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    Fact File/Schedule for your Character?

    Post your main/favorite characters fact File and what they do when they wake up each day in Middle Earth! Mine is below


    Server: Snowbourne
    Gender: Female
    Race: Elf
    Class: Lore-Master
    Current Level: 70

    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Black
    Preferred Outfit(s): Ambassador Robe and self created Ranger outfit
    Favorite pet species: Lynx
    Pet name: Pantalaimon
    Favorite Non-Combat pet species: Kitty!
    Pet name: Bear

    Occupation (When not questing): Farming for AH goodies to keep the gold rolling in - we all have to make a living!
    Crafting Vocation: Tinker
    Gameplay Style: DPS
    Gameplay preferences: Questing for xp mainly - Skirmishes for marks often - Instances for barter items occasionally

    Kinship: Rangers of the Wild
    Rank in Kinship: Leader

    A typical day for Lyrabel:

    Lyrabel is currently working towards many goals as she levels her way to being my first 85 toon. The first thing she does when she awakens in Middle Earth is check her mail for any sold AH items or Tinker related gifts from her kinmates.

    She then proceeds to quest her way to the next level, collecting ores along the way for her vault. Once she has reached the next level or added a considerable amount of xp to her bar she likes to head back to the local town and sell the clutter she has amassed before storing her crafting materials for later. She will check her reputation bars for the area shes in - she constantly works towards gaining new faction steeds for her stable, and won't settle for less than kindred before she leaves the area anyway!

    She keeps all her relics and deconstructs every legendary item she finds, upgrading the tiers by auto-combining until she reaches Tier 9. She wants Tier 9 relics in all the slots of her First Age legendary items.

    When she has done all this, she heads over to Esteldin, where she finds she can amass stacks of Sturdy Hides by pulling whole herds of Aurochs in Nan Amlug and blasting them with aoe skills. Since they each produce between 1-3 hides, it takes her about an hour to amass enough to port to Bree and post on the AH, undercutting the current prices ALWAYS for a quick sale. She then ports back to her questing area where she will visit the Vault-Keeper and craft her heart out - she is currently working on Eastemnet for her Jeweller profession. Of course, she loves a kin raid, skirmish or instance and regularly joins or runs them when she has time.

    Overall, Lyra is not a squishy Lore-master. She is untypically built for DPS and handles most fellowship quests solo!
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    Snowbourn Server

    Log in
    Do Warband for a silver box
    Do Dailies
    Troll Global
    Maybe a couple of skirms
    Log off

    Oh, play the ah and use hard working people's productions to make even more of a profit. {someone's gotta profit off of someone else}
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    Well this was an unsuccessful thread :P

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    Here's one for you, Scarlet

    Aliana Castaval, Born from Ashes

    Server: Imladris
    Gender: Female
    Race: Woman
    Class: Guardian
    Current Level: 85

    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Black
    Preferred Outfit(s): White "adventuring" gear

    Occupation (When not questing): Interior decorator (for real)
    Crafting Vocation: Armsman
    Gameplay Style: Tank
    Gameplay preferences: Skraid, Mounted Combat, Decoration Snob

    Kinship: Tarciryan Knights
    Rank in Kinship: Kinswoman

    A typical day for Aliana:

    Aliana wakes up from a long night of drinking in Hytbold's mead hall and rides out to help the good folk of the Eastemnet rebuild their homes and way of life. Once she has finished there she spends a few hours laboring away over a hot forge to push through the secrets of weaponsmithing (Nearly mastered Supreme!) and working with the guild to learn the ways to make stronger weapons faster and better.

    After her crafting she will venture into old scenes of the past and revisit battles from her history (read:skraid), hoping in her musings she happens across one of Celebrimbor's symbols. She will sit and chat with her kinmates and occassionally help them spruce up the Wandering Dragon Inn. (Owned and Operated by an Officer)

    More what you wanted, Scarlet?

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    Thanks Thats a great one, hopefully more people will see and post.. I like seeing these sorts of things from other people, you feel like you get to know the character ^^

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    Sure, I'll bite


    Server: Landroval
    Gender: Female
    Race: Man
    Class: Hunter
    Current Level: 85

    Eyes: Grey, with tints of green.
    Hair: Dark brown, near black.
    Preferred Outfit(s): Way... way too many. But she is often wearing a scarf (pauldrons of the wandering bard).

    Occupation (When not questing): Questing is OOC. IC, she is actually a healer. Yea, a healing hunter, I know.
    Crafting Vocation: Explorer... IC she can sew, stitch, and embroider, the other crafts are very much OOC.
    Gameplay Style: DPS
    Gameplay preferences: Everything but pvp, lol. My PvP stint ended in 2009.

    Kinship: Elentiri
    Rank in Kinship: Member (ooc... soon to be IC. Finally! xD)

    Typical Day:

    OOC, dailies + Bugud and the occasional skirmish raid these days.

    IC, her days tend to vary in what happens, but within a week itself there is usually some sort of work as a healer, usually some wound from some brigand that needs cleaning and patching, a lot of hanging out in the Pony languidly, some playing of music, especially the harp, some hanging out about the rest of the town (and much more of this when the Bree-vamp comes), and on occasion a stroll out of town to the surrounding lands or the homesteads.

    Then there's the kinplot which takes her somewhere far about Middle-earth, but that's a different story.

    RIP ELENDILMIR • Jingle Jangle
    : LAERLIN (Bio + Drawings) • LAERWEN • OLORIEL • AETHELIND (Bio + Drawing) • NETHAEL



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