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    Question What is wrong with RoR?

    I have not played the game ever since Riders of Rohan came out because of the many problems when it was launched. Some of the problems i had experienced included the chat server not being available, friends list disappearing, things like that. So being me, i decided to wait and see if Turbine would fix all this stuff. So here I am a month later and all of those problems are still there for me. So I'm thinking, "Maybe i should uninstall the game and then install it again". But that takes a long time, so i wanted to make sure if there is not any other way i could fix these problems. Are they already fixed and i have to reinstall it, or should i just wait?

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    All the problems they had at launch are fixed. The friends list glitch was fixed quickly. The only problem as of right now they have had is, 4 of the hytbold dailies were taken down because they are not working as intended. People were summoning lower level in them and power leveling them. But thats about it.

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    I know one of my kinmates continued to have chat & friends list issues even after they where fixed. He had to contact Turbine and they had him modify a file.

    I found a post where someone discusses what they did

    Bloodredruby(1 month ago)
    Hi i had problems with that myself im not sure what system u run on but you could always try the fix i did. Go to My Documents > Lord of the Ring files > User Preferences > (this should bring up a notepad containing a whole bunch of words.. Look for [Net] and change it from what it is currently set on to

    that fixed mine but then again idk what system u run can always try it



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