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    Historian for Captains

    I made a Captain alt a while ago, currently completing deeds in Ered Luin and The Shire and now contemplating which crafting profession to take.

    At first I made him a Metalsmith because it seemed appropriate for a Captain. Then I realized that almost every quest awards an armor piece and the endgames are always about armor, crafted armor will be inferior.
    So I choose Historian. From the Scholar part I can make buff scrolls (fits the buffing role of Captains) and morale/power pots. From the Weaponsmith part I can make 2H weapons for myself.

    Now at first I thought, naturally I'll join the Scholar guild, but after thinking about it some more I wondered if that would really be the best choice? What does Scholar guild membership give me except better pots and maybe easier dyes (and legendary songbooks for my Mini main)?

    So should I join the Weaponsmith guild instead? At least then I can make legendary weapons for myself (and legendary weapons for my Mini). My main is a Tinker, so he can collect/process the ores.

    Basically which guild, Scholar or Weaponsmith, provides a higher benefit to Captains? It seems to me most (useful) Scholar things can be done without guild membership. Am I wrong?

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    Scholar's guild is just a convenience thing, to be honest. You don't get anything that's better than what you can make without the guild, you can just craft stuff in bulks for less mats. Go Weaponsmith, you can make some money selling off-hand weapons on top of the benefits of being able to craft your own LIs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gondolindhrim View Post
    Scholar's guild is just a convenience thing, to be honest. Go Weaponsmith, you can make some money selling off-hand weapons on top of the benefits of being able to craft your own LIs.
    Agreed. Scholar guild doesn't offer much unless you want to support your mini. Weaponsmith can support all your toons. Furthermore, being a scholar without the guild is fine - being a weaponsmith without the guild is pointless. You'll probably need a prospector though or buying all the ore you need could get expensive fast.

    Side note: My cappy is a metalsmith and it's convenient to be able to craft legendary emblems but his armor making is pretty much only for cosmetic reasons these days.

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    My captain is a Historian; I use the scholars guild but ideally I'd be weaponsmith guild. I combine My Runekeeper (jeweller) with Historian.

    Jeweller Historian

    Prospector = Weaponsmith
    Cook = Farmer
    Jeweller = Scholar

    Proespector funds the ore required for weaponsmith, the farming funds the crops for cooks; The jewellery gives edhelharn tokens, the Scholar gives scrolls, pots and captain tonics.

    Together you can equip full jewellery including pocket, all usable items that you could need and more. The weaponsmith will also provide legendary items.

    Of course this is only efficient when combined with jeweller, but when it is combined it's a fantastic combo. Alternatively you could go jeweller on your cappy and historian on another, but historian is better suited to equip captains than jeweller.
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