Cognitive Dissidents was founded by myself and my husband during our time in Guild Wars. The name "Cognitive Dissidents" is taken from a William Gibson book. In it there is a club called Cognitive Dissidents and my husband (being a fan of William Gibson) thought it would be a good name for a Guild. Cognitive Dissidents literally means "thinking differently" which is why we use the motto "Thinking Differently to Achieve a Common Goal".

Since then my husband has moved away from Guild Wars and now plays Eve Online and I went on to play LOTRO. During my time in LOTRO I joined a kinship, Moria Defenders, where I met some amazing people who were friendly, helpful and above all, like a family. They welcomed me into the kin and soon I began to feel like part of the family. During my time with them I had a lot of fun during instances/raids and whenever I was stuck on something I would only have to put a shout out in kin chat and there would always be someone there who would come and give me a hand. Sadly, the leader of Moria Defenders no longer plays the game and because Flackadder and myself were bringing Cognitive Dissidents to Guild Wars 2, we decided to have a go at establishing the guild to LOTRO as a kinship.

Our main goals are to have fun exploring the world whilst maintaining a family friendly environment. We do have an over 18 policy but we will make the exception to any family and friends that wish to join the kin. Of course we will be taking part in raids & instances, but on a casual basis, having fun even if we wipe, where no one gets blamed but it all being part of the learning curve. Not rushing through the game but taking our time to experience the beauty of the world, and helping kin members to achieve their goals.

If you're looking for a place to call home, that's casual and family friendly, helpful and social then visit our website:

Feel free to PM in game on either Jessikia or Galrianna