Greetings all,

Transferred over from another server to be in the Big E as it's more time-zone friendly (I'm an American living in Australia) and, as the title says, hoping to find a small(ish), friendly kin I can call home.

I've done the 3 pages of people online at any time kind of kin and felt lost in the numbers so really looking to avoid that. Just a small(ish) friendly group of people to enjoy the game with would be great.

My main on this server is a 72 champ and I've been in the moors with other toons on another server, but it was dead during the week because of time zone issues. Would like to some day return to the moors and see what it's like these days, but I'm not the moors junkie I used to be (mellowing as I get older I guess lol). So it doesn't matter if the kin doesn't do the moors.

Anyway, if you know of any kins that fit the small(ish), friendly bill, please let me know.

All the best,