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    A Journey of Remembrance!


    I am posting today to see if there would be any who would want to have a journey of remembrance (Aha the title is in the letter!) Basically I would like to gather a large group of free people at the Gates of Thorin's Hall and have a journey to remember and commemorate when Thorin and Company went to Bag-End in the Shire. The Date of the journey would be December 16th a Sunday evening at 8:00 PM Pacific time.

    The walk itself is to remember those who have fallen before us and the sacrifices they made. I thought with the release of the Hobbit, it may be a fun event to do.

    We welcome all who would be interested.

    Look for me in game on my characters Swanmae or Dovesong.

    Thank you. Hope to see you!

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    Honestly I think that's a GREAT IDEA!But there might be no one coming.I had an Idea like that once,It was an AD Meaning Adventure me and some other people could go around Middle Earth Exploring and even Questing!It was a Great Idea but I got no followers but.

    Tell your kin,if you have one.

    Or join one if you don't Fellowship Of Mordor we can recruit you Try heading around Bree and you'll find us okay?
    If you do have one tell them about your Idea.They MIGHT want to help you.

    Try to Listen I honestly think it's a Great Idea.Tell your kin!

    Sincerely Soruof Master

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    I like the idea. If I'm online at the time, I'll definitely look you up to join in.

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    I'm in!



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