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    Club Eclair - A slow-leveling roleplay adventure club.

    Club Eclair is a planned new club in which players can roleplay and interact on adventures as they level their characters.

    Club members are to hold their characters to about the same level - either by restricting their adventures or by using the XP disabler. We all agree to progress at about the same rate so that, when there is group content to be done, we can come together to complete it.

    Club Eclair will start off (naturally enough) at 6th level - the level one leaves the introduction area. Players can play as they like - together or apart - crafting or harvesting materials or playing music or what they please - with the agreement not to advance above 6th level until everybody is ready to advance.

    However, by having a group of characters at the same level, if anybody wants to do anything that requires a group, there will be other group members at the same level that can participate.

    For example, in the Shire, club members could get together to run the Gift to the North. Later, at 15th level, a group of Club Eclair members can get together to explore Haudh Iarchith in the southern Barrow Downs - an elite barrow that would likely require a full fellowship at such a level.

    Club Eclair ultimately will have only two rules.

    (1) To respect the level cap (to keep everybody at the same level).

    (2) To engage in "walk and talk" roleplaying adventure. The purpose of this group is to engage in roleplaying adventures - the type of adventures that make for good stories.

    Players can have more than one character in the group. For example, I plan on having a hobbit warden (Alphred) and a hobbit minstrel (Hedgerow). When other members of the group want help for a mission I can bring along either character depending on which better suits their needs and interests.

    Players do not need to always play together at a particular place and time. Players can play their characters whenever they want - respecting the level cap. The hope is that Club Eclair will draw enough people that there will be somebody to help when somebody wants help, and there will be somebody to adventure with when somebody wants company.

    Players do not need to worry if they need to drop out for a while. Unlike other types of clubs, the group is not "stuck" if some member cannot make it. When the missing player returns, he or she can catch up to the new level cap and join on adventures just as before.

    The Club-Eclair Channel

    Communications will be through this forum (which will list the current group level cap), and through a new in-game private channel called Club-Eclair. (On Landroval, type /joinchannel Club-Eclair).

    The Bounders of the Shire will remain closely associated with Club Eclair with a few Bounders being members (e.g., Alphred and Hedgerow).

    The starting level cap will be Level 6 - which will allow one to do a vast majority of the quests in the starter regions. We'll see to raising it when the members are good and ready.
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    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group on Landroval currently capped at Level 48 and working on The Rift (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow).



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