friends that they were made "by Clair" - which some heard as “Éclair” and the name eventually stuck.

    Note: In truth, Club Eclair was the fifth group role-play adventure project invented by the members of the Bounders of the Shire kinship - the first four being Club Apple, Bread, Crumb, Dumpling, and then this one. There's been talk of a "Club Fish" next - a club that goes about checking out different fishing spots around Middle Earth. However, like all of our clubs, you don't have to be a Bounder go join. In fact, I am hoping for non-Bounders to join; we have a shortage of tall folk. You just need to enjoy role-play adventures.
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    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group on Landroval currently capped at Level 45 working on Book XIV (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow).

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    ((Club Eclair)) Alphred Troute - A Long Walk


    I am sorry for not writing. I have been traveling.

    The Rangers here at Tinnudir have trained us up to help in the battle for the ruins of Fornost City. In fact, by the time you get this post, the first battles will have likely taken place. We have had a few skirmishes against the water wight that commands the courtyard, but our intent is to battle our way to the leader.

    Well, when news of my training got around, I started getting notes from people asking for a visit.

    The call for help from Oatbarton was a false alarm. Hal Gamgee expressed gratitude that I would come down and see to their troubles. But he could not name any new problems that had arisen since our last visit. I think the stone that is spewing corruptions in Bungo Grubb's pipeweed field has folks uneasy. Nobody has yet found anything they can do about it though.

    It wasn't a wasted trip. As I walked the roadway I kept an eye open for wildlifes that could threaten travelers - salamanders and sand bugs and such. It's a Bounder duty, making sure the roads are clear. And it turned out to be a good day for a walk . . . well, the sand was a bit hot on the feet in the afternoon.

    I spent the night in Oatbarton and got an early start in the morning for a walk to Bree - through the Shire, from Oatbarton to Stock, then over the Brandywine bridge down the Great East Road to Bree.

    To hurry myself along I used a trick my trainers had given me for keeping a good and steady pace. I'd sing a marching song in my head while trying to keep my walking pace up to the beat of the song. I made good time.

    Daisy Appledore from Bree had sent me a post saying she has learned some new things she could pass on. However, when we got to talking, I learned that there was nothing new to be learned. Still, it was good to visit with people I hadn't seen in a while. We chatted a while about old times then I got myself a room at the Prancing Pony.

    The next morning, I decided to try my hand again at some siege trainings.

    I suspect that if a siege battle were to come to Bree, the best thing the defenders should do is tie me in a sack and throw me into a root cellar. They aren't going to want me anywhere near a siege battle. The Wardens who were watching me quite unceremoniously declared that I had failed - plain and simple. They stamped it in plain letters across my practice sheet: FAILED.

    That did no good for my mood.

    I was done before lunch, so I returned to the Pony, picked up my pack, and headed off to the North Downs to see what was wanted of me there. I was told that the elfs in Meluinen were in need of some assistance.

    When I reached Trestlebridge, I decided to travel to Meluinen through the Nan Wathren Pass. This pass has long been infested with orcs and goblins. But my duty as a Bounder meant patrolling against just those kinds of threats - so I took the road with a determination to deal with any orc or goblin who tried to stop me. The way was thick with villains, and I would not recommend it to anybody not able to defend themselves. And I would recommend the company of others also able to help.

    When I had reached the elfs at Meluinen, I was ready for sleep. I had been marching and fighting since I had woken that morning. However, I was told of some elfs who had gotten themselves trapped in a troll cave and needed rescuing. There was no time for a nap, so I just kept on going behind the elf that guided me to her stranded companions.

    I fended off trolls and Angmar folk while she tended to the stranded elfs and got them ready for travel - then left the caves. Finally, I was able to lay down and get some sleep.

    I took it easy the next day and walked no further than Esteldin - clearing the road of spiders and wargs as I went. I have acquired a certain enmity against spiders and was more than pleased to have the opportunity to rid the land of these spawns of Ungoliant.

