Mercenaries Guild is one of the oldest active kinships on Windfola. Over the years we have seen plenty of changes, but the one thing that hasn't changed is our dedication to completing end game content. We have been actively raiding from the days of the Rift through more recent content such as Orthanc.

While we do maintain an emphasis on endgame content, we also welcome those who are not yet at the level cap or are not currently interested in raiding. We schedule weekly runs of older content in addition to unscheduled runs that take place on a regular basis.

Mercenaries Guild is also dedicated to helping you develop your characters. Our members love to help each other. We have crafters of all professions who can help outfit you, no matter what your level. We also plan regular deed runs to help members improve their virtues.

What we're looking for in a recruit:
18+ Years Old
Mature Personality

For more info, or to apply please visit us at or contact one of our officers in game.