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    Veteran PvMP players.

    Are there any left on this server?

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    what do u consider to be veteran
    Freeps "The Company"
    Creeps "Panty Raid"

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    If they are, they're probably too busy slitting their wrists, up the highway and not across, because they're still trying to level past 75 after 1.5yrs.

    Oh, I'm sorry, what was the question?

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    Not many left, many transferred off, many others quit the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bennyw2784 View Post
    Not many left, many transferred off, many others quit the game.
    Okay but you can transfer back now.

    We might actually be able to put together a raiding kin that PvMP as well! MAYBE!?
    Brittain. Fidel. KimJongIl.

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    Herm... Idk... I iz vet meybeh? I haz bow... >
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