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    Thumbs up Best of classes~2


    Warden:lep, yellowcake
    Burglar: ann,syc
    Hunter: zulu, atador
    RK: kraum, tanar. xellor
    Champion: dellamore, damallion
    Loremaster:zub, ash
    Mini: torqy


    defiler: xik, skultor
    Warleader:shap, cry
    Reaver: ray, burgzerg
    Blackarrow: ludicris
    Warg:iory, thunder

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    Burg: Anessen, Syc
    Captain: Carnrage, Redrid, Keorl
    Champ: Delamore, Damallon
    Guard: Thren
    Hunter: Welthrop, Zulu (when he comes out)
    LM: Ash, Zubzub (again when he comes out)
    Mini: Torqky
    RK: Kraum, Xellor, Malandriel
    Warden: Evo, Jak


    BA: Ludicris
    Defiler: Xik, Skultor, Nubhealer-1
    Reaver: Rayzr, Kamikaze (haven't seen Burgzerg recently)
    WL: Shap, Cry
    Weaver: Veenom, Sae (however you spell it)
    Warg: Iorynn, Thunder (always, no matter if he's playing or not :P)
    [Jonp - Rank 11 Hunter] [Garaluk - Rank 9 Reaver]

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    somewhere between this world and the next...
    Quote Originally Posted by guitarguy12410 View Post

    Burg: Anessen, Syc
    Captain: Carnrage, Redrid, Keorl
    Champ: Delamore, Damallon
    Guard: Thren
    Hunter: Welthrop, Zulu (when he comes out)
    LM: Ash, Zubzub (again when he comes out)
    Mini: Torqky
    RK: Kraum, Xellor, Malandriel
    Warden: Evo, Jak
    Jonp, I appreciate your mentioning my name... Regardless, guards really got the shaft this update as far as pvmp is concerned. It is frankly embarassing to be in the moors being so weak. I think somebody threw a switch somewhere and Reavers and Guardians were reversed.

    The only thing that has got me even trying is that I am 47k from Rank 10 and really want to get one of the new Second Ages.... Well, it has always been fun to fight with such admirable people also so no QQ really, just got to suck it up and figure out how to contribute to the fun for both sides.
    Threndinir - Retired Old Dwarf

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    Why not use the old post? :P
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    From what I've seen so far(probably need to see a lot more):
    (Making distinctions on playstyles)

    Burg: Syc for gambler, Xan for QK.
    Captain: Redrid.
    Champion: Aktis for fervour, Damallon for glory.
    Guardian: Threndinir.
    Hunter: Atador for dps, Zulu for solo.
    Lore-master: Nelgor.
    Minstrel: Torqky for dps, Minie for healing.
    Rune-keeper: Xellor for dps, Lyth for healing -- Props to Fillipei for going fire lol, noone ever does that.
    Warden: Evogrin for spear, Yellowcake for shield.

    Black-arrow: Donvlad
    Defiler: Sosexy
    Reaver: Burgzerg
    Warg: Thunderboltz
    War-leader: Shap
    Weaver: Veenom

    Note: There's probably better players, don't blame me, I most likely haven't checked them out.
    [b]Derp:[/b] A simple, undefined reply when an ignorant comment or action is made.

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    Gda?sk PL
    Burg: Xan, Syc
    Captain: Hiriath
    Champion: Aktis/Delamore
    Guardian: havent seen much
    Hunter: Welthrop, Zulubeast - hits like a truck ;o
    Lore-master: Ash-sorry ur name is too long to remember
    Minstrel: Torqky
    Rune-keeper: Kraum Rip fire rk, Ilen, Xellor
    Warden: Evo, cus he dosnt hug npcs liek Jak

    Black-arrow: Aurshi (great raid leader)
    Defiler: Skultor, Xik (also very helpful in raids)
    Reaver: Kamikazee
    Warg: Narz, Iorynn
    War-leader: Shap, and Agtuk for saving my &&& when i was lowbie(ik im still)
    Weaver: Veenom, Sae
    Overlord Jasiak Pokurw, Farmer of Froobz
    r7 BA
    r6 Champ

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    blackarrow: gallanharrow
    defiler: gallanheal
    reaver: see
    warg: smellycat
    war leader: bag
    weaver: aranhael


    lore master: gallanhael
    burglar: severas

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    Burg: ELOH
    Captain: Carnage, Brompton
    Champion: Aktis
    Guardian: ill leave this blank untill guards are fixed
    Hunter: Atador, Welthrop, Zulubeast
    Lore-master: Nelgor, Ashtar-something
    Minstrel: Torqey, Mini
    Rune-keeper: Xellor, Taner, Malan-something
    Warden: Evo

    Black-arrow: Aurshi, Noobvlad, Urkrut
    Defiler: Xik, Nubhealer-1
    Reaver: Burgzerg, Kamikazee, Nerd, Rayzr,
    Warg: Zanoz, Gatar, Razzgash
    War-leader: Crygin, Garth, Daarth
    Weaver: Veenom, Saenanthra
    Shapcidrat SoM-RoR

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    Captain: Carnrage, Redrid, Keorl

