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    (Laurelin Levelling Group) - The Meandering Fellowship - seeks 1 more!

    The Meandering Fellowship is more of a project than a kinship. We formed in early 2012 as a group of 6 players who each rolled a new character which we play together once a week for around 3 hours. We are mostly LOTRO veterans with multiple high level characters but wanted to do something a bit different to keep the game interesting and revisit some of the lower level areas. The idea was/is to enjoy as much of the group content (both landscape and instance) as possible at the correct level and also play through all of the epic books to enjoy the story and generate more fun times amd happy memories!

    Currently we are in the L47 to L49 range and our looking forward to the wealth of group content and instances available within Angmar along with all 15 epic books. That is a lot of content to fit in so we are very excited about the new XP-disabler coming in update 9 which will allow us to play through the whole of SoA end-game without having to worry over-levelling the content. We ultimately hope to find 6 other free-people to join us at L50 and tackle the Rift in all its glory before moving on to face the freshly revamped Moria!

    Unfortunately recently lost a member meaning we require 1 more recruit to swell our numbers to that of a full fellowship again. We are currently Warden, Lore-master, Rune-keeper, champion, and burglar so ideally we would like a captain, hunter, or maybe even a minstrel to keep things varried. The character we seek would be level 49 or lower and of course on the Laurelin server. As our name implies we dont rush things so are prepared to give someone a few weeks to level up if they are are a few levels lower or have rolled a new character specifically to join us.

    Still interested? OK, well now for the logistics, we play on Laurelin server every Monday evening between 7:45 and 11:00PM (GMT). We are a freiendly, well-spoken bunch (English) and all communicate over Team-speak for the social aspect of playing the game; while listening over TS will be a requirement if you dont wish to speak it will probably still be fine, as long as you do not feel this excludes you in any way. We have our own forum where we plan our activities for the coming weeks and help each other out with crafting etc. We tend not to play our characters too much outside of the weekly group due to unwanted levelling however this may not be a concern if the XP-disabler is introduced in to the store with U9.

    Please reply if you are interested or have questions. Obviously we only have 1 space to fill so priority will be given at my discretion. Thanks.

    Culler of Laurelin
    Andorlas of The Meandering Fellowship
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    compelling idea that got me to hit reply.
    Shame it doesn't work that well was my first thought until i came to the point of "new xp-disabler coming", wich i didn't read/hear of before.
    So, lets see where this application gets us.

    Few bits that might help making a decision, wether to contact me or not:

    I'm a 45 year old german (thus the glitches you most likely find in my english) playing MMORPG's since the very first day of Ultima Online and LOTRO for about 5 years.
    I have several characters in the range of level 75 to 85.
    For this i would have 2 character slots, one of them beeing a level 35 Hunter i'm only using for crafting at the moment.
    I wouldn't mind leveling another character if that's prefered, though that might take some time not to end up with an underdeveloped toon.
    Using Teamspeak shouldn't be a problem even though i probably wouldn't talk that much.
    Reason is my wife doesn't allow me to break LOS while gaming, thus i'm playing in our "living area".
    Occasional grumpy muttering may occur every now and than, just what should be expected considering my age.

    If this got you interested enough, feel free to contact me in-game or post a date here for an "interview".


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    Nov 2012
    Hey, I recently started to play Lotro, roughly 3 weeks ago. Ive leveled a LM to 43 atm but I do feel I am losing a big part of the game because I have no guidance.

    I joined a very friendly kinship but still, I cant have my own teacher looking after my &&&& so Im always up to grouping with someone, making a bit of roleplaying, do some side skirmishes and instances but sadly Im mostly soloing this great game. Since I believe this isnt a game to be solo'ed I would very much be interested in your offer, I would even go as far and say that you guys would be exactly what I want.

    Im quite funny, hilarious most of the time, always up to do stuff, I have a deep hunger for Tolkien's writings and anything related to him thats why Id love nothing more than to explore Middle-Earth with some veterans that know exactly what to do and when to do it.

    The problem is that you probably dont want another LM with you, so if you would want to wait for me 2-3 weeks to level up a hunter that would be greatly appreciated.

    Other info, my name is George, Im 20 years old, 2nd year of University, I live in London but Im from Romania...great country, great people. My ingame character is Lorweed, send me a tell whenever, Im online almost all day.



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