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    Bring back the BONE SET!

    Please bring back the Bone Set of war steed cosmetic bundles. I desperately tried to buy the Bone Set earlier in November for my birthday, but for technical issues with my lotro store, I was unable to purchase it and only got error messages (see post here on that http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...ited-time-item ).

    I understand you are unable to fix the issue and grant me the horse I was trying to purchase since you have taken the item out of the lotro store. That said, I am begging, please bring back the BONE SET. I desperately want to see it in the store again so that I may attempt to purchase it once more. I know several others in my kin also interested in the set, but they were unaware when it was available since it really lacked much advertising. I think many people would be interested in it if you made it available again, so please, bring back the Bone Set It's pictured below (the violet horse barding):


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    Totally agree needs to come back and limited time offers need a count down or something

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    Does anyone at Turbine know approximately when the Bone Set will be brought back to the store? I definitely don't want to miss it. I'm hoping my lotro store will work this time when it comes out...

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    Just seen this set in Lalia's market and it says it is unavailable in the store. Why do you tease us with this Turbine if you wont let us buy it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joemmelle View Post
    Just seen this set in Lalia's market and it says it is unavailable in the store.
    There seem to be issues with putting the War-Steed items into the Store properly in quite some cases. Often, they cannot be found by browsing the Store via its menu.

    Have you tried right-clicking the Horse in Lalia's Market that wears the Bone Set outfit? Doing so should take you directly to the right offer in the Store.

    Alternatively, try typing "Bone Set" into the search box in the Store window (upper right area of the window) and press the "Search" button. Usually, a direct search by keyword brings up whatever steed or steed cosmetic has not been linked properly.
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