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    The All-Welcome Inn...where is it in game?

    I'm rereading The Hobbit and was wondering where this Inn was at in game. The All-Welcome Inn was an inn in the Shire, just west of Frogmorton, where the Northway met the Great East Road. It was to be one of the stops of Thorin and Company. Does anyone know where it is at and if we can visit it? I don't recall seeing it or it being in the Inn League runs which I did. Thanks. I love how Turbine put almost everything in the game.

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    "it was here that a flustered and unprepared Bilbo met with Thorin and his Dwarves on the morning their adventures began"

    found this under de quick facts about The Green Dragon, at the bottom of this page:

    weird... at lotro-wiki, minor places in middle-earth
    The Green Dragon and the All-welcome Inn are seperate locations
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    I do not recall this inn being in the game anywhere. From what I can find, it was only mentioned in a 1960 re-write of The Hobbit that was never completed, and thus the inn may not be considered canonical. The inn should be located at the road going north between Bywater and Frogmorton. The road can be seen on the map in Fellowship of The Ring. But in game this road does not exactly exist, rather the road going from Hobbiton to The Hill, and to Overhill is extended to go on up to Brockenborings. Thus I suspect the incomplete re-write which you must be reading was not used by the original developers. The Green Dragon in Bywater, however, where Bilbo meets up with Thorin's Company is most definitely where it should be right in Bywater.



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