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    Kinmail limits...

    Hello, all. I wasn't sure where else to post this...

    I know that only Officers and Leaders may send mail kinwide, but I was wondering what the quota/limit on a level 10 kin was? How many kinwide mails are we allowed to send in one 24-hour period?

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    Dec 2008
    Well I have not tested this, but I suspect that the volume of kinmail will be limited by the number of mail slots we each have available at one time... and when folks are sending me a lot of mail, it seems to max out around ? 30 mails active at one time. I have to open/remove some of those mails before more can be sent to me.

    Considering many of your kin folk won't be there to open mail as you send it, I'd apply this theory and say it's likely around 30 maximum mails - yet this begs to ask another question, which is, would it then be 2 more weeks (the approximate mail maintenance time) before you could send out more kin mail if there are some who haven't opened even one of those originally sent??

    hmmm, anyone willing to test it out? Consider that it might lock up your kin mail for around 2 weeks if I'm at all correct.



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