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    Possible set combo

    I'm currently running 3 pieces Perserverance and 3 Dagor running LtC in my crit/cry build and for the content that is currently available there is no real reason to change it, but I was thinking of trying 3 Dagor and 3 Gallant Command. Has anyone tried this post RoR? Was thinking it may be more viable for on level raids like BG (when scaled) where you aren't getting defeat responses as often...thoughts and feedback appreciated.

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    Gallant Commander isn't a bad choice if you're planning to run BG in HoH, but I'd probably just run 5 Command (EM) for the Sure Strike debuff.
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    3 Dagor/3 Pers for red cap supporting.
    3 Pers/3 Draigoch for blue cap healing when lots of defeat events.
    Hytbold charge for mixed traits in a raid as the reveal mark cappy.
    Command in raid dps races.
    Hytbold healer for main healing something with not many defeat events available to get.
    Hytbold leader for tanking.
    3 Loyalty for rezzes.
    Tognir mot is still nice.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeets.

    And new BG set for nothing at all.
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    ToO armour has reasonable enough stats to keep using (pieces at least) despite being level 75. Gallant Commander does not.
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