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    I think you all might be my new favorite people

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    Thank you! It's nice to know someone likes us, we like us, we like the game and like to play it but its like, ok, outside our kin does like, anyone like us? We like to think we are likeable but its not like eveyone will like us which like, makes me sad, I liked to be liked, EVERYONE likes to be liked but its not likely that one can be liked by all.

    But for real, thanks! *hug*

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    Tolkien for Medicinal Purposes rolled out the welcome mat for

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    OK, new welcome....new welcome........man, it's already Sunday....work tomorrow, ugh....what am I going to make for dinner? Oh no, did I pay the electric bill?....Did I leave the bedroom light on??? Wait... new welcome, that's what I was doing.....focus!!!!...Weather' s getting warmer....my bike needs to be inspected....do a welcome!!!!




    Welcome Knome and Tiondir!!!

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    After spending some time in glff, I have to sit back and refelct. People really can be stupid sometimes. Ok, NO I'm not talking about everyone in glff so stop geting all pissy. But you and I both know that there is an above average amount of stupid conversations taking place, although deliberate many times I am sure. But what you may not realize is that the general stupidity of people leads to a society where manufacturers, companies and such feel the need to protect themselves from the intellectually challenged. Now, I find that some of these manufactuerers are rather stupid themselves! Very few will take the time to address the dullards and fix a potential problem. Ok...for instance... making childproof caps for medicines (of course keeping it so adults actually CAN open it might help…) Now that might have been pulled off a little better but hey, someone saw a problem and came up with a solution, problem solved! Woot! But too many other companies take the lazy way out. They figure if there is a prob, they can just slap a warning label on, thus trying to alleviate any responsibility to those who carelessly misuse the product. Well fine, go ahead and do that if need be. You can't fix stupid. BUT...it that seems the supidity of some of these warnings has surpassed the stupidy of people! (I think I need to use the words stupid and stupidity more)! For you non believers, I put forward these warnings:

    On one of those cardboard things you put in your windshield to block the sun:

    “Do not drive with Sun Shield in place”
    Pssh, where’s your adventurous side?

    On a 13-inch wheel on a wheel barrel:
    “Not intended for highway use”
    I beg to differ. I used mine on the highway last week

    On a product called ‘Rubber Band Shooter’:
    “Warning! Shoots rubber bands”
    Hmmm…it must be defective.

    On a birthday card for a 1 year old:
    “Not suitable for children aged 36 months or less”
    Thank GAWD that was there, I was thisclose to buying one for my 2 year old niece. THAT would have been embarrassing…

    On a can of air freshener:
    “For use by trained personnel only”
    *whew* I took a course on that last year, so I’m good

    A sign at a railroad station:
    “Warning! to touch these wires is instant death! Anyone found doing so will be prosecuted”
    Wow. Harsh. I guess being dead isn’t bad enough…

    On a supermarket dessert box:
    “Product will be hot after heating”
    Oh please, that’s an old wives tale…

    In the manual for a chainsaw:
    “Do not attempt to stop the blade with your hands”
    You mean there is another way? Huh, who knew?

    Various Stupid Disclaimers…

    From a Rally’s commercial that describe how their burgers were fresh:
    “For a limited time only”
    Pfft, I waiting for the old moldy ones to return

    A sign at bus stops:
    “No stopping or standing”
    Apparently the bus only slows and you have to kinda run along side and jump in…

    On a bag of Fritos:
    “You could be a winner!! No purchase necessary, details inside”
    DEAR GOD! Did I win???? I may never know…

    On a sign in front of a newly renovated ramp that led to a building:
    “Take care: New non-slip surface”
    Yes, we wouldn’t want you to…um…not slip?

    The ingredient list on a fruit bar:
    “Ingredient:Artificially bleached flour, sugar, vegetable fat, yeast, salt, gluten, soyaflour, emulsifier 472 & 481, enzymes, water. May contain fruit.”
    Mmmm, I’m hungry now.Anyone have a no fruit fruit bar??

