Hello Landroval,

I help lead a t2c throne raiding group on this server, and we're currently looking for a few players to join our roster. More specifically, we need captains, minstrels, and a tanking guard. No other classes are needed.

We raid on tues/wed/sat, at 8 p.m. server time.

Some basic rules to be aware of:

1. You must have a mic and be willing to use it
2. You must be willing to learn, be taught, and take criticism
3. Be nice to everyone around you, including yourself
4. Racism encouraged
5. Swearing encouraged
6. Have maxed LI's and 3-slot essence jewelry
7. Xenophobia encouraged
8. Have access to internet
9. Sexism encouraged
10. Be willing to download the Combat Analysis plug-in

If you're interested, send an in-game mail to Saridas.