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Thread: Lotr is Magic

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    Simply because, I can:

    Merry Christmas

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    Inside jokes are the best jokes, sorry everyone else you just wont get em

    but dont worry I didn't forget about Christmas so here's some music:

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    Itty what have you become!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The one the only Sletho

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kargerz View Post
    Itty what have you become!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this ain't no early 2000's version of the show lol give it a shot

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    In these next few days Ill be posting for those that are still confused about...this... my take on the show, the pros the cons and just how expansive the fandom is with this show and how talented they are. I'll be giving my opinion out the merchandise that is sold for it, fan made things for it, the fandom itself and of course the show.

    Others are encouraged to do so as well if they like the show too

    or even if you don't watch the show

    random video about physics to make you smarter:

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    Ok time to kick this off, I'm gonna start by explaining the characters because things may seem confusing if one doesn't know the characters first, each character will get their own post and I'll go in alphabetical order so that means Applejack is first:

    Applejack works on Sweet Apple Acres, (her farm and home) and is the honest and the supportive one of the six, she has strong ties to her family and always wants everyone else to be happy. Her strengths in the show are common sense and is always helping those that need her. Applejack is quite athletic and competitive at times and one of her weaknesses is that she is very proud and hates to disappoint anyone, if she feels like she let someone down then her world crumbles before her.

    Everything in this show isn't about rainbows and happiness everywhere, no, this show can be very grim at times and it has its dark corners if you look into it. Multiple characters on the show are orphans because their parents died when they were infants (or foals if we're trying to be correct here) and Ill get to those characters in a later post. But Applejack is indeed one of those characters, she's very close to her Granny and wants to please her sense she doesn't know how much longer she has with her either.

    But leaving that darker corner of Applejack, she has family all over the land in different cities and towns working the apple business selling apples though some of the family have left the business to pursue their own dreams.

    My Opinion of Applejack:
    I myself can relate to Applejack, I have family everywhere and always want to make sure those around me are happy. My family, at least some of them, are hardcore Southern so normally I could careless for characters with a Southern accent and Southern values, but Applejack has been an exception to that.

    Her Southern accent is likable to me and I realize that Southern values ARE good values and should be taught to people, plus its always nice to see characters with great relationships with their families. Plus I love it when ever she shoots down a stupid idea with common sense.

    What I don't really like about Applejack though is its hard to build on a character that is the supportive role in the group, because they're reliable they can't have very many faults or else that would ruin the reliability but the writers have done great stuff with her character and have managed to build on her so I can't really complain, all in all an awesome character

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    abcdef.. f, F! Fluttershy alright then!

    The picture basically explains her perfectly, Fluttershy is... shy. She lives on the edge of the Everfree forest in a cabin where she takes care of animals. Fluttershy is the kindest of the six and is very soft spoken, she is very shy around others even around her friends sometimes but can be herself when she's around animals.

    Her strengths in the show are...well... ok she doesn't have a lot of strengths BUT don't count her out. She can become very brave and intimidating when her friends are threatened or are endangered and she is very protective almost overly protective of her animal friends.

    Her weaknesses, or rather weakness of shyness can make her a push over a lot of times and she's unable to get a say so in group chats. Fluttershy is a Pegasus pony meaning she has wings and can fly, although a lot of the time she doesn't use them because she seems to be afraid of heights (go figure) or just forgets about them.

    Fluttershy has her moments though, if she can't get her way things can go South, and quickly, she will go all out psycho and sure is quite the eye opener lol.

    Nothing has really been mentioned of Fluttershy's family but she treats her animal friends much like family which would explain the over-protectiveness of them.

    My Opinion of Fluttershy:
    Fluttershy to me is a character you need in a show like this. It's very interesting to watch someone like Fluttershy, someone who is shy and timid, interact with a character like Rainbow Dash, who is very brash and assertive, it can have some interesting results. Other characters will try to help Fluttershy with her shyness trying to make her more assertive which most of the time won't work or will go to extremes. To me the shyness can be played off a little to much but hey it can make her hilarious at times because of it, that's just great writing. Yet another great character.

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    Next up, the polar opposite of Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie. Giant Picture Edition.

    Pinkie Pie lives at Sugar Cube Corner (a bakery shop) and also works there. Pinkie Pie is the definition of hyper. In her world everything is perfect, happy, and fun. She is the life of the party, and is quite hilarious at times with her comical acts or the random things she does or says. Which I'm sure we all have at least one friend like that, if not, you need one.

    Her strengths are that she is very outgoing and is always looking at the positive on situations. She knows everyone in Ponyville and never lets anything get her down. Because of this, she can be a light of hope in bad situations and is always there to cheer someone up if they need it.

    an added bonus to Pinkie is that unlike any of the other characters of the show Pinkie is constantly breaking the forth wall and physics which is always funny to watch happen.

    Now I know I said nothing gets her down but Pinkie has a big fear of the unknown and hates to feel abandoned, if that happens then she will become insane and depressed a side of her that's named Pinkamena, she will become very confronting and confusing, angry and the cheer is gone it like freakin oh &&&& this girl is about to murder someone level of crazyness and depression.

    Pinkie is also another character that I mentioned earlier that is an orphan she worked on a Rock Farm for her childhood life with her two sisters which I'm guessing she left behind sense we haven't seen them ever since.