    After sleeping at Esteldin, I travelled to the Dwarf town of Othrikar. I will admit that the main purpose of this part of my trip was to brag to the Dwarfs. I think that the dwarfs of the Blue Mountains may be essential friends of the Shire in case of trouble, so I have been working to improve my reputation among these particular dwarfs. I told them of my battles through Nan Wathren and shared with them some of the orcan relics I had picked up.

    From Othrikar, I travelled to the treasure hunters camped near Fornost City to talk to them about the efforts to drive the orcs out of the ruins of the city. We talked about a number of the objectives that we should accomplish in the war. Specifically, they mentioned a general that should be found and slayed. I told them of our successes in earlier battles against orcs and goblins.

    Following that, I headed west back to Evendim, travelling through the haunted lands known as the Fields of Fornost.

    On the way, I visited the ruins of Tham Varan. I've been visiting the ruins to help the Rangers here who are trying to preserve their history. It was being picked over by brigands looking for treasures to sell. I drove them off the land, then looked around a bit. I found some pottery that looked to be of one piece still, taking care to note its exact position as I took it up, and copied down some of the messages I found upon the wall. Then I returned to Tiny Deer.

    It was a long trip - spread out in several phases across several days. In it, I got to refresh some acquaintences with folk I have met since I left home. But my new duties are here in Tinudir. Soon, we will be organizing a squad to attack the Orcan stronghold of Fornost. I am told to expect a long and difficult campaign.

    I will write to you as time permits. I hope you and the girls stay safe.

    Alphred Troute
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    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group on Landroval currently capped at Level 45 working on Book XIV (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow).

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    Erikin, Diary Entry 20 ((Tyl Annun and a first visit to Annuminas))

    The first mission we got was to take a boat and go to one of the islands. The “Salamander Island”, as the Rangers called it. Now, those fire-breathing lizards I had seen earlier on the beach along the Brandywine had just recently appeared and that island had become particularly infested. The Rangers think they spread from there and that is where the source could be.

    Turned out they were right. When Hroik, Liatri, Hedge, Brabbo, Aearthor and I set foot on that island, we found a lore-master. Introduced himself as Humfrey Rummings. A strange man, I thought he was a bit crazy… but very self-confident, saying he was the most knowledgeable lore-master there is in all of Middle Earth. He first denied knowing anything about the salamanders but then he changed his mind as he noticed our disbelief. They were in fact all over the place and he, as the great Lore-master, must surely know all there is to know about them. He seemed to be a bit stressed, as if hiding something.

    Finally, after we earned his “trust” and acknowledged his greatness by solving his silly riddles, he told us that he found some eggs in a ruin on this island. He helped them to hatch and two tiny, tiny salamaders came out. But soon they started to become much bigger and grew hostile. Started breathing fire too and were breeding like shrews. Soon they had multiplied so much that they were all over the island and spreading to other parts of Evendim. He said he managed to trap the two original salamanders in a cellar and sent us down to slay them. We heard them stomping around from the top of the stairs. And they were really big, but the six of us had no problem at all to kill them. I had in fact expected a much harder fight. That Lore-master… he cannot be so allmighty if he couldn’t handle them by himself! We cleaned the island a bit of the many other salamanders (according to Mr Rummings, those are breeding much slower), and also destroyed many nests and eggs. I again was covered in yolk afterwards, as Hedge kindly told me. Good thing I got my beard trimmed.

    Another day the Rangers were talking about a camp they had set up in the ruins of Annuminas. They wanted to have some supplies delivered there and asked for volunteers. They warned us though to be extremely careful, as the enemies in the city may prove to be beyond our skill. Well, that nevertheless sounded like an exciting adventure and I so badly wanted to go there and see the big palace, which looms in the distance and somehow magically calls out to me. Word of this mission must have spread and when we met under the Colossus, I was surprised how many people had turned out. There were Hedge and Hroik of course, and Willameena and Brabbo, and Halno and Finggers, but also some people I had not seen before, Periplum, Perilena and Andaninim. It was a great group and my spirits rose. Ha, those Angmar-people better retreat! Hedge was a bit nervous however, but we tried to calm him down. If we find our opposition to be too powerful, we will just turn around and go back. No need to really get into trouble, the Rangers wouldn’t be too miffed about it.

