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    The Travelling Dwarven Market Is Coming to Bree!

    Once again, the Dwarves of Ered Luin have been busy at the forges high up in the mountains. And so, once again, a long caravan departs from the cold, snowy reaches of the Blue Mountains, bearing all manner of crafted goods bound for the markets of Bree!

    A SPECIAL NOTE:The market has changed date and time every month, as you can see on the flyer above. We hope that new the time will allow us to better help out our fellow Crickhollow players. As mentioned on the flyer, the new date/time of each month's market will be the third Saturday of every month, starting at 9pm Eastern Time.

    For those FtP players (who cannot conduct TRADE with in-game currency) or for those finding themselves a bit short of coin, Durin's Folk will, as always, accept all manner of goods in lieu of monies for any of our crafted goods. So if you have a stack of light hides, ores, or just about anything else, bring it along and we will treat those items at their sale value to an in-game vendor!

    And most importantly, if there should be any wayward dwarves out ther who have yet to find brotherhood in a kinship, please feel free to stop by and chat - we are always looking for new kinsmen to fill our ranks!

    See everyone there!
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    Greetings Lord Nuri. It has been a while hasn't it? I am looking to return to the folk of Durin very soon if all goes well. I was just wanting to notify you and if there is anything I need to know or If you have any problems with anything of this matter you are welcome to message me, Thank you and I hope to see you in the coming future.



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