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    Mouse / Keyboard

    Hi guys, after long sessions of playing i find it uncomfortabel interested to know, what mouse keyboard setup u have, or are u using gaming pads or anything like tht, looking for the best setup ?

    Any advice / reviews be helpful thxs

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    Playing my main i use mouse + keyboard combi.

    Walking with W and S, steering with the mouse.

    Fighting with 1 - 5'ish on the keyboard, all other skills i click with the mouse.

    With multiboxing 6 accounts i use the keyboard for keys 1 to = (if i click with the mouse it doesn't register for the other clients) and i use the mouse to do FM's and heals for all clients, and other skills.

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    If you play for long sessions you'll probably end up feeling uncomfortable whatever mouse/keyboard setup you use, especially if your getting on like me

    But for the record: I'm primarily a keyboard user, I have just about every skill mapped to keys via the quickslots, only using the mouse for steering, looking and occassionally to edge forward (using both mouse buttons). I've just bought a flash new gaming mouse with extra buttons which I've also mapped to auto-run and a couple of my oh-&&&& emergency skills - I'd recommend getting a good mouse if you can.

    One thing I also find useful if you have alts is to map similar skills to the same quickslot / key binding. For example, Riddle (burg mez) is on the same key and quickslot as Blinding Flash (LM stun), my oh-&&&& skills are all in the same place on each character on the nice big keys on the numeric keypad, etc. Makes switching between characters easier (for me at least).

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    I use the keyboard as much as I can, and the mouse^H^H^H^H^Htrackball as little as possible.

    I wonder, now, whether keyboard/mouse/gamepad preference is a generational difference? Younger people than I grew up with WIMPy (Windows, Icons, Menus, and Pointers) interfaces, which come naturally to them.

    But I'm seventy years old and I learned to type in high school, in ... 1957, it would have been. On a typewriter. Manual, not electric. And when I learned to use computers, they were honkin' great mainframes housed in another building, which I accessed by an acoustic coupler connected at one end to a telephone line and at the other end to an ADM3A.


    Sorry about the length of the URL. But please note that that terminal has no mouse. Heck, it didn't even have function keys. It had no windows either. I used it to write text in vi and run it off with nroff/troff. Those were the days.

    But after fifty years of using keyboards (and I used to be a very fast touch typist, though I'm slowing down a bit now), I really resent having to take my hand off the keyboard to use the trackball for ANYthing. Though I have to at times.

    Which is why I have fond memories of the LucasArts game Grim Fandango, not only because of its excellent content but because it used the keyboard exclusively.
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    I do not get on with lots of keyboard binds very well so I have a different solution.
    I use a logitech G700 mouse with 10 mappable buttons, which are mapped to 1 - 0
    By using shift/control/alt modifiers (left hand), I have all 40 quickslots on my mouse!

    I couldn't imagine doing it any other way now.

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    Logitech G13 to macro gambits on my warden. I want the gambit effects ASAP, not a finger workout, and not hitting the wrong key, lol.

    Pretty standard KB for everything else.

    Shiny new mouse--probably only the second wireless mouse I've been happy with. Oh-so-comfy for average-sized hands:

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    I use them all - but it really depends on what game style I'm playing ATM

    For example my keyboard/mouse/game pad set up for my Multi-box team is different than just the keyboard/mouse set up that i use for playing my solo characters... and when I'm in groups PUG'ing instances and raids or what ever, I tend to use the keyboard more exclusively.

    I work in the software industry and am at the Keyboard a lot - and no matter what I do (at work or at play) any extended use of any input hardware is going to take a toll - even when I utilize all the ergonomic devices and practices.

    I know people who have ruined their health - their body - gave themselves carpal tunnel - ruined their eyesight - and generally drove themselves insane by sitting in front of the computer for too long.

    Pain in your hands is a warning - time to step away from the computer for a while.

    I take frequent breaks - around one an hour - where I walk - stretch - focus my eyes on things in the distance (staring at a screen 2 feet in front of you all day can mess with your eyes and give you what I call "video head" - a kind of strange, unfocused, hypnotized, altered state of discombobulation)

    The things you can do are well documented - Just Google computer ergonomics - and follow them.

    but no hardware, set up or practice is going to allow you to sit in front of a computer 24 hrs a day and manipulate intense controls without a price - it is not a bargin - dont do it - take a break when you are starting to hurt.
    Take Care,
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    This has been troubling me for some months now. I actually wanted to make a thread about this, where I would post a pic of my hands on my keyboard and some quickslot bars I would like to be better at keyboard fighting but I just don't seem to get used to it no matter how much I try. Mouse turning + clicking is what I always end up doing, unconsciously even. And my left thumb doesn't want to find Ctrl or Shift when needed; I have to twist my hand in such awkward positions that I want to start clicking on CTRL and SHIFT bar skills again. My next computer gear purchase is going to be a proper gaming mouse. Because of all the "oh ****" skills I now have to mouse-click and find out I was 1 sec too late.

