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    Exclamation Combat (S+1) Special Attacks Disappeared..

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    Hello, recently I joined the game and started messing up and I accidently the combat skills abillity, where one can hit more... Special Attacks I called them, disappeared and I can't find how to but them back.. ( Where you have S+1) etc I don't know what they are called... Any Help?

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    Open your character sheet. Find the tab for active skills. Look thru the skills. Drag the missing skills to quickslots. You might to consider locking your quick bars after you finish organizing your slots.
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    Sounds like you've accidentally dragged a skill off your skillbars, in which case follow Yula's advice.

    PS: S doesn't stand for "Special Attack", it's the keyboard shortcut for that skillslot. EG "S+1" = Shift-1
    C = Ctrl, S, Shift, A = Alt
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