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    Population of server

    Hi i used to play this server in the past and was just wandering if it was the most populated server for sort of EU peak times 6pm-2am GMT. Thanks alot!

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    Well there isn't much data available on log in times, but its pretty safe to assume the old EU servers are busier at EU peak times.

    What is available is the logins per week. 24% of logins onto old EU servers last week was onto Laurelin, while 23% were onto Snowbourne. However remember the Laurelin numbers will be skewed slightly (or quite a lot) by RPers, who may not be interested in the same thing you are.

    But the server certainly seems busy, with plenty of groups forming on globallff.
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    Laurelin seems to have a decent overall population (its certainly not low).
    It could be concidered however as the server with the most people who care for a more immersive experience/atmosphere, the story and setting of LotRO, rather than the typical gaming-type style trend one can easily see on most other realms.

    And as it is the only Official English-speaking RP server, it draws folk from many other realms. This is very often now, ever since Turbine took over, I think nearly two years ago, and it will always continue like that I reckon. More and more like-minded people will keep coming.

    ecause of all that was said above and how the community (especially the RP community) and the Official Roleplaying Rules and Policy have shaped up Laurelin from the very start, the way it is now that pleases notably a certain large crowd, this server is the finest choice imho (and I have played on quiet a few other too) for those who seek all that is mentioned in this post, thus to answer clearly to your question, it is a very good (I would actually say the most excellent from all other) and well populated server LotRO has to offer, for those reasons and aspects of the game mentioned in this post.


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    Because I am being lazy and feel another topic isn't needed...

    Do you mind if I ask here - as a new player who might be interested in joining the server - how the population distributes on Laurelin: which race has the most players and which has the least?
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    I would consider transferring here, if there weren't so many elves as there are on Landroval. I despise elves. <dwarf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Procrastinator View Post
    I would consider transferring here, if there weren't so many elves as there are on Landroval. I despise elves. <dwarf
    Oh ya could go weeks without seeing a single one, sire. Or ya could take a wrong turn and be surrounded by 'em. That choice is mostly up to ya i think.

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    Back in the Codemasters days Snowbourn reigned supreme, population-wise at least, nowadays it seems Laurelin has surpassed every other EU server. I started a few weeks ago and have never before seen an auction house as active as Laurelin's (well, Brandywine being an exception, that server is... huge²), never bumped into more than one or two fellow adventurers per zone whereas here I've met at least 5 different people while finishing up southern Barrow Downs. Global chat has fellowships being formed, raids regularly being formed.

    No sir, this ain't the small niche server it used to be. It's now boasting a healthy population. Whether it has affected RP (good or bad) I cannot say though.

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    The Laurelin server is in good health, both for rp and regular gameplay, the only thing which is dramatically dead is this forum... well, i prefer that than the opposite of course, but it's still sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taogan View Post
    The Laurelin server is in good health, both for rp and regular gameplay, the only thing which is dramatically dead is this forum... well, i prefer that than the opposite of course, but it's still sad.
    indeed. Laurelin is still very active. I have never seen so many things going on of events/RP in all the different corners on the server as I have now. The regulary weekly/bi-weekly events still going strong, and I have a feeling that many RP kins is growing and many starts to establish a name for themselfes. This is of course a great developemnt for those who does normal gameplay on Laurelin aswell. The server appear active and liiving.

    Although I agree that the forum is less active than it used to be
    As for debates and discussion around RP, there is other sub-forums on Lotro forum, that I notice a few laurelin-regulary-forum posters has moved too. I remember in earlier early days half of the forum posts were around RP/Lore debates on Laurelin forum on Codemasters, it seems to have vanished here. The same with those who do normal gameplay, they discuss someplace elses on other subforums.

    I also think there is another site that has caught many Roleplayers attention: Laurelin Archives.. Is after all why I am on Laurelin to RP; and I love to read the stories and get to know players characters, and see what is going on in the different Kins Icly. I also like the fact that noone can comment there. Is a little harder to point fingers, to disheart you, is a little harder to stand out more superior than others aswell. People are 'allowed' to be themselfes and because of that many dare to develope their RP and environment the way they want.
    Laurelin Archives is a source for Roleplayers the way it should be. Honestly I think it has has saved many potensial Roleplayers. People love to use their time there, and is a great inspiration source for many.

    I still visit this Laurelin forum though(as you can see ) to follow any events announced or try to welcome new players. or just answer general questions But as a Roleplayer, I have to say that Laurelin Archive is the site where I spend most of my time on.
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    Don't want to start a new thread, i'll ask here if you don't mind.
    I'm new to the game. Started on Eldar few days ago, but seems it has less population and there are no hobbit music bands
    I want to start here, but a server's RP tag troubles me a bit. I'm conisider myself as a very lite role player. I usualy stay in my character, almost never speak about real life, but i also rarely use emotions, walk or do other "usual" rp stuff. I want just good company, a bit of raiding and good music Oh ye, and trading! I like to craft and sell.

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    One of the first couple of kinships I was in on this server were what you would consider lite rp kind. There is need a healthy mix of lite kind and more what some would call medium and heavy kinships. So I think you would fit in well here from your post. There is also a very good hobbit rp community, the People of the Shire are a real welcoming and helpful kinship to name but one of a few.

    If you want a mixed kinship of a lite bent I would recommend the Silver Blades, I would leave a hyperlink here but this entry is rom my phone so not as easy. But if you google the kinship you will find it quickly, they have a wonderful website.




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