Due to recent events, several things have come to my attention, and in return brings back several memories. Many people accuse a certain person of cheating with a certain glitch. While this may or may not be true, I find it increasingly funny because some of these people that are calling them "cheater" "fail" ect have in fact cheated themselves.

Remember when the fury pot was bugged for creepside? 1 minute cc immunity. This was an exploit, and many creeps used it all of the time. The same creeps who are accusing people of cheating and calling them fail because of it. Not to mention all of the OTHER people who are going after these guys for cheating, when I don't ever remember seeing the amount of qq and hate towards the creeps for using the fury exploit.

Some of you will argue that the stat glitch =/= fury pot bug. While this is true stat wise, the fact of the matter is is that they are both exploits. The hypocrisy of people calling out certain people and making a huge deal over stat glitching, while the exact same people used the fury exploit and others never griefed the offenders over the fury pot bug.

I'm wondering why these people are so upset over it when they used exploits themselves.
I'm wondering why the same people who didnt grief creeps exploiting the fury pot are now griefing the people supposedly exploiting stats.

Its disgusting.

So please, explain this double standard.

Also, while I was writing this, I found me a half full bag of chips. So now I will go to bed happy knowing that I was able to eat a yummy bag of cheddar and sourcream ruffles.