Briannas Da Bomb.
I should be considered Top Guild Leader,
Because, I am leader of a group of people who play from all over the world. we come together with one goal in mind and that to leave the outside drama at the log in sheet and prepare to enjoy time spent with friends enjoying each others company and helping each other progress through middle earth. My kinship has crafters of all professions and they make things for others without having to ask. alot of my members have been in my group since April fools day. 2009. Maybe Im not the best at some things and maybe I dont have the answer to some of the questions. I do have the network to optain anything I feel the need for, alot of members have also gone on to become successful kinship leaders themselves. leaving me proud to have been a part of their stepping stones. . I have never pretended to be anyone I am not. I love my group and the friends I have call my Kinship.

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