Hello all and thanks for considering Cresca Libere.

This Kinship has been around for quite a long time on Imladris, and prior to coming to LOTRO was an active Guild in World of Warcraft. Unlike many kinships and guilds, we focus on family, fun, interaction and assistance. Bar in mind, this does NOT mean it's a leveling guild as the first hint you're in for the short term and then looking to jump ship to a larger kin you're likely to see help dry up. Families are not "Stepping Stones", and using them as such is wrong on many levels.

Fun things we like to do are run instances while doing Round Robin movie quoting, and discussing Geek and Nerd movies, comic books, Sci Fi, etc.

We have a Kin House in the Shire ad would love to see you help us decorate it with Souvenirs from adventures we share!

We have guilded JCs, Weaponsmiths, Tailors, Scholars and such, but we can always use more!

If you like the idea, contact Iainn when I'm on.

Thank you.