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    Question For PvMP Captain's

    With the new changes to the creeps, I am finding it difficult to kick a$$ like before. Granted I suffer by only being able to have a lvl 75 weap and item... cant seem to win any rolls.... At any rate, currently I am using 3 pers, 2 loyalty and 1 command, running high crit rating, and trying out the 2 loyalty for the tact mit, which seems to help with wargs, and spiders. When I take off my hytbold stuff I lose about 8k in phys mastery... (OUCH) this makes killing something very slow.
    I will be trying out 4-5 command with 1-2 loyalty as hotswaps depending on the fight for soloing, but right now I find myself grouped and leading raids which really helps with the 3 pers. any suggestions about a good hybrid build? I find myself in almost every situation, one moment I am grouped, the next I am solo.
    I am asking for tactics verses other classes, and for people to check out my character and if you can see my gear, to give me some suggestions about what to replace something else with.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I noticed that our damage is pretty pathetic once i got my 2nd age 85 and it did barely any damage. I don't know why, it's quite stupid. The creeps seem to have way more morale and it feels like we've had no boost to damage at all. I tried a couple of things that'd help with dps.. traiting as heavily as possible for damage done, sacrificing audacity for it; all i found was that I died much quicker and the creeps didn't die much faster.

    My strategy is now to go as much tactical mitigation / morale as possible without sacrificing too much Might for healing. In my experience the best I can do as a cappy now is sprout as much power as possible, kill defiler flies, put slows/debuffs and heal/buff my group. Considerable morale also helps absorb some damage, whether it be from in harms way or harassing the creeps to leave your healers alone. Oh and (here's the real shocker) now I use a shield.

    I've seen quite a few other captains on my server go on the same or a similar path, particularly with the whole sword and board thing.
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    If you can control your herald without losing control of your movement go 5 red with loyalty, strength from within and relentless optimism, otherwise take ToT. (in other words BB macros) Go full command set with loyalty gloves unless you need the extra outgoing healing for a group. Let the 10% incoming dmg do the work for you. 10% pure incoming is much better than 10% more outgoing.

    There are a few posts in this thread that will tell you how I build. You can get 900+ morale off one muster courage tick in this build, even got 2600 morale in 1 muster courage round. It is strong but you have to have the movement coordination to back it up.

    This build works great for healing groups too because when you are focused you can switch to an identical 1hand sword and board and be a heal tank. All that incoming healing bonus will make you very hard to take down, assuming you have a true healer with you. *(obviously different traits for healing a group)

    Wargs shouldn't be a problem in that build, the archer will beat the bubble kite. You can beat some reavers, but if they go all out on you it won't hold. I have beaten up to and including R11 reavers in ROR with it, but I can't beat the the cooldown heros until we get some new equipment. As long as you have cover BAs are the same as in ROI. Still working on spiders. All this still requires absolute control of your movement and heavy gearing. It's despite the captain rather than because of him and you have to have the right herald up for the job with blade brother hot swap macros.
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