Hello folks. I'm about to transfer my toon to another server and I have a Rank 10 Kin available. I've been hanging on to the kin for quite some time now even though it died a couple of years ago. There are a dozen or so inactive characters in it that have kept the kin from dissolving but these can be removed anytime. The kin will come complete with a furnished Kin hall (all 3 chests unlocked) in the center of one of the Hobbit neighborhoods. All the decor will stay, aside from a few items that may be bound to accounts. It's a mixed kin... myself and the co-founders had the idea that all races formed it so it should have a name that suited that idea.

We called the Kinship: The Guardians of Kibil Eleni

Kibil = Silver in dwarvish
Eleni = Star in Elvish

So in the common tongue: The Guardians of the Silver Star.

I'll ask 40g for the deal but will take serious offers into consideration. Please respond here or send a /tell or mail in game to Haldoc or Bofbir on Silverlode.

Thanks for looking. Take care!