    On a bar of Dial soap:

    “Use like regular soap”
    Don’t leave me hanging!!! How do you use soap?

    On a Power Puff Girl costume”
    “You cannot save the world”
    Nice, crush the poor kids dreams

    On superman and batman costumes:
    “Wearing this garment does not enable you to fly”
    Nice, crush the poor kids dreams, I say let him try and prove them wrong!

    Tolkien for Medicinal Purposes...we know how to use soap.
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    Do you have ANY idea what it takes to make a bump on my recruitment thread???? And yet, down, down, down my thread goes which means either I better think up some good stuff or there's going to be more toast!!

    So what will it be....hmmm....

    The Cute Bump?

    The What Might Cause a Bump?

    The "Really?" Bump?

    or the Dear God, Please Don't Ever Let This Happen To Me Bump?

    Any way you see it...BUMP!!!

    Tolkien for Medicinal Purposes...Bumping for potential recruits
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    A warm welcome to Laif!

    Tolkien's newest member! And in celebration of this momentous occassion...I present

    An Ode to Beaker

    What? Does it NEED to make sense????
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    Ok, so we are still slowly growing...we have a GREAT group but for their sake, I would like to see some more members. I want my members to be happy! I suppose I could do some hardcore recruiting. But...it's just not my style.

    Ya, I know, I watch kins started after us that have grown in numbers really fast while we grow about as fast as a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter. I am NOT criticizing... but I am picky. I don't just look for numbers, I don't just look to build something big, but rather...something different. Something special yet not in a short bus kinda way.

    Maybe I'm too picky. I mean, I don't think I am. I don't care what level you are, how good your gear is, if your virtues are maxed, if you play 32.7 hours weekly...I just want like minded people. People who want to enjoy the journey. People who want to hang out and laugh, help each other and learn all about the game/instances and whatever else they may want to know....together. I don't think thats asking much....

    I have no "trial period" I have no "interview process"...maybe its the questions I ask... I just don't know...

    Anyway....Tolkien for Medicinal Purposes, slowly recruiting the right crazies
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    Busy days, busy days!!! You know, I was thinking, the amount of time I spend writing recruitment threads (is that was these are??) I COULD be writing for Hollywood and making buku bucks! I mean really, is it that hard? I know the rules....let's see...you are highly likely to survive any war, UNLESS you show a pic of someone you love who is awaiting your return home. The pic comes out, you die. Now computers... Hmm, what could the password be? Login attempt #1…failed. Log in attempt #2…failed. But wait! What’s this? Inevitably login attempt #3 is the charmer!! But note this…once logged in, the PC operating system is NEVER Microsoft. Uh huh. That’s realistic. And so the movie continues…
    So our hero logs into the computer to reveal whatever it is he needs that conveniently is simple to find but requires a really big download bar. As he’s downloading, he hears a noise! Quick, hide! I know… hide in the ventilation system. Nobody will ever think of looking for you in there and you can travel to any other part of the building undetected! Our hero drops out of the ceiling right into a room full of ninjas! OH NO!!! Don’t panic although he’s heavily outnumbered his enemies will wait patiently to attack him one by one by dancing around in a threatening manner until it’s their turn to fight. The ninjas have been defeated! Our hero returns home with the computer data he needed. He clicks on the TV and imagine to his surprise...there is a story on the news at that exact moment saying that his nemesis, some English guy who is evil and clever enough to devise elaborate weapons and stuff incorporating fuses, pulleys, deadly gases, lasers, man-eating sharks etc – but he is never actually clever enough to kill our hero, is plotting some evil (insert something evil). Worried, our hero looks around to grab his phone to call his loyal sidekick who usually gets killed and must be avenged. But even though he is in the middle of a major city with cell service EVERYWHERE...he hears nothing which makes him look at the screen which of course reads... "No Service" Our hero closes his flip phone even though no one uses them anymore because let's face it, you can't express your disbelief that you have no service by poking your phone with your finger. (This is a movie, we NEED drama...be honest, in the good old days it would be clicking the phone cradle over and over yelling "Hello, hello!" to try and make a phone work) So our hero jumps in his car to race to his sidekick only to find that his break line has been cut! But only the weak willed would try to downshift or use the emergency break, our hero continues to drive top speed until he crashes, then runs from the car without a scratch! Oh no! Someone is firing a gun at our hero! He runs down a side street and hides just around the corner of a building. As soon as he peeks out a shot is fired by someone with poor aim because it always hits the corner of the building shattering brick shards. Quick, make a run for it! Our hero lucks out as on the first main road he hits there is a parade passing! He blends in with the parade. He makes it safely to the sidekick’s house. As he kicks or shoulder crashes the door open, sidekick is tied to a chair with a bomb in front of him that always seem to have a big red digital display counting down to explosion. But it’s ok, cause our hero knows that all bombs have different colored wires, so he can easily differentiate which one he needs to cut. After defusing the bomb, the last of the evil Englishman’s henchmen pop out for a good old fashioned hand to hand brawl. Our hero takes a beating until he invariable ends up with a small cut in the right corner of his mouth. He’ll wipe the blood on the back of his hand, and give it a disapproving look, now he’s mad! He takes down the henchman and saves the day! See...cake. Tolkien for Medicinal Purposes....we have cookies and pie.
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    OK, what the hell are you waiting for???? We're not getting any younger you know. Seriously, we are looking for fun loving, mellow, laid back folks to hang with us. We're anything but hardcore, although we do have some capped toons, as well as lower level ones. We're not about capped toons with max traits and all the best gear etc. We're family here and that's what we're looking for. People we can hang with who share the same love of the game as we do, people who just want to have fun with a close knit group of people that are more like family. We don't do massive kin invites, or spam glff, but we hand pick every member to keep the closeness that we have. So think about it, and then look up Morpheusz, Skootr, or Lexxey in game and we'll talk. Hopefully you will be Tolkien with us in no time!!!
    Skootr - Officer - Tolkien For Medicinal Purposes

