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    Hytbold Housing Items

    I know there is a patch coming up, but since I have no idea what it entails and they have yet to fix these things anyway, I thought I'd try to make it more known. Many housing items are bugged. Windows do not rotate and are sideways, chandeliers have an un-ending chain that goes through the floor, bureau's, bookshelves, and cradenza's are listed as large furniture therefore sit in the middle of nowhere and look very awkward instead of being placed against a wall like any normal person would do. FIX? please? thank you

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    thanks for this, I wish it was listed elsewhere in general forum as well seeing as how I have now bought several items that are glitched and unusable. I'll will hang onto them but I really hoped this update would have fixed these expensive items.

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    Change/Fix...Decoration Category, Chandelier Chain and Bugs.


    Chandelier = great size, but chain is way too long. Even with the tall ceiling-ed elven kin house, there is barely enough headroom for a dwarf.

    Cupboard, bookcases, credenza, bureau and such are designated in the Large Furniture Category instead of Large Wall Category...taking up already premium Large hanger space, of which we do not have enough (that and small hangers, but that's for another thread).

    These items are so nice looking and a welcome change from the rough hewn items we have had these past years, but as they are...

    ...they are unusable.

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    I wanted to change some of the ordinary furniture in my house with Hytbold items, but ended up only switching the bed and a chair because the rest of the things I wanted were not in the appropriate slots.

    I seriously hope this gets looked at soon.
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