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Thread: PvMP Jewellery

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    PvMP Jewellery

    If you fellow freeps agree we need our pvmp jewellery and misc stuff from the Field services trader updated, please show your support through this thread.

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    My reply to that thread;

    I'd agree yet I cant help but think some horrible update to moors jewelry and cloaks is on the horizon.

    To paraphrase Dev's on moors freep gear;

    "We don't want the best or some of the best gear in game to be available only to players who PvP"

    This is understandable because many players in game do not PvP. However this new mantra of the Dev's and the implementation of audacity gear has had an interesting side effect on freeps who enjoy Lotro PvP;

    -They can no longer use the best gear available in game to PvP.

    No need to run weekly raids with your kin anymore, because you are locked into only being able to use weak gear with some weird PvP stat. -2% incoming lotrostore (or I farmed my rank ) damage. Very much like the old radiance gear with the watcher.

    Please leave what we have left alone.
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