    :S I hardly think im a good captain thanks anyway

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    Not been out in a bit, having some memory issues hope to back out soon again ^^
    Burg: Anessen, Syc
    Captain: Keorl (have not seen carn out much)
    Champ: Delamore, Akitis
    Guard: Not seen many out
    Hunter: Welthrop (hate your spam tracks)
    LM: Ash, nelgor (when he comes out)
    Mini: Torqky, Minie has been out there quite a bit as well ^^
    RK:Xellor, Malandriel
    Warden: Not seen any

    BA: Ludicris, Donvlad (cant be the only freep loathing your constant knockdowns)
    Defiler: Xik, affene
    Reaver: Rayzr
    WL: Shap, Thalu, gartharg is getting better ^^
    Weaver: Veenom, Sae (defiantly learning a lot from these two, best of the best)
    Warg: Iorynn
    Ssupermann: I hate minis, they have satellite lazers

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    Red face

    First off, I'd like to thank everyone that thinks I'm an elite enough warg to make it to their best of classes list!

    Best Freeps!
    Captain: Hiriath and Carnrage.
    Warden: Evogrin. - How dare you bleed to death your papawarg? (all shield wardens fail).
    Burglar: Sycarius.
    Rune Keeper: Tanar and Xellor, for sure. - Too many raidbaby RKs, hard to tell who is good.
    Champion: Aktis for sure!
    Loremaster: Nelgor.
    Guardian: Threndinir. Only one out really

    Who better to judge the skills of a hunter, than their #1 predator, the warg. Best first, drastically decreases in skill to the right.
    Hunter: Atador > Zulubeast > Welthrop > Jonp > Fantos. This is pure truth. no qq

    Best Creeps:
    (Gotta luv all healers really, always saving my Thunderbuttz! but these two stand out to me)
    Defiler: Xik.
    Warleader: Crygin.
    Reaver: Kamikazee.
    Blackarrow: Aurshi and Donvlad.
    Weaver: Sae and Revanlonglegs.
    Spiderwarg: Veenom.
    Warg: Why bother, we all know flayer root > all!

    Best of the best: (freep and creep side)
    These three, Shapcidrat, Torqky, and Ssuperburz, deserve their own category. Great to group with, they defineatly know their stuff. And just really great players on whatever class they play.

    My Favorite Freeps!
    RK: Kraum, or any other fire RK, also Tanar when he switches his suicide button to ON.
    LM: Zubzub. Morefire, luv to see the way you panic when I attack you. lol
    Burg: Eloh <3 and sorry to disappoint Eloh, but I must trait disappear, but only so that I may have 3 min topple, in flayer!
    Guard: Glora's guard. (I think)
    Capt: none, they all bubble my food. -___-
    Warden: I hatez them all, I break my clawz on the shield ones, and the bleederz are evil!
    Champ: Any glory chumps, so I can laugh at their dps, and giggle as they bubble and sprint away.
    Mini: Chocla and Zeva.
    Hunter: Any new hunter willing to give to the noble cause that is my stomach. Baltman, y u no attack when I attack. makes me feel rejected.

    New Category:
    Best Farmer: Thalendrin.

    I shall use my full signature tittle.
    Commander Thunderboltz Thunderclawz Honeynutcheerios, The Elite, King of the Flayer Root, Sentinel, Son of Iorynn, Father of Evogash.
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    Spiderwarg: Veenom

    That is all I have to add to this thread.

    I never hurt no Creeps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pivik View Post


    Spiderwarg: Veenom

    That is all I have to add to this thread.
    I nominate Tanar's post as the best in this thread.

    I'll post another list when I actually feel like thinking about it :P
    The Fungus-Infested-Tumor-Ridden-Royal-Spiderwarg has come online.
    First r12 Spiderwarg. - Veenom

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    Hmmm. k I'll bite.


    Burglar: Anessen/Syc/Xan
    Captain: Hiriath/Carnrage
    Champion: The fervour/dps champs sooo Aktis and Delamore? o.O Long Live Karoc.
    Guardian: Threndinir
    Hunter: Welthrop/Zulu
    Loremaster: Nelgor
    Minstrel: Minie/Kyoku
    Rune-keeper: Zepphyr. No QQ. Tanar/Bobekov/Xellor I suppose too.
    Warden: Evogrin


    Blackarrow: Aurshi/Donvlad/Ludicris
    Defiler: Xik
    Reaver: Kamikazee/Burgzerg/Rayzr
    Spiderwarg: Veenom
    Warleader: Crygin/Garth/Shap
    Warg: Thunderboltzzzzzz/Razzgash/Evogash. Ironic getting better too.

    feel like I'm forgetting something :S owell.
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    Ok. whatever. You guys got me. Here's my real list

    Burglar: xunnang. tieronn a close second though
    Captain: malebor
    Champion: grimgrim
    Hunter: jonp
    Guardian: rudolphe
    Loremaster: tedmustache
    rune-keeper: trytton
    minstrel: zevo
    warden: legupmya

    defiler: muziness
    weaver: haven't seen any out
    warg: gatar
    blackarrow: urkrut
    warleader: haven't seen any out.
    reaver: babysealclubber

    no qq about my list please guys
    First Marshal Aenise - Level 115 Burglar
    Member of Situational Awareness http://situational-awareness.net/
    Check out my PvMP videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZV...fuVom6u7V9nDtw



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