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    Heroic Mythicman part I

    A day in the life of heroic Mythicman :
    Or “How I learned to love NPCs and pwn like da boss”

    Well..what time is it, 1pm. Hmm, only the greenies will be out on the Moors right now. It would be a good time to get a raid going and turn their map blue and slaughter the n00bs before the higher ranked Creeps come out..hehehe, rubs his Judge Dredd like chin (its really more like Beakers from the Muppet Show..Ed.).

    1.30pm: Well we flipped all 4 Ops and took TR and Lugz. He calls out over Vent “Lets all go to EC and farm the dumbos that come to us”. Mythicman and 17 others in his raid move out. Mythicman plants himself right in the middle of them all..safer there when moving..yes safer there. Wait, one of our 6 Minis is AFK in Lugz..beads of sweat begin to glisten on his forehead..anxiety begins to build as he travels further away from his NPCs in Lugz on his way down to the safety of his NPCs in EC. Wait..was that movement in front, there near a stone troll!

    He pulls his horse up to a halt. Orders 10 of his raid to go have a look..it could be a trap. He orders the remaining 4 Minis and 3 Cappies to stay back with him, so he can protect them. The Minis he’s told to stay back with him are ordered to stay in Harmony and only to focus heal his target assist. He presses his F1 key to target himself. The 4 Minis look to each other with raised eyebrows. They are new to his raid.

    The 3 Cappies are seasoned members of his raid and appear not surprised at all by his command. Mythicman thinks to himself, surely they don’t have any high ranks out yet, looks at his watch..hmm, the lil hand is at 1 and the big hand is at 32, it’s 32 past 1, should still be safe shouldn’t it. The 10 he sent ahead (4 Minis, 2 Cappies and 4 RKs) yell over Vent “it’s a rank 2 Reaver”. Mythicman feels the surge of a heroic pending deed coming on. He gathers up the rest of his raid and tells them to charge ”kill the Reaver”.


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    I found this and love it!!
    But I still need more.



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