    The group musters under the Colossus to go into Annuminas

    So we set out and walked along a beautiful, regal road leading into the city. It followed the shoreline of the great lake, the sun was up, the waters gleaming and large willows, the branches hanging low, lined the way. We found many once grand, now half-decayed buildings. Plaques next to the doors read “Haudh Eärendur” or “Haudh Valandil”. Now, Haudh means tomb or grave, as one lore-wise member of our group explained. So, these were royal tombs, the graves of the Kings of Old.

    The biggest and most impressive one, with a bridge leading towards it and adorned with a huge statue, was Haudh Elendil, according to Willameena one of the first Kings and, as Periplum said, “Bearer of the Flame of the West”. Finggers tried to pick the lock, but didn’t succeed. I later learned Elendil founded the Kingdoms of Anor and Gondor and was slain by Sauron in the victorious siege of Barad-dûr. His legendary sword Narsil broke, but his son Isildur was able to sever the hand of Sauron (and thus take his ring of power from him) with the splintered sword, by which Sauron was defeated and the big war of the Second Age ended. Wow, so much history, no wonder this grave is so splendid! And now I also understand why the big statue, the Colossus, wields a broken sword!

    We could open the doors to some of those tombs. Inside we found either tomb-robbers, weird, burly walking lizards with eyes as big as the Hobbits’ dinner plates (I guess they are well adapted to dark and wet surroundings) or red-robed people from Angmar. We wondered what they were searching, but we didn’t investigate further yet, as they all put up a fierce fight and we had to leave. Hedge meticulously wrote down the tombs names, location and occupying forces for his report to the Rangers. We also noticed that the lake’s waters were pretty high. Some of them tombs were half sunken in the waters.

    It had already grown dark as we approached the city gates. We could see fires burning, several tents and many Angmar-people guarding the archway that marks the entrance to the city. We carefully proceeded, taking out the first guards, but more and more came running at us. They must have heard the sounds of battle, the shouting and the clinging of weapons and shields. And they were determined to put up a fight. Archers were shooting their arrows, spellcasters summoned ghosts… We slowly made progress and moved forward, through the archway. But still more Angmarim joined the fray, they really swarmed us!

    We were forced to retreat into a corner, constantly fighting, and now it had turned into a fight for our bare lives. Maybe the Rangers were right, that this enemy is too strong for us. I started to regret coming here and being so nosy. There was only a very brief moment when the tide of battle ebbed and we could regain a bit of our breath. Then they were coming at us again, stronger than before. We tried to disengage, but with tall Manfred, Willameena’s swampy friend, it was hard to hide and stay unnoticed. As in Dol Dinen so long ago, I felt my power waning and we had a feeling of getting overwhelmed. We shouted at each other that we should get out and that the city is too well defended.

    Someone shouted “Run!” and we all dashed forward, but in different directions. Our group got completely scattered. I ran towards the lake and jumped into the water, several Angmarim close on my heels. Swimming-practice in the pool in Tinnudir Keep really paid off, the Angmarim soon lost interest and swam back, cursing. I saw Halno stepping ashore again, being chased by enemy forces. I hesitated, then noticed two archers taking aim at me. I backpaddled and got lost among the sunken ruins. I saw big buildings, the water-level rising up to their roofs, and a tall statue, up to its chin in the water. I swan beneath a giant bridge that connects the Royal Palace to the rest of city and heard the stomping noise of big trolls. Finally I reached what looked like a port, there was Ranger-woman on guard and a boat, but I swam all the way back to Tinnudir, as I didn’t think it would take so long. Under the stars, I could see the Keep where we stay and the fires on the island in the distance.

