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    Help! Need advice!

    Hi everyone,
    I am currently decorating my kin house and I would like to turn it into an 'inn' sort of style but I can't find any suitable items in for the 'reception room'. Any Ideas or thoughts?

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    As my kin is currently toying and working around with this idea (actively decorating an old member's kinhouse) I would be glad to help.

    First, do you want the reception area to be more formal or informal? A desk (likely a credenza standing in for one) would work for a front counter, and if I recall sits in the perfect spot for guests to move into and still have plenty of room to move around to either side. Pick furniture to match. As the only thing that I believe suits is the Hytbold credenza, Rohan items would work. A few shelves and maybe a tapestry (or paintings and the Gondorian Knight and Starts tapestry). If you don't wish to use tokens buying these items, then perhaps a Long Academic's Table (Bree-Land homesteads).

    Whatever you pick, make sure it matches the colors and feel of the whole inn. Don't have the room be off tones and mismatched ideas trying to make it work, and if the formality of a reception area doesn't work, something informal like a table, some candlestands, and a few bookcases can stand in or even fit your purpose.

    I hope this helps!

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    Formal or informal

    I think I would want the inn to be a 'formal' inn of men is there any specific housing items you can request?

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    A great help is the lotro wiki's decoration section, so you can coordinante where you get things and how to get them. Be advised some items are not as large as they may appear (mostly the dwarf tables and the round table). If you have a certain set of decorations already in place, I suggest matching decorations and appearances. If it's a formal inn for Men then a lot of the Man housing items will work. Most of these are available in and around the Bree-land Homesteads, or craftable.

    Here's a complete list of all decorations for your convenience.


    I hope the inn turns out spectacularly. I'd be glad to roll an alt (if you're not on Imladris) and come check it out myself. Happy decorating.
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