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    Howdy people of E! Yes we are still recruiting, looking for those individuals who have a casual play style and are looking for a home, not just a kin. We are also looking to add to our Aussie player base! A night (for us) crew if you will. Anyone interested can contact Lexxey, (Whispurrs), Skootr, (Morpheusz), Belethar or Dentara (our main man in Australia) Wow that was a boring post....its too early....
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    Tolkien for Medicinal Purposes is looking for more!!!

    Not that Moore!!

    Not that one either!!

    we are looking for more casual gamers who want to hang out and enjoy each others company as we enjoy the journey together

    DAMN IT! Not that Journey!!!

    All classes and levels welcome
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    I was ordered, ahem, asked to visit this thread and say a few things about Tolkien for Medicinal Purposes. I have read through most of this thread and there is not much more to say; Lexxey has done a great job at describing our kin considering being off her meds. I am sure, however, that I can put some words down to paint a picture of what our kin is like. First, some background to give my view some weight.

    I have been gaming in MMORPGs for a long time; fifteen years I would guestimate. I started in the early beta days of Ultima Online and played for about three years. I played for a bit in Everquest and then followed some friends over to Asheron’s Call. While waiting for the ever anticipated vapor ware known as Shadowbane, I decided to try out Dark Age of Camelot and started a love affair that would last ten years. I tried other MMO’s during this period but it was DAoC that I learned much about being a member and then an officer to co-ownership of a guild; I learned much about different types of guilds and online personalities during this time. Most importantly, I learned what works for me.

    I would describe members of Tolkien for Medicinal Purposes as solo players, strong solo players that like the environment that a kin can provide. Members vary from novice to veteran, casual to core, single toon to multiple alts, and online seldom to online daily. Ok, time to be honest here; if you are looking for a kin that runs skirms, instances or whatever on a daily basis, then you may want to look elsewhere. However, the potential and desire is there; members like myself love to group up with kin mates and do whatever needs done.

