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Thread: WTB Drakkarmyst

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    I can still remember drakks last words to me and guido in vent *sniff* btw zub do you still like me xD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cardal View Post
    Negative, I dont stat glitch in moors. I healed him to tag some easy points.
    Semantics. You participated and tacitly approved of the action. You may not of glitched yourself, but you made someone who was already far too difficult to kill nearly impossible to kill.
    Lythiea of Dwarrowdelf, Member of Asylum - R8 85 RK
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thaelon View Post
    Thirdly, I can ascribe any term I desire to your kin's officers. Lythiea proved enough to me in the ridiculously short time I had in Ceaseless to show just how poor some of your officer's form is. Now I can't ascribe this to every one of your officers, but I certainly can to some of them.
    You talking about poor form? (Insert willy wonka/scumbag steve meme)

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    Reforged > All

    Ceaseless > All

    >Insert kinships name here< > all

    Blah blah, why do you guys seriously have issues in life to keep talking over a thread that was an apology thread jeez /: And you all say I have issues and &&&& lol.

    Who cares? And do you see why im not really full of &&&&, I dont go insulting other people's how they play, I never really did, I might dislike it, and say that sure, but I never call them freaking failures, your the reason this kinship fails blah blah, &&&& lol.

    For lythiea for one, Is a great healer, Personal she cant lead :P she always hands me lead no offence chicka, but anyways point being, Officers if they arent suppose to be? What's the point not yourself, Officers dont make a kinship a kinship.

    Players make the kinship, You cant run things without the members of a group or kin, I'm leader of reforged, and I dont go yapping im leader, unless Im asked, and I Rarely ever use that excuse to get around people, or get them to do things in my kin.

    So what They all do in there kin keep it there, Dont go saying this kin did this and this and this, Your right when I did complain a lot or QQ whatever you immature guys want to call it, But in general grow up and LEVEL PVP FORUMS TO REAL PVP, And talk. I log on here to see what's going on and all I see is whining, why I stopped posting whines, because I was wrong myself to do so, but dang, this seriously has gone on long enough, Move on to a different game or get on with it and just kill each other in pvp.

    All I ever here from everyone is, This person this, and trying to justify the means of wrong and right. Two wrongs dont make a right.
    "Long, Thick and Sharp, From the shadows, I'll stick you from behind, deep and bloody, Mmmm the joy of pleasure..."

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    please come back drakky.


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