I've been trying to get a group together to do The Darkness Within for a couple of days, sadly it appears that few people want to do Fornost instances, or maybe I'm just not on at the right time.

If anyone would like to join my toon Catharod today or tomorrow (Saturday/Sunday) to do this quest, please message Catharod in game, or ask for someone from kinship Black Dog in GLFF if I'm not on that alt. The quest reward is Ríangol cloak. This quest is lvl 42, available from Esteldin, talk to Halbarad in his study.

It is currently 00:30 AM server time, I am likely to be around for about 6 hours on and off.

We could possibly also do A Collar for the King while we're there, if you like, this is killing Krithmog. This is lvl 40 and has some decent rewards to choose from. You have to get a collar drop from one of the wargs East of Esteldin to trigger this quest, then go to Amarion at Amon Raith.