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    Skill suggestion

    Hey all reading this!

    First of all, I tought of some stances - focusing on dps/heal/tanking, maybe even changing a few skills' effects. But since capatains never had any stances, plus they are to do "everything", I just passed by this idea.

    My second, final and best tought was a new skill: (Capatain's Art - or something like that)
    This would make something like a skill-chain, but, just like the new Improved Blade of Elendil.
    This could enable captains to even more focus on their current role, be it healing, tanking or dps-ing. And I didn't even miss out the buffer-role.
    This would be an immediate, or at least a fast skill. It also would have a 18 seconds cooldown.
    -If a Bolster the weakened skill is used after this skill, then your next healing skill would have it's effect duplicated. Your fellows would get +5% incoming healing and -5% incoming damage for 20 seconds.
    -If a Direct your Allies skill is used after this skill, then you would generate 25% more threat in the next 20 seconds. Also your fellows would generate 25% less threat when hitting their target from behind.
    -If a Lead by Example skill is used after this skill, then your next Words of Courage would be usable as a damaging skill, so would be usable only on an opponent. It would place a relatively big DoT on the target. Plus your fellows' damage would be increased by 5%, while their power costs would be reduced by 15% for the next 20 seconds.

    I hope you will too like it.

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    Instead of the +25% threat generation buff the caster gets, he should rather get a max morale buff.



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