    When I finally stepped ashore, I shivered from the cold water and exhaustion. And there, around a fire, the rest of the group had gathered to dry off. We all survived and somehow made it back to Tinnudir. I was glad, as we had lost sight of each other during the chaotic battle. Hedge said he had to be rescued by the Rangers, Finggers “borrowed” a boat to get back. And they were all in a much better mood than I anticipated. Finggers was checking his loot for the gang, Hedge beamed at the nice Ranger report he was going to write, and they all said they “enjoyed” the battle. Ha, what a great, adventurous group we have become! Even though we lost the battle and the forces of Angmar managed to chase us out of Annuminas, we still patted ourselves proudly on the back, saying that we held out darn well and what a terrific stand we made against them in that corner.

    In the end, their numbers were just too high. Place must be really important to them if there are so many around and they defend it so ferociously. I am certain we will go back to Annuminas one day, visit the Ranger camp and find out what Angmar is up to. We need a bit more training and probably better weapons and equipment. I went back to the Keep, put my clothes on a barrel to dry and lay down next to Hedge to sleep.

    Beyond that archway the area became red to us (albeit dangerous) and retreat would mean reviving at your markstone. The enemies were all purple with a much higher aggro range. They were about 10 lvls above us and, although they didn't hit too hard, it took a while to defeat them due to a lot of deflects. This led to power problems after a while. Also, challenge or fear didn't work really good against them, so peeling the aggro off the more squishy characters wasn't possible most of the time. There also seemed to be a high respawn rate, so while we were still fighting, the ones we had already defeated came running at us again after a short time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Giode76 View Post
    Um, just a thought, but "Club Eclair" doesn't sound terribly Tolkienian to me, given his particular philological fetishes.
    I assume that the name (which, I believe, is French for "lightning") was chosen ironically, because the group is actually intended to move slowly.
    Perhaps the choice was already explained earlier in this thread. Thus far, I have just been skimming it, but have really enjoyed reading the "letters home".

    I kinda wish I had joined up with my Landroval toon. He's been at lvl 15 for over a year (I usually only pop in for events) but is a clone of my main on another server who has a pretty rich backstory for RP and occasionally enjoys journalling his experiences as he progresses through Middle Earth. I would love to be riding along with a group who might actually appreciate it when he points out "Hey, on that hill over there used to be the farmhouse where I was born." Unfortunately, it looks like lvl 15 may be too far behind to catch up with the Eclair pack without having to race through some of the parts I enjoy. (Could be an inaccurate perception on my part; I expect I'll have a better idea how Eclair works if I read through more of this thread.)

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    I love these write-ups!
    ~ The Hobgoblin

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    The current Éclair level cap is 30 - with a focus on the landscape quests and deeds in eastern Evendim. Annuminus is a Level 40 region. But Erikin wanted to see the palace....

    To: Meadowlarke Sweetweed
    Chief, Bounders of the Shire - Addernotch Station


    There is great trouble on the Bounds! A great army more powerful even than the army we found at Dol Dinen in the North Downs! More powerful than what Sambrog commands in the Great Barrow!

    And this army is a short march from Dwaling, over an unguarded mountain pass!

    It would have been my honour to report our progress against the villainy that threatens the Shire, but we made little progress against them.

    We assembled the biggest and most powerful force of Eclairians ever, even stronger than against Dol Dinen.

    Erikin, Halno, and Andaninim were there to do the fighting - and Brabbo with the ability to control a battle with his voice. Hroik was there, adding his ability to draw power from stone. Finggers could provide stealth and surprise. Willameena brought her pet Manfred - the swamp creature from the red swamps of Ost Guruth that became her pet. Bounder Perilena joined us along with a hobbit lass that came into our group recently - Periplum (though she says she is a neighbor of yours over at Addernotch).

    I must ask her story . . . Why would any sensible hobbit who is not a Bounder be out here?

    I am a Bounder. It is my duty!

    But I digress.