    My Opinion of Pinkie Pie:
    When I was first introduced to Pinkie, and one of the first things she does is sing, I had a strong feeling I wasn't going to like her and that I would find her annoying with her songs. what really happened was quite the contrary. As episodes went on I found that Pinkie was hilarious and her songs are really well done and I don't find then annoying at all anymore. Any episode with Pinkie in it you know will be a good episode. Plus she's the only character that takes cartoon physics onto the level cartoon physics should be which you just don't get in any cartoons anymore. Pinkie Pie, funny, cheerful, friendly, random, great character.

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    So next up we have Rainbow Dash:

    Rainbow Dash is bold and brash, she lives in the clouds among ponyville and as a Pegasus it is her job to keep the skies clear and to help control the weather. Rainbow is always pushing her limits to get another thrill and hopes to one day aspire to become a Wonderbolt (equivalent to the Blue Angels Thunderbirds are better) so that she can perform for the world and show off her tricks.

    Her strengths in the show include being confident and loyal. sometimes though her confidence can backfire on her making her seem a little bit of a jerk at times but she means well. Plus she makes everything 20% cooler.

    Her weakness is like I previously stated her over confidence and can be a little self absorbed at times but is usually quickly corrected by one of her friends to be more considerate.

    giant picture activate

    So far nothing has been mentioned of Rainbow Dash's family but she is loyal to her friends and if she ever feels like she let them down, she goes down hill. Or she may lack confidence in her own abilities causing her to break down as well.

    My Opinion of Rainbow Dash:
    I liked Rainbow Dash from the start, her tom boyish personality and raspy voice just made her an interesting character right off the bat. RD can be a jerk sometimes but hey its RD, she has the attitude of nothing is going to get in my way of where I want to be. Rainbow Dash is loyal, confident, awesome and a great character.

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    Moving right along we have the elegant Rarity:

    Now this is what most people would expect from a show like this, a girly pony that's into fashion and people would drop it there and say no thank you.

    Well Rarity is an exception, you see rather then fretting on which dress is better (or idk what girls think when they look at dresses lol) Rarity is in the fashion BUSINESS, she's more concerned with deadlines and and stressed with work then the actual dress part of it. That out of the way, Rarity is a unicorn pony and she lives and works at the Carousel Boutique. She has the sophisticated stature of being 'lady like' and her voice shows that from the start.

    Her strengths in the show is to always be proper and generous helping out her friends whenever she can and to teach her other friends (mainly her polar opposite Applejack) to be more careful and pay attention when doing something, rather then being focused on just getting it done.

    Her weakness is jealousy, she can be quite selfish at times and wants the attention on her. She hopes to one day be a famous designer in the fashion business in Canterlot (capitol of Equestria all names must be puns) and can sometimes be blinded with becoming famous over what is really important to her personally.

    Rarity has a Father and Mother and she has a little sister named Sweetie Bell who is also a unicorn but have yet to see any magic from but I may get to her among other side characters in a later post. Rarity can have drama queen breakdowns but those are pretty common, she begins to stress out when she takes on too much work and begins to realize that she did.

    My Opinion of Rarity:
    When I was introduced to Rarity, I did not like her, not at all, I almost wanted to mute the video every time she talked. but as episodes went on and I watched her character more, like Pinkie, Rarity has become an awesome character in my book for her personality and how she will interact with those around her, plus how could you not like that sophisticated accent? Plus she reminds me of my sister at times which makes her relatable. Rarity great and interesting character!

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    FINALLY THE BEST PONY: TWILIGHT SPARKLE I hope this post won't seem bias in anyway...

    I guess you can say I left the best for last, but here we go!

    Twilight is a unicorn pony who's original roots are in Canterlot (capitol of Equestria) a book worm and loves to study, learn, and expand on what she already knows. She's sent to live in ponyville to make friends seeing how she has none and she had much protest against it but did so anyways since it was an order from the Princess herself. So Twilight lives in a (literal) tree house that was originally a library so she can continue her studies. She is also the owner of Spike who is basically her servant but I'll get to side characters later.

    Twilight's strengths in the show is that she never loses hope, she believes in her abilities and is always rational and level-headed. She uses her wits to solve problems and because of her the previous 5 ponies I've talked about become friends as well, who may have never even met before Twilight came along. She keeps everyone sane (most of the time) and gives advice to those that need it.

    Her weakness is doubt. Twilight knows a lot of magic but still doubts herself when she's required to push her limits and she wants to make a good impression on those she meets.

    Don't let looks fool you, under that controlled mind lies a psycho. If it comes to a point where Twilight is unable to solve a problem, she will go ballistic again reaching the "holy &&&& she's about to murder someone" level that pinkie takes it to.

    plus as it goes in the fandom Twilight is adorkable, Twilight has 1 brother, a mother and father she also treats Spike in a motherly way. I'll get to side characters later.

    My Opinion of Twilight:


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    Feel free to post your own opinions of each character as well

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    Had to be posted; sent me lol'ing:

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    I would like to take this chance to publicly thank Itty for that friggin awesome group the other day. It had beats, and it was amazing!

    Find me on Steam and ESO, same name.

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    Any time Erlessa
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    Something quick because I'm very busy:

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    You all thought the same thing and you know it.

    ponies and lotr is best crossover

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    The lolz were high on that one.

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    King Sombra Edition

    yes I'm posting about this again, because I can:

    and Sombra again to end it off:

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    Music Edition!

    and some hardcore dubstep
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    Take A Look At My Magic Pony


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    Quote Originally Posted by bonefish101 View Post


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    1 month of lotr and pony and forever longer.

    Bond and pone. Greatness


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