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    Jun 2007
    Was in uprising and actually pvp-ed properly with sylidor before. Good lad.

    RIP man.

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    Aug 2007
    Ill keep it simple, Sylidor = Great Person, and is missed by many. Prayers out for his friends and family and only the best of wishes.

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    Thats really sad,
    Rest in Peace man!!

    was really fun to play with and against u
    I Respected u!

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    This news upsets me more than I would have thought was possible and more than I care to admit.

    "the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best" - Henry VanDyke

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    Oct 2010
    R.I.P Sylidor.

    Reading the posts before my own, I can see you will be missed as a player and as a friend.

    Best wishes for his family and friends! He will be missed

    ~ Ren of Riddermark.
    A secret.

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    Sylidor taught me so many things about the moors. He trained me how to fight in the group. His group was always full of fun and excitement. I always love fighting under his lead.

    I will miss you Syl, your lead, your phrases, your laughing, your singing, and RockRock.
    Rest in Peace Adam.
    R.I.P. Sylidor, great freep leader of the moors. You will be remembered forever

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    Mar 2010
    Sorry for your guys loss, hopefully your event goes on well without a https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHJVolaC8pw moment.

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    Sep 2007
    RIP Syl, always find a possitive out of any situation, you made a huge impression in the Lotro world and im sure you done the same in RL.. you will be missed

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    Truely one of the greatest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet ingame or in real life. My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of this incredible guy. He will be missed.

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    deeply saddened - what a terrible loss

    Rest in Peace Syl
    (signature removed due to poor data management)

    Blacktoegash, Blackspeak, Stenchofdeath, Blacktoes, etc ELENDILMIR

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    Boston, MA
    Very sad news. Sylidor was a fantastic opponent and although I never met him it's quite obvious from reading this thread that he was a fantastic person as well.
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    Sorry to hear this. Syl and I may not have seen eye to eye in the moors, but I respected the fact he was leading fraids for the community.

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    Oct 2007
    Rip Syli. you were a great leader and a great person.
    You'll be missed my friend

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    Rest In Peace
    Silense r9 Champion
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    I met Syl(Adam) a couple years ago? haha cant remember exactly...but he was a great guy...hysterical!! Great leader of raids and I always looked forward to being included in them when he was leading...Its so weird, like so many of you it was just last week that I was actaully in one of his raids...I am deeply saddened by Adams passing, and I feel terribly for his family to have such a great spirit taken away from them so young. Although I never had the pleasure to meet Adam in real life, I have talked and hung out with him in game many, many times...He is now, and will be missed throughout the E community...I do hope we can do whatever it is we can do to keep his memory alive...perhaps name a landmark somewhere in the Moors after him? Has someone already thought of this? Again I will do my best to be at landbridge for the memorial...but if not please know ill be thinking of you all as well as Adam...So bummed about this...

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    I can not believe that his song can not be heard anymore.
    I miss Syli and his song. Please sing in heaven.

    RIP Sylidor

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    Is a sad day indeed, not only we lost a great person, but a decent leader and one of the last freep leaders on E. Syl and I didn't agree on everything, but each time I needed someone to help or start a second raid, He always was there for me. He was a nice guy full of joy and as I quit, he took over leading freeps on E. Not an easy task IMO.

    He was my student and as I quit I learn a lot from him.

    Thanks Syl

    RIP brother.


    Rav asked me to post this for him since he cant recover his account.

    My heart goes out to Sylidor, his family, and loved ones.

    Sylidor made my last days in the game fun - which is what these games should always be all about.

    He came to the game with positive energy and bounced back from setbacks as only a good person could. He took wins and losses in stride.

    A significant piece of good memories has gone gray for me.


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    Feb 2010
    So sad to hear this.
    RIP Syl. You will surely be missed by many ppl here.

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    Feb 2008
    Yesterday was just like a dream
    I regret I didn't get to know you better
    before my stay in E
    I hope we could meet each other again
    for the next life
    Rest In peace, Syl

    ~ Ami

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    Apr 2007
    Like what Afters said, I remember still grouping with Sylidor/Acts on his reaver, Brutaur, when we were lowbies.
    Prayers go out to his family and immediate loved ones, as I am sure they will miss him sorely and dearly.

    Moors will be different without you and will miss you, Bru. Godspeed.
    Tyrranus, Warleader, B-Team (Elendilmir)

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    Jul 2011


    Never had the pleasure of talking with Syl but have a great respect for him none the less. He was one of the few freep leaders that kept his raids from running over some of us soloers out there, can't tell you how many times they all just rode past me or even stopped to watch a fight in progress.


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    I haven't really PvPed since 60 was the level cap, but I do know of the player via glff and likely a pug group or two, and the name Acts definitely sounds familiar. He sounds like he was a wonderful person and I wish I had the opportunity to get to know him better. Rest in peace.

    @Johnnyskywalker: If Brandywine can do it (until the alloted time, of course ), I think the majority of Elendilmir can act in the same way. I would be surprised to see a group on either side supporting such a thing.
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    Lots of good Moors moments with you.

    Gone at 19 is just not fair. May peace be with your friends and family.

    RIP Syl

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    Very sad indeed. What a wonderful person with a truly bright and outgoing personality. His light will be greatly missed on E and I wish not to think of how much he will be missed to his friends and family. Very sincere condolences to his friends and especially family.

    - Ancientone

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    Others have said it better, so I'll just say rest in peace. My condolences to Sylidor's family.
    Ark/E: Ravedog, Ravecreep, Raveslice, Raveslime, Ravespider


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