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    Okay...I have not had much luck with in game grouping so I am going to use this forum area for getting these done instead.

    First off...this is a "LIVE THREAD"....it can be used by anyone but it is strictly for getting groups together while you are in-game......it's not for future planning....it's for current in-game at the time players.

    I had this idea when I was thwarted trying to finish the Inn of the Forsaken deeds and realized there were a couple that were completely impossible to solo.

    I do request a couple things...when you have finished your current deed that you've posted for.....please come back and edit your post erasing it all and writing simply "deed accomplished" or "finished deed"...something along those lines so people constantly coming back don't have to scroll through a lot of replies....that is if this is used as often as I hope.

    Secondly.....if you happen to finally be done for the night and did not finish the deed for some reason.....also come back and edit your post to something like "ran out of time" or "done for the night"...that way people won't go online looking for you.

    These two things are requests, I fully don't expect everyone to remember or bother to do them but it would be nice

    Remember to put what you want to do, classes/roles needed, and the current ingame name your on as well as any other little bits you want to mention....being specific will give you a better chance at sucess...try to keep it brief tho, again so people are not scrolling through heaps of words.

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    I'm still trying to get OD crossed off my list... I almost got it done but my raid broke up just before Gortheron. If any groups are running this in the nearish future, let me know! Post here or message Vilann in game.



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