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    Quote Originally Posted by Radhruin_EU View Post
    You need to get out more

    Funny you should say that because I posted this thread on the Vampire Counts forum and that was the general consensus of opinion about you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcidas View Post

    Funny you should say that because I posted this thread on the Vampire Counts forum and that was the general consensus of opinion about you.
    What's funny is that you ran off to a forum even nerdier than this one to look for people to agree with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radhruin_EU View Post
    What I was getting at was that I don't think the LOTR movies (still less this latest one) are anything to be on the top of anyone's 'best movies ever' list. Not even if it were best fantasy movies ever, because (as one example) I think Pan's Labyrinth is hands down a better movie.

    If someone said they thought LOTR was the best book ever, then likewise I'd suggest to them that they could do with reading an awful lot more widely. I wouldn't even call it the best fantasy novel, because personally I think there's better (Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast, for one).
    I nearly fell out of my chair. And it has arm rests...

    Radhruin...the Tolkien scholar... I never thought I'd see the day.
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    Finally did see the movie and it was entertaining, though every time I saw Azog I could not help picturing the scene from Soapdish.

    "I looked it up..[snip]....He was decapitated! Do you know what that means? He doesn't have a head! How can I write for someone who doesn't have a head?!?"
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    I personally loved the Hobbit movie!

    Yes, I've read the book--and am currently re-reading it--and I've read the appendices and the Silmarillion, and while I haven't read the 12 volumes of the histories, I've skimmed them and did a lot of searching on Tolkien lore, so yes, I am quite aware of what was changed. But I liked some of the changes, and the others I can live with.

    I loved the movie and the storyline in the movie for what it is. I told a friend of mine it's like giving PJ and Tolkien both an identical set of leggos--Tolkien builds this nice pretty English-style cottage, while Jackson builds a modern day high rise They both have the same pieces--party at Bilbo's, captured by Trolls, visit the elves, see the stone giants, get caught by the goblin king, Bilbo's riddle showdown with Gollum and finding the ring--but they weave these elements together entirely differently and build two different stories out of it. I simply take the movie and consider it as an alternate universe of a "what if this happened" type of story. And perhaps I find that easy to do because I read a lot of fan fiction in different fandoms, where there are tons of alternate universes, alternate story lines, and whatever. I enjoy stories that stick faithfully to canon, and I enjoy stories that explore the what ifs of the world. So I look at the movie as an alternate universe--the movie and the book are separate in my mind, though of course, whatever background in the books that goes unmentioned in the movies still applies. Yes, I do tend to lean more to book canon, but I'm more easy-going when it comes to how rigid one must stick with it for me to enjoy the story. Some people, though, prefer to be strictly in keeping with Tolkien, and that's okay--we all enjoy different things!

    So yes, I dearly loved the movies--all of them; they were what got me interested in Tolkien. The music is fantastic and Howard Shore richly deserved every award he won for it. Do I agree or even like everything that Jackson changed? No, of course not--I know I'm not in the minority when it comes to Faramir's movie portrayal, and as for the Hobbit, I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how Gandalf got the key and the map if he didn't sneak into Dol Guldur or why the White Council doesn't know that the Necromancer is Sauron in the movie but that they had known it for well over 100 years by this point in the appendices of ROTK--but there are some things I do like better than the book--yes, gasp if you want and call me a heretic; I can take it

    But to each his own--there will never be a book, movie, tv show, whatever that will please all the people all the time. I personally liked the Hobbit movie and was pleasantly surprised, because I was very afraid of what Jackson would do. Some things he changed I liked, some things I didn't, some I understand and others I roll my eyes at, but over all I really enjoyed the movie and will be going to see it again very soon. And personally--and this is my own opinion and nothing more--I liked the movie Thorin much better than book Thorin!

    But hey, I'm no Tolkien canon expert nor would I consider myself a hard-core fan (though my family thinks I'm a fanatic), so I'm certainly not up for debating the deep philosophical issues that have arisen between the book and movie--I'm just a simple nerd who enjoyed herself thoroughly with all the movies and does rate them as my favorite movies of all time, and unless Jackson does an about face in the next two Hobbit movies, I think I'll end up loving them just as much as I did the first trilogy. If not, then I'll just take the parts I liked, meld them with the parts of the book I liked, and weave my own alternate universe where I can live quite happily in fan fiction

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    Fran Walsh... (Spoiloer)

    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBeard View Post
    Don't blame PJ, blame Fran Walsh. She seem have a love for messing up the story(like taking the ring to Osgiliath)
    I agree, Fran Walsh is an idiot, and PJ is an idiot for thinking her ideas are anything but idiotic. Yeah, they did a number on LoTR, but I could pretty much excuse them because it's really not possible to make a completely accurate movie adaptation. However, The Hobbit is another story altogether. No pun intended... Bringing a villain back from the dead?!? That's just absurd! But I noticed a LOT of changes to the story that were unnecessary. Was Tolkien's story really THAT bad, PJ and FW???
    I will say this, though; the best thing about The Hobbit movie is the acting, especially Bilbo and Gandalf. I also appreciated that they did include a couple of songs from the book. That was cool. All in all, it's a good movie, if you can forget it's supposed to be based on a better book.


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