I have been playing for a little over a month, but only now am getting around to making introductions. Without further ado,

Female Bree-Lands (Dunadan) Hunter & Woods(wo)man

"Huntress", I am named, for such is doomed to be my task.

In an age of pride long-forgotten, Princes of Cardolan had dared to defy Angmar, but both their resolve and their virtue withered, their purpose faltered, and Arthedain was left to stand alone, and fall. We few who are descended from the scattered survivors of those ancient lords are pledged to remember our shame.

Recently, word has been handed down from our chieftain: The Enemy has returned! Hunt and hinder His vile servants wherever they appear, and bring terror to them in the wilderness! Guard the lands of all free men against The Shadow, but watch out especially for the Shire of the Little-Folk, lest the sufferings of the defenseless be visited upon those who should defend them!

In these times, ever an eager arrow rests upon my bowstring: thralls of Mordor, beware!

Female Noldo Champion & Armourer

In the days just ere my birth, Cirdan sent these words to Ost-in-Edhil, "Name the girl, 'Tindomiriel', in the tongue of Valinor, so that she might sparkle like a precious stone of the Undying West in the twilight that will come to our people, and strive to usher in the dawn thereafter".

My father was slain defending the Hall of the Jewelsmiths; my mother carried me away to kin who would foster me, and then departed from them, saying that the Mirdain had made the very last of all their jewels, and her own time to fade had come.

Roleplayers are welcome to make our acquaintance.