    Like DutchEZmoder, I'm also using 1-5 mostly (where I assign all the most important rotation skills) and WASD for moving. In addition to that I use (thumb) left ALT + 1-5 for all the most necessary crowd control skills (like interrupts, slows, instant debuffs etc). Quick and easily maneuverable, even for me. On hunter I have to assign all the melee skills to 9 -> because he has both ranged and CC I use very often, even though melee skills are commonly used too when soloing. I really admire some of the players who hit their keyboard like they were playing Chopin on piano.

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    For Warden and gathering, I use console controller. For everything else I use left hand keyboard ASWD, and right hand on numpad. I use all keys on numpad, then a second row of skills via modified with left cntrl, and then left alt for a third row of skills. + is a heal pot, enter is a power pot. The normal 1 to = row I use 1-4 for stances or something for whatever class, and 4 (fear), 5 (wound), 6 (disease) and 7 (poison) pots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DutchEZmoder View Post
    Playing my main i use mouse + keyboard combi.

    Walking with W and S, steering with the mouse.

    Fighting with 1 - 5'ish on the keyboard, all other skills i click with the mouse
    This is pretty much how I play games, too. I just have a regular old keyboard and mouse, no special keys/buttons to use like gaming peripherals.

    I also have arthritis, worse in my hands/fingers, but I get along pretty well. I'm not saying I don't suffer, my hands and fingers get sore, stiff, and swollen even if I haven't been playing long (though I do tend to play for hours on end and just make things worse). You just have to remember to stretch every so often. When you hit the vendor to sell/repair, stop and stretch your fingers. If you're playing with someone else, put them on follow so you can rest your hands until it's time to fight, unless your fellow has you on follow, heh. It's really no different than how you should get up and stretch instead of sitting a long time, or how you should look away from the monitor every so often (I've done ruined my eyes from so much computer use over the years).

    Some people have gaming mice/keyboards with lots of buttons on them but even with those, you have to press the buttons and you're holding your hands in one position for long periods, so you're still going to have comfort issues. So...stretch them fingers!

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    I much prefer a keyboard and mouse to play, that said I do have a gaming keyboard with extra keys and my mouse has ten extra buttons on it... Strange thing though I haven't made use of these extra buttons. Well least the keys on my keyboard glow in the dark

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    Interesting comments. I always wonder how everyone sets up since I don't have any gaming keyboard/mouse either.

    Ironically, in playing GW2 lately, I have grown much more confortable with keymapping skills since in that game you can move and fight at the same time - which is awesome btw, lol. But since there are so many moves you can make it was a learning curve for me to adjust.

    Now when playing Lotro, I am more prone to using keymapping for my skills than I was in the past - something that, from the sound of it, will come in handy once I level my warden.

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    Steer and move with the mouse. Can't speak too highly of this. It's a bit of an adjustment to get used to but once you make the transition it makes movement so much smoother, more precise, and more intuitive. And that carried over to war-steeds just fine (though I find it better to have 'auto-slow' turned on, and one of my mouse extra buttons mapped to what NumLock is by default -- the other one is Jump).

    I recently got a Logitech G13 gameboard. I have not yet memorized all 22 of the keys I assigned; I'm doing them in groups. The attacks I use in every fight, which are about nine of them, I have down. Plus a few of my "oh &&&&" skills (drinking potions and my bubble skill). The rest I am making myself learn little by little. I usually can't play those console games where you have to memorize which button is not "crouch" and operate the stick and buttons at once, but LotRO let me learn keys one at a time, and that works great. But I still go back to the main keyboard for war-steed attacks. (If the G13 could use the key light colors to show which skills are on cooldown, it would be perfect for war-steed fighting.)

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    I've not yet figured out the key/mouse settings that suit me yet. I might try the suggestion of mapping most quickslots to the mouse and using the 3 modifier keys in addition to having 1 to = available on the keyboard. currently I have the three modifiers bound to extra buttons on my mouse so I can hit the quickslot keys on the keyboard with one hand whilst holding modifier down on mouse. Not sure I like that setup though.

    One great feature I wish I knew about earlier is the quickslot page up. For anyone else who hasn't seen this bind, it let's you setup two versions of your quick slot bars and toggle between them (shame you can't setup 3 or 4 for cycling

    I use It on my hunter to toggle between ranged and melee modes. So that 1-= can be used without modifiers for either ranged or melee. I imagine on other classes you could set it to toggle between common attack/defence skills.
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    Regular keyboard (cheap ) and gaming mouse ($80) with a nice padded wrist rest mouse pad. I am older, so I learned typing back in high school (not the fastest touch typist, and not the slowest either) and later learned keypunching. Once mice came along and mouse steering to games, well, I never went back to wasd unless I had to. I find myself getting up for bio breaks every hour or two anyway.
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