    Even with such an army, we were bested by the villains occupying the ruins of Annuminus.

    None died - but only because the Rangers knew we were biting off more than we could chew and had made arrangements to rescue us when we could not hold our own any longer. At least, that is the only way I can explain taking a blow to the back of my head only to wake at the Ranger camp of Tiny Deer.

    The Rangers brought out Perilena, Periplum, and Roy at about the same time.

    For the longest time, we sat about the fire in Tiny Deer worrying if we would ever see our friends again. Willameena sent one of her pet birds with word that she was safe among the elfs. Finggers, Andaninim, and Erikin retreated in different directions and found their way separately to Tinnudir. but none of them fell to the enemy. The Rangers found Halno still fighting, even though he was by himself, and brought him to the camp.

    The Angmar folk came upon us in such a way that we couldn't get a rest. Once they sent out an alarm, it seemed as if they drew in forces from miles away. We would drive off those battling us, only to confront another wave that soon became as fierce as the last.

    I think I can offer some relief that Dwaling will not be attacked right away. The Angmar folk seem to be looking for something - a legendary source of great power. They seem to think it is buried here, which gives them no interest in the Shire.

    However, once they have this object of power and defeat the Rangers with it, then what?

    The Rangers insist they will not let that happen. But they also tell us that it is their trouble to deal with - that it is beyond our abilities. Clearly, they are right. Even if we could muster as big a group again, our efforts showed that it was not enough.

    Our concerns lay with the orcan stronghold of Fornost.

    The real effort to penetrate to the heart of the ruins and slay its leader has not truly begun just yet.

    The Rangers tell us that if we can keep the orcs of Fornost busy, then they can focus their efforts on the Angmar folk at Annuminus.

    In addition, we are taking over some of the Rangers' concerns in the open lands about Tiny Deer - taking care of smaller tasks that might otherwise distract them from Annuminus. Brabbo and I scouted out the ruins of Tham Ornen. We found these ruins occupied by more of them Angmar folk. But they weren't near as many as was found in Annuminus nor so powerful. They were likely just a scouting expedition setting up to see iffen the ruins had anything of value or power they could find.

    Brabbo was able to set them scurrying from the ruins easily enough. . . . with me helping as I could. They will likely be back. But in the mean time Brabbo and I scooped up some maps and papers they left behind that might tell the Rangers something important about what the Angmar folk are looking for and how they hope to find it. Maybe the Rangers will be able to find it first.

    Maybe they'll send us to look for it! That'd be a grand adventure.

    Oh, and I should mention . . . .

    In spite of our failure against the Angmar folk in Annuminus, the Rangers were impressed by our willingness to try and for our standing up in a pitched battle against a stronger enemy for so long. They named me "Kindred".

    Honestly, I deserve no such honour. I throw in a bit of help when I can. However, the Rangers seem to be of the opinion that everybody who is willing to participate in such a fight deserves recognition for their bravery. And since I have been helping all over Evendim - from King's Crossing to scouting the ruins - the reputation earned at Annuminus was enough for them to vote me the status of kindred of the Rangers.

    I was so honored.

    Then they let me buy one of their special ponies. Another pony I can put on the new pony farm I bought for myself when I was last in the Shire.

    The Rangers were not at all upset at our failure to get supplies to the camp. Indeed, they mentioned having secret paths they use to get supplies into the camp - secret routes they are not willing to share with us at this time.

    So, it seems, they just gave us these supplies to deliver so as to give us something to do . . . so they could take a measure our quality, perhaps. In spite of losing the battle, we seem to have won their respect.

    I will let you know how we do against the enemy stronghold at Fornost . . . and how well the Rangers are doing at containing this threat of Annuminus.

    But beware! This is a serious danger, and it can fall upon the Shire in just hours, if it comes.

    Bounder Hedgerow Shrewburrow

    Thank you, Skoch . . .

