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    Khans of the Ancient Oath Sworn (KAOS)

    KAOS is now recruiting! All classes, level 75+*, of mature, like-minded players.

    Looking to have fun and be in a more relaxed raiding environment? KAOS is an excellent option. No prior (on or off game) raiding experience is required, we're simply looking for folks who have an eagerness to learn, an open mind, and great attitude. Our raids are generally run in the evenings around 5 or 6pm PST and once the new and upgraded instances roll out, we'll be working out a solid schedule for our group that works for as many people as possible.

    Please note that KAOS is no longer being run as a PUG. We are looking for fun, reliable, and zealous players to not only join us for raiding, but join the KAOS family.

    If you have questions, comments, or are interested in joining us, please contact Aktaie (also: Bluet or Thoiwen) via tell or in game mail. You can also contact Chuckorn/Voalden, Sarnel/Irialeth, or Chellewyn/Olli.

    * Send me a tell or in game mail if you're of any other level and interested in joining. The focus is more on raiding, so the leveling environment won't necessarily be ideal for running content with on level folks.
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    Hi all!

    So with Update 9 coming out Soon™, we're beginning to run the Mirkwood instances as refreshers. While we're recruiting all classes, we're really looking to boost our numbers in guardians, minstrels, burglars, and lore-masters. As always, shoot Aktaie a tell or mail in game if you have any questions or are interested in joining the KAOS family.

    Happy Hunting!

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    Bump for the New Year!

    Hope everyone had safe and fun holidays!

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    I've been slacking... bump!

    Recruiting all levels, classes, and experience. Look for Aktaie, Bluet, or Thoiwen in game for details, questions, or if you're interested in an invite.

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    Sigh. I had a more well thought out post, but the site logged me out on it's own while I was typing it :/

    Anyway, quick and simple:

    People seem to have a misconception and misunderstanding of our looting system. In the situations where the new system is not in place (and in the past) we run with Master Looter. Once loot is linked, everyone rolls once and it goes top to bottom and then bottom (with two selections at the bottom) to top until all the loot is passed out. It's simple and effective. It prevents ninja looting/rolls on items and it ensures that everyone who put the time and effort into the run walk away with something other than a repair bill. We do not run with a DKP system and that will never change.

    Hope this clarifies for the people who were unsure or heard things differently.

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    We seek people that are willing to do simple things:
    1. Show up and continue to show up every week - there exist crawl, walk, and run stages to content
    2. Develop your character
    3. Know/learn your character
    4. Know/learn how to recover from an "oh shart" moment
    5. Develop your grouping skills
    6. Learn the content (I know we're doing well when others drive the raid and others are on top of clearing effects, calling eyes, puddles, over heals, etc.)
    7. Challenge yourself
    8. When we wipe [and we will wipe] accept and be willing to offer criticism/feedback about what happened and how to do it differently next time
    9. Be open to advice it is being offered based on hard earned experience: if you get the "you're not ready to raid, please go do A, B, and C then come back to us" speech then there is a reason please put in the effort (One of my early raiding kin experiences involved not being told about DN's Mistress of Pestilence being immune to common damage until I was standing in front of her.....)
    10. Follow instructions
    11. Act with integrity and honor (I look to Chelle, Cor and Bele as examples)
    12. Stand with us, not on the fence, and definitely not with those that are trolls or idiots
    14. Your fellow raiders are here to support you and you are here to support them (Last night I gave Thangori a lvl 85 2nd Age symbol, I gave away ~9 Draigoch scales this past year to random people and Blue donated 3 to the KAOS Death Run, Iria gave me a symbol for a star lit or vice versa)

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    If you're considering joining, but unsure about making that first leap, talk to myself or Chuckorn about getting in on a KAOS run. We'll do what we can to help ya out and get ya involved in our next run (be it a raid, skirm, or even a 6 man like Foundry).

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    *Bump bump*

    We'll be available tonight from 5 PM PST onward to chat with interested parties. You can ask for us in glff, use the search function in your social panel, or regional channels such as Isengard and Rohan to find Vaalyn, Chelle, Cor, Blue, Iria, or myself Chuck.

    Note: We have fairly decent alliances with some kinships and several dedicated individuals.

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    Just a friendly bump. We, like others out there, are looking for a few good people.

    As a reminder everyone Ost Dunhoth is, like Barad Guldur, going to be scaled so now is a good opportunity to get in there and take a look at the content. There are still skirmish raids, deeds (yes That evil grind) and other things to do as part of tweaking your characters for raiding on level content. Feel free to look us up in game from 6 PM EST onward.

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    Happy Spring, 'Stoners!

    I'm pleased to announce that KAOS has a new division! Our new Hobbit Warden squad has hit Middle Earth! We are Little Rascals, lead onward to death and glory by Darlah (better known as Mcleoud or Chellewyn).

    If you have questions or are interested, feel free to reach out to any of us KAOS folks (or if ya see someone on in Little Rascals).

    Shouting, spear-wielding Hobbits... Unite!

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    May 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by xxforcardassia View Post
    Shouting, spear-wielding Hobbits... Unite!

    The best of both worlds, Hobbits and Wardens

    Send a tell or mail to any of the characters in my signature or to Woim if anyone has any questions.

    [I][SIZE=4][COLOR="#008000"]Guardian of the Free Peoples & Bree Land Brewing Company[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I]

    [I]Dobraine[/I] - [B]Warden[/B] l [I]Dobriana[/I] -[B] Rune Keeper[/B]
    [I]Dobrion[/I] - [B]Burglar[/B] l [I] Dobralia [/I]- [B]Minstrel
    [/B][I]Shiona[/I] -[B] Lore Master [/B] l [I]Dobriel [/I]- [B]Captain[/B]
    [I]Cruxius[/I] - [B]Guardian[/B] l [I]Nephilym[/I] - [B]Warden
    [/B][I]Arcamedes[/I] -[B] Rune Keeper[/B] l [I] Yukiri [/I]- [B]Hunter[/B][/CENTER]



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