    Lexxey and Skootr are the fearless leaders, well, leaders of TfMP and have done a great job of recruiting. Lexxey has extensive experience and has seen the successes and failures of kinships. With this knowledge she has set a policy of being very picky about whom she invites into TfMP. Because of this, our growth rate has been slow but has filled our ranks with outstanding people that share a common love of the game. Lexxey’s selective recruiting was a big selling point for me, far too many times I have been in or witnessed guilds/kins collapse from over recruiting or just lose direction.

    Strong players to boot! Both Lexxey and Skootr are strong players that have a strong knowledge of the game. Skootr has not played long but his dedication to researching the game and Lexxey’s ability to put this research together has provided the kin with many helpful documents. Skootr has also done a wonderful job of keeping the TfMP webpage going and it is refreshing to have a kin page that is buzzing with activity.

    Players with Heart! It is very apparent to see the moment you first pop into kin chat how much love that both Lexxey and Skootr have for the kin. They both treat this like their family and in doing so have created a great atmosphere for members to chat, share or just joke around in game.

    So to recap, Lexxey and Skootr equal greatness, just don’t auto-follow Skootr, you will die. We do not know what afflicts him but he cannot seem to cross bridges without falling off and yes, Moria was a nightmare for him.

    Belethar is a senior officer and my best bud! Nowhere will you find such a generous, loving person as he. Belethar knows the Hunter like nobody else and can tank with his Guard, Glindolfin like a mother******. He is my partner in crime and I enjoy nothing more than running about Middle Earth causing chaos and killing Orcs with him. I love this guy even though he is responsible for me taking so long to get my war-steed.

    Then there is me, Sagitti, butt-kicking Warden, beloved by all, champion of middle earth, and all-around great officer of TfMP; nothing more to say.

    Last but not least are the members, all of which are fantastic people that bring a lot of humor, support and love to the kin.

    There you have it, my thoughts on TfMP. Yes, we are still small but growing and we may not be grouping as often as other larger kins but if you share our sentiments on LOTRO or gamestyle, want to be in a kinship with a strong foundation, are willing to put the time in to make a great kin even greater then we are definitely the kin for you.

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    Ok, summer is over *cries* but ahhhh what a summer!! Great riding weather people...really great....

    Time to step up our game

    We are looking to fill out, build up, bulk up, grow some....OMG does this recruitment thread make me look fat??? ...

    TFMP is comprised of mostly casual players who are looking to make friends, hang out with some laughs and good convo while exploring Middle Earth (CAREBEAR! how sickening) but its the truth...

    I'd love to do more raids and try my hand at PvP but most important is who I do it with.

    So...BUMP cause we are once again...Tolkien for Medicinal Purposes

    Please visit our website or contact one of us in game...Hermesz, Belethar, Minnxy or Lexxey
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    Okay, so I'm nowhere near as fun as Lexxey to hang with. She is smart, witty, and what a twisted sense of humor. I guess that's why the rest of us love her so much. She certainly isn't boring. I guess I just hang around here for the entertainment. So why not check us out and see what you're missing. Who knows, you might like us!!!!!
    Skootr - Officer - Tolkien For Medicinal Purposes

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    Tolkien for Medicinal Purposes welcomes Timofee and Oakharte to our family

    And we are pleased to introduce Waywerd, Tolkien's new officer!

    Still welcoming new kinnies to share the journey
    Nothing to see here...

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    Well alright! Tolkien for Medicinal Purposes is growing!

    By Leaps!!

    And BOUNDS!!!

    YEAH BABY!!! That's what I'm talking about!!!

    We have new members rolling in, got a PvP crew going, and best of all...my wonderful kinnies are always running together...whether in their 20's or capped. I gots the warm and fuzzies!!

    Come join the family

    Tolkien for Medicinal Purposes....cause it feels so right
    Nothing to see here...

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    Tolkien is hopping along!

    We are a casual, helpful, fun group who are like family *insert warm and fuzzies* looking for more people who want to enjoy the journey and be more than just a number

    Why not chat with an officer and find out some more about who we are. We don't bite! (Unless you want us to)
    Please contact:
    Nothing to see here...


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