    We probably could have succeeded in this encounter, but "dangerous revive" meant that any rally resulted in being teleported to the character's milestone location in a safe zone. Andaninim revived Hedgerow in combat, but dangerous revive teleported him to Tinnudir. Without that, I think we could have retreated to a safe place and gotten some rest. *Sigh*. But that would have been a different story. We'll try again, someday.
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group on Landroval currently capped at Level 45 working on Book XIV (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow).

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    *Finggers returns to da Bugans Gang's hideout to report his earnings and finds his Boss' liaison and accountants preparing some Goblin Drums for an upcoming event known as ''Rockfest''*

    Finggers: "I got it! Made my quota for the week and met some great people along the way!"

    Liaison: "Ye made alliances wit da Angmarim, eh?"

    Finggers: "No, they didn't want to set-up any fair trade."

    Accountant #1: "Fair tradeded? Ha, datz not what yer hired for! Stick to yer notes in the drop-off locations!"

    Accountant #2: "Get the coin, spare da details fer us. Boss wantsez end results, bottom-line numbers."

    Finggers: "Eh, but..."

    Liason: "Fret not o' dem number-handlers, dey dunno bout Adventuresez. Stick to yer plans but do make as many friends as ye can along the way. Don't reveal the drop-off locations nor yer true identity."

    Finggers: "Roger dat! Friends...hmmm... I think they are really fantasticals! Some are Shire-Bounders like Hedge-Hedge, whilst others are my favorite friends - like Brabbs and his musicials that make me cheery!"

    Accountant #2: "Whateversez, jus do yer job."

    Accountant #1: "Aye, now get back out there, Sluggard! Another drop-off has been placeded!"

    Finggers: "Ha! I'll double it and show you! Adventurelesses!"

    *A menacing snarl peels wide over a gnarled face from the shadows of a back-room*

    Skoch (muttering to himself): "Dis one is gooded! We chose da right group o' folksez ta follow too! Hmmmm...Bounders fer friends o' da gang. Dis may prove usefull..."


    Tiempko, I thought the entire thing was a success! Defeat or no against a mass of Purple mobs was absolute brilliance! So much fun, I'll be sending the little guy with y'all throughout any adventures like this no-matter what Love it, just love it. Had some of my best laughs on that! Y'all rock, truly!
    ~ The Hobgoblin

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    ((Club Eclair)) Hedgerow Shrewburrow - The Continuing War for Fornost City

    To: Meadowlarke Sweetweed
    Chief, Bounders of the Shire - Addernotch Station


    It is my honour to report on our progress against the villainy that threatens the Shire.

    We are continuing to make progress against the villainy that controls Fornost City. We have sent countless patrols into the middle city where the water wight rules. He was the weakest of the four Traitors of Fornost City - them who bought themselves forever life by killing themselves with a morgul blade - and swearing to serve the villain of Angmar. It means we can't kill him but, like with Sambrog in the Great Barrow, we can weakend him and drive him away for a bit.

    Plus, we have now breeched three of the towers dividing the middle city from the inner city. There, the earth wight is in command of the towers guard. He has tried to stop us, but we have prevailed - and conquered three of the towers by now.

    Well, I was only on one of those missions to breech a tower - the first one.

    Most recently, I was on another patrol though the middle city - the second. The Rangers insist that nobody should be allowed on a squad to take a tower until they have "familiarized the selfs with the terrain" by patrolling the middle city.

    Halno had not patrolled the middle city before, so he wasn't permitted to go with the squad to take another of the towers. Besides, Perilena and I had unfinished business with the water wight as well. Roy came along with us. Brabbo, Aearthor, Finggers, and Erikin formed up a separate squad for assaulting the third of them towers betwixt us and the inner city.

    Their attack went better than our patrol, from what I hear.

    Halno alone had to do all the work for us, as he was the only one among us who had any training in toe-to-toe battling. Yet, he had little experience using wardening skills in a group. I guess that gives sense to the Ranger requirement to get some experience before attacking one of the towers.

