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    Sylidor - an Amazing person, has left us.

    at 2:30pm yesterday, Sylidor (Adam) passed away due to a cardiac arrest which resulted in his death.

    He was an amazing person and player that I had the great privilege to become good friends with over the years. He was a rock on Freep side and a person of great respect on creep side.

    ****************************** ****************************** *******************

    If you have questions regarding the memorial,
    please feel free to contact me on here, in game, or babycaek.

    If you knew or ran with Adam, you would know how blessed we were to be a part of his life. Please join us in the Ettenmoors Saturday night to honor him

    Memorial tribute to Sylidor:

    Saturday December 1st 8:00pm EST US time
    (I believe that is 12:00 noon Sunday for aussies. If I am off, please let me know and I will update it)

    Location: Landbridge rock path (rockrock which is what Syli called it)

    teamspeak info if you wish to join: Address: ts.lotrofreeps.com:9997 no password required.

    Freeps and creeps alike are welcome and encouraged to join teamspeak even if you don't want to talk but just listen as people talk about the many accomplishments of Adam and how he has touched so many lives. We will meet at Land Bridge and simply spend time together to honor Adam as friends and not foes.

    Please show respect on saturday to those who wish to attend the memorial and do not gank, attack, or troll the area.


    If you are a free to play player that freeps, please join us on a F2P reaver so you can share in honoring Sylidor


    The freep and creep teamspeaks will remove the 30 minute rules on saturday evening to allow people to join the uprising teamspeak and then be able to go back to their own Teamspeaks at their leasure without the fear of repercussions
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    RIP Sylidor, you will be greatly missed
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    Rest In Peace, Sylidor. We're going to miss you =/

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    Its to bad he left us at such a young age. He is a name remembered in the Moors.
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    ./hail Sylidor

    You will be missed by many. You made a huge impact to the game and to the people you met along the way. RIP
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    My heart goes out to his family.

    In my short time on this server I have gotten to know Adam but not as much as I would have liked to. He was a clever, sharp-witted young man and all of the folks I know loved and respected him.

    Rest in Peace sir, we will always remember you.

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    Sylidor was a tenacious opponent, who got his raids to work together to much success.

    He will be missed in the moors as both a player and a person.

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    Sylidor was a great person and a great asset to the freep community. Without him, many people on freep side would have never gotten a chance to pvp in the Moors. Many more people on creep side would not have had the pleasure of fighting against him on his wild pvp nights. He did all he could to bring the freep community together for the greater good of enjoying the game. He will be missed immensely here in game and in this world. Rest in Peace Syl. You were a good man and will be missed most terribly. <3
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    Very sad loss for his family, his friends, his LOTRO comrades and opponents. May we all remember that behind those moving pixels is another person. Cheers to his achievements and how many people he touched in this game.

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    Rest in peace brother, was an honor knowing him so well.
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    Rest in peace, Sylidor.

    He was the first who introduced me to the Ettenmoors, and I followed him into battle through countless raids and small-groups. Always good-natured, he brought a laugh to those who had the privilege of talking with him.

    It is with incredible sadness that I bid a good friend farewell, but I am confident that he made our lives a brighter place through friendship and laughter.

    ./salute Sylidor

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    Sylidor was a great leader, and well-loved among his friends. I am deeply saddened by the loss of this remarkable young man, and my heart and prayers are with his family.
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    Adam was a fantastic leader and a better friend to all who knew him and it is with great sadness that my piers and myself must bid our farewells to one as respected as him.

    His impact on our server has been great and this is evident here. May what we do always respect what he worked so hard to build for us in every aspect of the game and beyond.

    Adam, you will be deeply missed.
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    Sylidor, to die at such a young age, you cared about every freep in the moors. You didn't judge anyone and if someone got in your face you told them to go do something else and went on about your business. I remember when you would sing to get freeps to follow
    you when they wouldn't mind and 25 meters apart will always be etched in our minds. I am deeply saddened by not only a loss to our community, but a person in the game that should be honored and remembered as something great that had a love for Lotro and the people that played it.

    Your passion was in your dancing, in your pvp and in your personality. While some of us may not have always seen eye to eye with
    your play style , we never lost respect for your devotion to leading the freeps and creeps to greatness when it was needed.
    A sad day for the Free People, a sad day for Creepside and a sad day for Middle Earth.
    I wish Turbine would make a tribute for you in Lotro, but you will always be in our memories and in our hearts.

    One last /salute for Sylidor , may you be smiling on us from above. Rip Mate.
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    Rest in peace, Sylidor. /salute

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    Rest in Peace syli you will be greatly missed by all.
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    Most of this is Tolkien's words. I changed a few to honor a friend:

    From the Isendeep the North Wind rides, and past the roaring falls;
    And clear and cold about the tower its loud horn calls.
    'What news of the North, O mighty wind, do you bring to me today?
    What news of Sylidor the Bold ? For he is long away.'
    Beneath Tirith Rhaw I heard his cry. There many foes he fought.
    His cloven shield, his broken sword, they to the waters brought.
    His head so proud, his face so fair, his limbs they laid to rest;
    Within the Moors, the Ettenmoors, bore him upon its breast.
    'O Sylidor! Elendilmir shall ever northward gaze
    To the Moors, The Ettenmoors, until the end of days.'

    Dance in peace my friend...
    Elendilmir - Officer of the Mithril Crowns (The Oldest Kinship in LOTRO)

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    To A Friend...

    It has been quite some time since I've been out in the Moors, and most of you these days will be wondering who I even am, but I am writing this in memory of Sylidor. Many times when I was out in the moors by myself I'd get the random ninja invite to join a moors raid, and that's how I knew Sylidor ( Silly Door as a few of us called him) was on. I rarely turned down those invitations as it was both a pleasure and an honor to run with him, he was a great leader and a great person and I don't ever remember leaving a single one of his raids without a smile on my face. I remember all the small groups I did with him, and I can't remember another player who brought as much enthusiasm and energy to his raids as Sylidor did, and whether most of the people in his raids realized it or not, I think most respected him for it. Often times I found myself running around in circles at GV, or staring at my keyboard just hoping that he would come on, so that I could be part of it. Whether Sylidor was aware of it or not he made an impact on my life, and on more than one occasion he gave me something that I could look forward to. Reading the forums today has saddened me to know that he passed. I am however confident that although this may be so, his memory will live on, not only with me, but with everyone who had the pleasure to join in his company. Sylidor, here's to you, you may be gone but never forgotten. The Ettenmoors just won't be the same without you. Rest in peace, Friend. /SwordSalute

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    Rest in peace Adam.

    Heck of a raid-leader and always a riot in TS. He will be sorely missed.
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    It was an honor and a joy to ride with you Sylidor..

    Adam, you will be remembered and missed.

    He was the best of us.
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    Right behind you...
    I am very saddened by this. I raided with him quite a few times back in the day on freepside and was always impressed with his leadership and positive attitude. He would run right passed greenies and avoid zerging when possible. A class act all the way.

    RIP Sylidor.

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    Rip syli.
    you'll be missed mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aklouie View Post
    May we all remember that behind those moving pixels is another person.
    He sure did remember that, always. Those that only faced him might not be aware, but he was always looking for the best, the fairest fight possible. He respected his opponents and thus earned respect. He will be missed.
    Jokeur, Officer of Into the West

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    A very sad day, indeed.


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    I am a relative newbie in the moors (about 6 months), but the best time I have had in this game (and perhaps in any game) was running in raids in the moors with Sylidor. Great guy. It saddens me that this happened to such a quality, caring person. A big /hug to you. Barbiel/Jehnna/Rib.


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