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    Exclamation [Technical Issue's] Downloading Issue!

    Hello fellow player,

    Recently i've tried to get LoTRo working on my Windows 7 PC.
    Untill now i've been unsuccessfull, though i have NO clue whatsoever on what i'm doing wrong!

    I've tried installing and completely removing ALL parts related to LOTRO & The Turbine.
    My client will stay stuck at the "Examine game data" stage =S
    Could anyone help me out here? Tried it for days now, on both a PC and a laptop (both running on windows 7)
    Also, i've tried all 3 download options;
    - Play Instantly
    - PC Download (HD)
    - PC Download (Reg)
    I'm clueless... Please if you got any advice on how to solve this enlighten me!

    Looking forward to see ya'll ingame,

    I Found this in the "Common Technical Issue's" Thread;

    - “My Launcher gets stuck on 'Examine Programs' or 'Update Programs' or gets stuck on 'Examine Game Data' or 'Update Game Data'."

    SYMPTOMS: The game launcher gets to the “Examine Programs”/"Update Programs" step or “Examine Game Data”/"Update Game Data" and stops there.

    SOLUTION: This typically can have a few causes, and depending on which stage it gets stuck on can help determine the cause. The "Examine" steps are when the launcher is trying to compare the files you have versus what ones are the current and determine if you need to patch. Getting stuck there is generally connection related where as if it is getting stuck at an "Update" stage while that can be connection based as well (if the launcher cannot connect to download the patched files) it can also be permissions related since the game launcher needs "administrator" level access to be able to update files, in that instance see the link here for more info on the common causes of patching issues.

    I'd like to let ya'll know that i AM running it as an administrator, and my internet connection is perfectly normal. ( If there's any site that determine's my internet speed/required speed to play LOTRO, please let me know!)
    Also, I have checked if my firewall is blocking anything LOTRO/Turbine related, and it doesn't.
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    this should be in the tech area... there you will find informaion on downloading the game along with outher tech issues.



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