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Thread: Lotr is Magic

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    The crossovers never stop. never.

    This guy did this art in just 5 hours, thats pretty incredible.

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    EDIT: Took out a picture for future use if needed
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    Have a lyra

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    Grats on three pages, Itty. The love, tolerance, and sheer awesomeness of this thread are outstanding. Gonna contribute a little fan-made song that I enjoyed:

    Keep on ponying!

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    awesome PMV

    I really like that song Akban, love Aviator's music!

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    "...Twilight is the all around best pony"
    ~Pinkie Pie

    3 pages woop woop! Time to continue, starting with a trailer for starcraft 2, ponified of course and then... Pinkie...and Heavy.

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    Was going to do a giant text wall post, but thought this sums up everything I was going to say.

    Happy New Year!

    You should join the fun.

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    Today I bring you not videos nor mainstream digital art or drawings or music (though any of the previous would be awesome anyways) But graffiti art done by one heck of an awesome graffiti artist to the scale of where you would call "BS that's photo shopped." well its not and he's got the pics to prove it, even a video with his newest one! You can find more of his art here!

    and his newest one which he had 2 other graffiti artists help him out with

    and a video to go with it:

    Keep on rockin Shinoda
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    Because we all need a little "WUT" in our lives.

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    Daring Do

    Out of Freaking Nowhere.

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    Greatest game play commentators ever.

    More video commentaries on his channel.

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    Disclaimer: Following video's have strong language.


    And a bonus

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    you know you missed the comics:

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    Another Hobbit Crossover!

    And a Random Crossover +10 points to the person that knows the game:

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    Twilight's book fort, what a wonderful place...


    Winter Wrap Up done right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derpon View Post



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    Not in a mood to post a ton of stuff today, but there can never be enough Twilight Sparkle, so here you go

    oh and a video:

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    Toby Mac and Pony pmv, and I thought it couldn't get any better.

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    Found more lotr content hurray! and as always, have some pony, Octavia to be exact.

    must be great having elf eyes

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    Some people wonder if I will ever run out of content for this forum, my response: BWAHAHAHAHAHA never. now have some gifs

    Derpy being.... Derpy

    Super Sayan Activiate:

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    and a hint for something that will be coming up later involving one of our friends here:

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    lol this gif... I still hate Trixie though.


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