I attended my first Marty Grass party in Michel Delving tonight.

It was overwhelming what with the fireworks and the singing and the dancing and the music and the people in colourful costumes.

We don't celebrate Fat Hobbit Tuesday in Little Delving the way they do here. It was a show unlike anything I have seen in the Shire, and will ever see again.

The music came from the Green Hill Music Society, which is run by a fellow Bounder as it turns out - Falibrand - who'se been with Addernotch Station for a good three or four years now. I didn't know on enlisting at Addernotch Station that I'd be associated with somebody famous like that.

There were a couple who seem to have been stressed about things they found outside the Shire. I heard one say to the other that there's is nothing more worrysome in the Shire than the "pie fairy". Yet, I'd spent the two months since I left home battling a real menace. Evil troll-napping dwarfs, brigands, spiders the size of a wagon and goblins bubbling out of the ground like a mountain spring. There's something villainous about.

It made me think how much I will miss the Shire when I leave. It is generally peaceful here, with good folk enjoying a good and simple life. Yet, the best way to protect it seems to be to track down the source of these troubles.

I am set to walk to Bree on Monday, February 18th. We'll be leaving at dawn ((just before the first sunrise to occur on the server at 12:00 EST on Monday - I will post the time when I am more able to predict what it is. There will be a second group leaving at the first dawn after 8:00 PM EST)).

Bree is awful far away, and I don't know when I'll be returning. It will be when I am certain I've figured out the source of the problems confronting the Shire. It may take a while.

I will miss you and I will continue to write as time permits.

Alphred Troute.

Don't worry about me. I'll have friends with me.

Alphred Troute

Club Eclair is a slow=leveling group whose members agree to level at the same rate. Currently, we are working with a cap of 9. On Monday, February 18th, we are raising the level cap to 11 for the group, and opening up the South Bree and the Old Forest for adventure. If you have a character you're willing to lock at 11th level you're invited to join us at the Prancing Pony as we march into town - Monday, February 18th.