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Thread: No Unite

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    Quote Originally Posted by daygamer View Post
    as long as their is one person in unite, it will not reset.. as soon as the room becomes empty one can remake without. Im not about to log into it with a password. when its back up. I will be there. til then. its /joinchannel glff
    Hugs see you in game.
    So what you are saying, then, is that we must unite to take back Unite.
    Townsperson says, "I'm having an adventure. I've paddled all the way from Frogmorton!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnarr View Post
    I started Unite over 5 years ago to get the community working together once public chat channels first became available. Thanks Manvett for the history link above. The term GLFF wasn't in my vocabulary at the time so chose an appropriate name for the new channel at the time and it stuck. And it grew.

    Yeah, whoever logged in first and made it password protected is a huge DB. Disrupted probably thousands in communication for their LFM callouts for a short laugh. Way to go.

    But sure, we'll as a server use GLFF more now until the next patch. Whatever.

    For those using the old as Medical mentioned, it's "/joinchannel Unite zomgXisaTroll".

    What a lame password. Couldn't come up with anything even slightly funny? I mean, to disrupt so many hundreds of people you couldn't come up with something at least entertaining?
    Magnarr, I'm pretty sure it was a Co-Founded endeavor

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    I used to have a screenshot of that first meeting in the Pony. It was such a cool time to be gaming.

    -Marenwen 105 Hunter exiled to Landroval


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