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    Advice Needed on a Gondorians Timeline and Path

    I've recently created a new RP character from Gondor that I'm looking for feedback and suggestions on a few things in his background.

    Caeromir is from the port of Pelargir (which to my understanding has been sacked a few times before it's sacked again in Return of the King). However looking at Appendix B in my copy of LotR (I'm not sure if all copies label the appendices the same) I can't find specific dates as to when it's been under control of Gondor or Corsairs. This is I feel is pretty important for my characters justification of leaving Gondor/Pelargir.

    My second question would be in researching the routes one might have taken from Pelargir into the west, eventually arriving in Bree.

    I'm trying to find a large map of Middle-earth and kind of trace out different routes. From Pelargir I'm thinking he'd have headed north up the Great River to Minas Tirith and then set out for the Gap of Rohan.

    Or possibly, heading straight west from Pelargir towards Dol Amroth and then heading north through the White Mountains and into Enedwaith.

    I'm still reading the books (I'm in the second part of The Two Towers) so any help would be appreciated. I'm hoping I can get together some sort of timeline of when Caeromir left to how long it took to get to Bree (which I'm assuming would be at least a year), unless he traveled hard.

    Thanks in advance everyone!
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    Regarding Pelargir as a stronghold of the Corsairs: this is an event that never occurred; I recommend you read the appendix that tells of the royal succession in Gondor, particularly the events referred to as The Kinstrife.

    Appendix B relates that King Minardil was slain at Pelargir by the Corsairs, in T.A. 1634, who then raided the city: the Corsairs never held the city as a possession.

    From Pelargir to Bree is a difficult journey at our player-characters' "insertion" into the timeline. The fastest and most-direct mode would be by sea from Pelargir to the Grey Havens, but the narrative is vague and extremely unhelpful, as it strongly suggests that there is no maritime connection between Gondor and Lindon at this time (the Dunedain of Gondor have become too estranged from the Eldar, apparently); Boromir travelled along the ancient causeway that had been built by the exilic Kings to join Arnor and Gondor, and explains that he had lost his horse at Tharbad (the ruined port and logging town, and its river-ford, have fallen into a swamp).

    No persons alive in Gondor would know where to find the northern passes over the Misty Mountains, and reaching them would require travel past Lothlorien and Dol Guldur: both known as a sites of dreaded dark sorcery, as Boromir's "ignorant" remarks regarding the Golden Wood display. Travel through coastal Enedwaith would be through unpopulated wilderness, occupied only by wildlife, druedain (related to the Woses of Rohan), and some scattered settlements of Dunlendings, and would require two unassisted river-crossings (where, it must be inferred, the rivers are deep and wide).

    I'll mention that it is expressly pointed-out, in different parts of canon sources, that the southern part of Enedwaith, particularly the region west of the river Adorn to the coast, has become (sparsely) populated by Dunlendings at this time: these people would not be particularly friendly to anyone from Gondor or Rohan, and perhaps even openly hostile.

    In short, Boromir's route seems to be the only sensible one.

    I hope I've helped.


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    Thanks for the information! I do appreciate it.

    For some reason I thought that Pelargir had been held by the Corsairs from Umbar. I just looked and I was indeed mistaken.

    I'm still doing some researching and reading to see what else I may come up with. This is all backstory to help fill out the character more. So all the information and advice I get is very helpful.
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