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    Wink Looking For a Latin Kin or Any Kin

    Hi (: I'm a warden lvl 44 and i'm feeling kind of lonely when i'm playing, i reached angmar so they're a lot of fellowship quest's and it would be nice to have some company and make some friends so if anyone knows about a nice and friendly kind it doesn't matter the rank i just want to have some fun with other players

    Thank you !

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    I'm quite unsure about the definition of "Latin" Kin, but if you're looking for some Italians to play with, Furia Italiana can be perfect for you (you can /tell Almeric , for more informations, or just send me a PM here)
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    Tears of The Valar is a international (english speaking) casual kin and we are having a small grp of players a little ahead of u at the moment (lvl 50'ish) at the moment. Angmar is kinda lonely place these days as most players overall on the server are roaming the plains of rohan But u can access Carn dum/Urugarth by now and very soon Moria and that opens up a lot off new options.

    Check out this post: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...g-for-kingship

    for my reply to belly259. Feel free to contact me here or an officer ingame as u see it fit in: Quietone/moonsmile, Capewak/Capodo, Thalimir/Selidir/Aldrath.



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