    A part of the middle city is made up of narrow streets with the ruins of old shops on both sides. The Orcs keep some of their prisoners here. I am sad to report that we failed in our mission to free the prisoners. A few escaped, I think. But two big burly orcs blocked the way, and when we went to remove them - well, they proved more sturdy than the average Orc.

    We would have died iffen we hadn't run away - and that would have done non good. Once we regrouped back at the main gate, we rushed back to the place of the battle. But by then the burly orcs were gone, and there were no prisoners but an old lady staring off into space, too badly shooken up to even talk. We bundled her warmly and gave her over to the Rangers.

    We also came across a gate blocking one part of the middle city from another part, well protected by a line of goblins. Twice, we rushed the gate. Twice, the goblins forced us back.

    The second time we failed on my account, I fear. The gatekeeper summoned reinforcements, which Perilena and Roy battled while Halno battled the gate guard. Well, I got caught up with helping battle them reinforcements and forgot all about Halno alone standing up to the gate keeper. By the time I remembered, Halno was in full retreat. Then the rest of us were made to retreat as well.

    On the third attempt, though, we got our tactics just right. Halno battled the leader. Perilena and Roy challenged the waves of reinforcements. I offered encouragements as I could. And it took a while, but we got through the gate.

    There was one point where Perilena truly showed her quality.

    Again, sir, I beg to report that the fault for getting us into this predicament was mine. We were facing a room filled with water spirits. I thought I might be able to summon the patrolling spirit over to us when it was away from the others. Unfortunately, by the time I had gotten through all of the thinking and the deciding and the doing, that wight had skittered over to a pack of its friends and, when it heard me, the whole herd of spirits came over.

    Well, it wasn't long until I was laying on the ground struggling for air. These water spirits drench you with water until you are near to drowning. Halno and Roy lay flat out in a central dias. Perilena were backed up into a corner and, it seems, only one of the water spirits ever saw her. She was fighting it all alone and . . . so far as I could see as I chocked and gasped for breath - she disrupted it enough that it lost form and splashed down onto the ground.

    She got me up to my feet and breathing again. Halno was stirring slightly and I summoned him over to Perilena and me carefully. But Roy were still in the center of the room, laying there, maybe dead.

    Well, the three of us made the choice to charge out and surround his body and defend him iffen he still had life. And that's what we did. We fought off the villainous water spirits and then discovered Roy was still breathing. Gurgling a bit from the water, but breathing.

    At this point, the water wight what controls the middle city decided to confront us directly.

    Well, battling him didn't go well either. We confronted him twice, and he drove us away both times. I felt sorry for Halno on account of him having to do all the work, hopping about and chasing the water wight as it skittered from safe spot to safe spot. When Halno tired out, the wight would turn on the rest of us and we all found ourself fleeing.

    It became obvious that what we needed to do was to make sure that Halno stayed sturdy and fighting while wearing down the water wight. So, Perilena changed her role from attacking the water wight to helping Halno stay in the fight. With the two of us working to support Halno, one of us would be able to help him if the other were interfered with. For example, stepping into the water released such a cloud of stench and gag that one couldn't even talk - at least not so as to be understood.

    That worked!

    The water wight skittered about, but Perilena and I helped Halno as Halno chased him about the room, ignoring the wight who seemed full focused on Halno. Slowly and steadily we kept our wits about us and wore him down until he finally gave up the fight and retreated - the armor he had been wearing falling to the ground empty.

    When we returned to the skirmishing camp at Tinudir we found that the squad with Brabbo and Erikin had already come and left. They had it much easier than we did. But, there were victories all around.

    Which is what I am seeking to report, Chief. We're making progress against the villainy that threatens the Shire. Piece by piece we are tackling the orcs at the stronghold of Fornost. I have no doubt we will reach its leader. I don't think we will ever control the ruins of the old city, but we will at least weaken it enough that the Shire is not threatened any more.

    Bounder Hedgerow Shrewburrow
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group on Landroval currently capped at Level 45 working on Book XIV (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow).


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