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    Question Housing and alts

    Hi all, I just wanted to get clarification on this to make sure I'm not missing anything. Years ago I bought a elf house and added decorations with my then-main character. Since then I've shelved that character and now have a new main (Khalazad). I've given him full access but he is unable to change any of the decorations or add any new ones. I have a bunch of decorations taking up space in Khal's vault, but I can't do anything with them - because they're bound to him, I can't put them in my house's chest or mail them.

    So I'm wondering if there is a a way to allow my non-house owners to edit decorations, or if this isn't possible. I'm actually at the point where I feel like I should buy a new house for my current main and get rid of the old one, but I don't want to lose the decorations I already have in the current house. I know that they will go into escrow, but can I leave them there indefinitely? I'm assuming I can't use the old decorations since they're bound to my old main character.

    Hope this makes sense, thanks for reading.

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    If your alts are with the same account all should have access to everything, If it is a different account then you will need to log on to the house owner and give permissions to the other alts. As for escrow i believe they give you 2 weeks to reclaim the house items and chest items, bound to character items will be in escrow on those toons the items are bound to.

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    I have logged a bug report about this - experienceing the same problem - NONE of my characters can alter ANY house decorations. I actually decorated about 6 months ago and have been unable to change decs ever since



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